9 tipů pro výběr barevného filmu pro okna bytu, domu


  1. №1.What is the dubbing film?
  2. №2.Advantages and disadvantages of the tint film
  3. №3.Types of tint films
  4. №4.Mirror film
  5. №5.Sunscreen film
  6. №6.Protective film
  7. №7.Matte and decorative film
  8. №8.Color scale and density
  9. №9.Manufacturer name

Window tinting can solve a wide range of tasks at a low cost, so the demand for it is constantly growing. Today windows are tinted not only in office and shopping centers, but also in ordinary residential apartments and houses. Using a thin film can improve the comfort of the room, protect it from excessive sunlight and even make it safer. Before you go to the purchase and sticking tint film, it is important to understand its basic types and properties in order to avoid annoying errors.

№1.What is the dubbing film?

They make a tint film for windows based on polyester, and it acquires specific sun-protection properties due to spraying a layer of metal. aluminum, titanium, nickel sputtering can be used, less bronze or silver. As a rule, manufacturers recommend gluing the film with a “metal” layer to the glass in order to achieve the best reflection effect of the rays and in the future to make disassembling the film more simple.

A film may consist of of several layers of , when it is necessary that the material be colored in some color. In this case, the production uses a special device for connecting different layers - a laminator. This structure provides a longer color retention, because the colored layer receives additional protection from negative environmental factors.

# 2.Advantages and disadvantages of the tint film

The wide popularity of tinting is explained by the numerous advantages that can be achieved with its help. Among the main advantages of material is :

  • ability to muffle the sunlight , which is a key function of most types of tint films. When the windows come out on the sunny side, the illumination in the apartment is too high, which does not allow you to comfortably stay in it, prevents you from working with the monitor, because there are glares on the screens, and excessive radiation also damages furniture and plants. In order not to draw the curtains even during the day, the dubbing film is designed, which will reduce the amount of transmitted light and allow you to quietly enjoy the scenery outside the window, and you will be able to get rid of the glare;
  • if the surface from the street is mirror-like, then during the daytime outsiders will not be able to consider what is happening inside the room;
  • ; armored films make it possible to additionally protect the apartment from the penetration of robbers;
  • even the most ordinary film can increase your safety , because if the glass is accidentally broken, then the fragments will remain on the film itself, without flying apart;
  • film is an inexpensive and effective way for to decorate an room, because any pattern can be painted on it and even photo printing can be done.

The only disadvantage is the fact that warming up in a cold period a room with tinted windows will be slower than apartments with ordinary non-tinted windows, this is based on the structure of the material and its basic properties. Covering glass windows with tinting films, one should be aware that the light transmission will be less, so for a shaded tree and north-facing windows, such a decision would be inappropriate.

№3.Types of tint films

Depending on the characteristics of the production tint films turn out a little different in appearance and perform different functions. To date, the most widely used such films:

  • mirror;
  • sunscreen;
  • protective;
  • matte;
  • decorative.

№4.Mirror film

Mirror films are currently the most widespread, it is not difficult to see a resident of any more or less large city. The material is made from metallized polyethylene terephthalate .The main purpose of this material is the reflection of the sun's rays. Manufacturers say the film can hold up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation. The material perfectly protects against bright light, heat and solar radiation, allowing you to create a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

In addition, the mirror surface of the film will increase and personal privacy of , because from the street it will be impossible to see what is happening inside, and this is an important advantage for residents of the first floors and those who have windows in close proximity to the windows of other houses. In the evening, however, when the inside light is on, the reflective effect of the mirror film disappears.

Manufacturers of such coatings speak about the ability of the material to retain heat in the winter, because it reflects the heat rays in the direction from which they come.

Mirror films can be of the following types:

  • internal .Installed inside the glass or on the glass from the side of the room. Can be painted in one of many shades and be of any degree of darkening;
  • exterior .They are mounted only from the street, they are distinguished by an additional protective coating, which makes the material more resistant to weathering. There are a few colors of execution: light and dark metallic.


Sunscreen Film The main function of such films is protection from the heat from the sun's rays, , while maintaining the normal light transmission. Such films, naturally, are recommended to be installed only on the south side, and then in the summer it will be more cool. Athermal film is able to block up to 98% of ultraviolet rays and up to 95% of infrared rays, allowing about 75% of visible light to pass through. On the other hand, in winter, such a film will allow to keep the heat received from the heating devices.

№6.Protective film

Protective film can be a great alternative to bars on the windows, because it has anti-vandal and anti-burglary qualities. Such coatings are recommended for residents of the first floors. The thickness of the polymer in this case is 115-600 microns, which is significantly more than the coatings discussed above. Protective films provide protection class A1, A2, A3 .Glass will be, if not impossible, very difficult to break. Moreover, this kind of film allows you to avoid the appearance of fragments, even if the glass was broken.

Manufacturers also offer special film options. For example, there are products that are able to minimize the effects of an explosion, and there are those that possess with the fire-fighting properties of and allow for a while to delay smoke and fire.

№7.Matte and decorative films

If there is a need, you can use a matte film, which is much cheaper than installing opaque glass. To decorate the apartment, you can use decorative films that give the glass a certain shade or will decorate it with an interesting pattern. With the help of such films, you can create an original interior and set the room a certain mood.

№8.Color gamut and density

The light transmission of the film is expressed as in percent : the higher the indicator, the more light the coating will pass through. Depending on the conditions of illumination of the apartment and the purpose of the selected material of a certain density.

I find it easy to choose the right color for the , since the assortment of various shades is huge: from silver and gold to green and purple. When choosing a color, pay attention that it affects not only the perception of the interior, but also the light transmission, which is clearly seen from the table.

No. 9.Manufacturer's name

Many customers, deciding to save money, purchase cheap low-quality tint films, which are characterized by uneven coating and great difficulty when disassembling is necessary. Remember that the miser pays twice, so it’s best to immediately pay attention to the products of well-known and reputable manufacturers:

  • Sun Control is a British company whose production facilities are located in South Korea. The manufacturer is pleased with innovative solutions, high quality and manufactures premium products at relatively high prices;
  • Armolan - American film company, the quality of which is at a height, but the prices are more affordable, which ensured the products wide popularity;
  • Ultra Vision is another excellent manufacturer from the USA.The company is constantly developing, trying to offer customers more and more functional and thoughtful solutions;
  • Professional Window Film is a South Korean company that offers top quality tint film at competitive prices;
  • Eastman Chemical manufactures film under the brand name and is considered one of the largest companies in the field, equipped with the most modern equipment. Production is in the USA.

Excellent performance, relatively low price and ease of installation made tint film for windows widely popular and in demand in the modern market.

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