Výhody a nevýhody moderních multicookerů

One of the household appliances, which appeared in our everyday life not so long ago, but immediately gained both a lot of admirers and a lot of opponents, is a multicooker. Pros and cons are inherent in any kitchen appliances, but for some reason, the most heated controversy is burning around the multicooker. Some hostesses claim that now they cook all the dishes, starting with desserts and ending with the soup, only in the “miracle pot”, others say that there is nothing worthy of attention in this device.

It is difficult to determine which of them is right - after all, each side has absolutely fair arguments. Let's look at what kind of positive and negative features of the multicooker are most often referred to.


  • 1 7 main advantages of the multicooker
    • 1.1 1
    • 1.5 5. Replace several other devices
    • 1.6 6. They have many modes and are easy to use
    • 1.7 7. Ready to go with you on any journey
  • 2 7 major drawbacks
    • 2.1 1. For one cyclePrepare just one dish.
    • 2.2 2. Before the next use, the bowl will have to be moved to
    • 2.3 3. The capacity of the multicooker is not too large
    • 2.4 4. In many models it is impossible to cancel the heating mode6. Teflon coating requires careful handling.
    • 2.7 7. Your culinary skill does not grow

7 basic advantages of the

multicooker Regardless of models, brands and the presence or absence ofx functions, all Multivarki have undoubted overall pros:

1. Empty the owner to participate in the cooking process

One of the undoubted advantages, especially valuable for busy business women and mothers with young children - the freedom that gives them multivarka. You do not have to wait for the water to boil, stir, turn and vigilantly watch that the dish does not burn. Just wash, cut the products, put them in the multicooker bowl and turn on the desired mode - the wise technician will take care of the rest.

2. They give a lot of free time to

. Putting the products in a “magic pot”, you can safely go about your business - after all, this household appliance can be left switched on even when leaving the house.

3. Keep the dish warm until the desired time

When the cooking mode is complete, the device automatically turns on the preheating function. So, no matter what time you return home, a warm dinner or lunch will always be ready for your arrival.

4. They have the function of a “delayed start”

Considering the advantages of the multicooker, one can not but mention the possibility of delaying cooking. Especially this feature will please those who prefer to eat healthy cereals for breakfast.

Now you don’t have to get up in advance - in the evening you can pour milk or water into the bowl, put cereals and set the desired breakfast time. In the morning you just have to put the appetizing porridge in a plate.

5. Replace several other


Many multicooker models serve as yoghurt makers, bread makers, ovens, double boilers, and are able to warm up your dinner instead of the usual microwave oven - an important advantage, especially for housewives of small kitchens.

6. They have a variety of modes and are easy to use.

With the help of a multicooker, even an inexperienced hostess can easily make fragrant pilaf, bake a cake or make roast.“Wonderful Saucepan” can fry, boil, simmer, bake and roast foods, preserving their vitamins as much as possible - what other kitchen appliances have similar advantages? !

7. Ready to go with you on any

trip. If you don’t have the opportunity to install a modern stove at your place or you plan to go to a holiday home with small children, just bring a slow cooker with you - you will have a full mini-kitchen.

The compact device does not require a lot of space and will give you the opportunity to easily prepare the right dish wherever there is an electrical outlet.

7 main drawbacks of the

Having appreciated the many advantages, for the sake of justice, let's consider the disadvantages of the multicooker.

1. In one cycle, you will cook just one dish

Unlike a cooker with a lot of hot plates, where you can simultaneously cook soup, fry cutlets and boil potatoes, in a slow cooker, cooking several different dishes will last for a long time. Of course, you can buy a second unit, but this decision will be accompanied by its disadvantages in the form of significant financial costs.

2. Before the next use of the bowl, you will have to empty the

. If you decide to cook the first and second courses in turn, consider one important detail: you will have to pour the cooked soup into a saucepan at once to free up the container for subsequent cooking. You can eliminate this disadvantage by buying an extra cup for your model, but this again entails extra costs.

3. The capacity of the multicooker is not very roomy.

If you have a large family, you can put a fairly small cup in the undoubted drawbacks of this device. For example, a standard multicooker with a nominal volume of 5 liters has a net volume of only 3.5-4 liters, which means it is unlikely to make soup for three days.

4. In many models, it is not possible to cancel the heating mode.

A useful automatic heating function after the end of the cooking cycle is not always appropriate. For example, if you set a stewed stew and left for a walk with your children, upon returning you will have to wait for a hot drink, which will be rushed to hastily.

5. Versatility contradicts the convenience of

. The multi-cooker, aimed at solving different tasks, is inferior in its functionality to specialized devices. Baking it does not have brown crust, regularly make yogurt more convenient in the yogurt maker, and for frequent cooking of steam dishes it is much better to buy a steamer with large capacious pallets. However, these disadvantages are inherent in almost all "multi-functional" technology.

6. Teflon coating requires careful handling.

In order not to damage the surface of the bowl, you will have to use only special plastic scoops and spatulas and vigilantly follow your homework, trying to get into the slow cooker with an iron spoon.

7. Your culinary mastery does not grow

A smart home appliance that knows the secrets of culinary art will not allow you to realize your potential. After a long conversation with the slow cooker, you will have to painfully remember how much water you need to make a glass of rice, and how to determine its readiness.

Perhaps, at this point all the significant disadvantages of the multicooker come to an end.

So what's more in a “magic pot”, advantages or disadvantages? It is for you to decide, and the best way is to personally test this household appliance in action.

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