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video When a person acquires a personal space, he starts arranging it and buys the right tool for it. To choose from the offered range of Bosch drill - for many years to provide yourself with a multifunctional device. Using a compact tool you can expand its scope to universal. At first, it's just a drill, a faithful assistant in the arrangement of the apartment.

Good hands are a worthy tool.

Among the many tools presented, the leader of reliability has been Bosch German hand tools for many years. The main credo of the company since its inception is the trust of users above profit. Another principle of the company - even the best tool can be made better. After conquering the market, Bosch drills are expensive, but this does not make demand less. The manufacturer has won authority, and the championship holds for many years.

Attractiveness of drills:

  • wide linear tool range;
  • reliability and durability;
  • dense network of service centers throughout the sales territory;
  • excellent balancing and compact devices;
  • low weight and power consumption compared with models of the same performance from other companies.

The manufacturer of Bosch drills outlined the boundary for using the tool. In the market you can find cheap green drills, designed for fans. Their cost is 3-5 times less than the blue tool. The reason for the high cost lies in the increased performance of the blue tool.

In order for a professional tool to work for a long time, without overheating, it is provided for:

  • better case tightness, which creates dust protection;
  • shock absorbers, non-slip grips;
  • instead of plain bearings and sleeves set closed rolling bearings;
  • metal assemblies made of high-strength steels - alloyed or heat treated;
  • there is a mandatory soft start mode;
  • uses a rubber-braided cable that allows operation at low temperatures;
  • professional tool has a narrower specification.
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Not a complete list of differences confirms that a professional tool should be expensive. However, the owner of a household drill Bosch, subject to the requirements of the operating instructions, his tool will last for many years. The main thing is to keep the device clean, while changing the carbon brushes and adding lubricant according to the schedule. The difference in the configuration for the pros ensures long-term work in one cycle. The amateur has the opportunity not to overload the tool.

Choosing a Bosch tool, it is useful to know that in catalogs all amateur tools always have P in the name of the first letter in the title, the professional series begins with G.

Two second letters denote:

  • SR - screwdriver;
  • SB - hammer drill;
  • BM - hammerless drill;
  • DB - diamond drill.

Numerical values ​​indicate equipment characteristics. After the numbers, the letters indicate additional information about the availability of certain functions. For example, RE means there is a reverse and speed adjustment. The letter D means, there is a function of blocking rotation, L - increased power, and other options.

Examples and description of household models

Most often, buyers are interested in inexpensive and reliable models of screwdrivers and drills with percussion functions.

Drill Bosch PSR 1200 screwdriver is an excellent choice for small household jobs. This is a battery tool. The device is used for its intended purpose and for drilling small holes in the wall. The kit includes a nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 1.2 Ah, which allows it to reach a speed of 7000 rpm. Charging lasts for 20 minutes of continuous work. Included is a charging station, the battery is charged for an hour, after which it must be turned off, otherwise destruction will occur. Blocking is not provided.

Speed ​​is electronically controlled. The maximum drill size for metal is 10 mm, for wood - 20. A quick-release chuck is used. The weight of the device is 1.2 kg, the cost is 4-5 thousand rubles. If the kit contains a second battery, the kit will cost more.

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garden tool. Bosch PSB 500RE hammer drill is a versatile household tool that supports the functions of drilling, impact drilling. The instrument belongs to the lung series, weighs 1.5 kg, with the engine power.0.5 kW provides a speed of up to 3000 rpm with a torque of 7.5 N * m. The drill has a 4 meter cord, providing freedom of movement within the standard room.

The drilling speed is changed by the force of pressing the mode switch. The drill is capable of producing 48,000 bpm. Handles with soft inserts and a good centering of the model make the work comfortable. The tool is able to drill a hole in the metal - 8, concrete - 10, wood - 25 mm.

Bosch PSB 650RE hammer drill is more powerful. The tool, like the previous one, has two modes of operation, but differs in the size of the drilled holes. The maximum holes in concrete, wood and metal are 14, 30, 12 mm, respectively.

As a wrench, the tool is used at low speed, which is set by electronic control.

When operating in the same mode and at the same speed, the button lock mode is provided. Keyless chuck provides easy change of attachments.

Professional Bosch drill and application area.

Bosch GSB 13RE drill is used for drilling holes in bricks up to 15, metal up to 10 mm. Setting the speeds before starting work allows you to use the tool in all modes except slotting. Engine power 600 watts provides high torque. Single-speed mode, but with convenient adjustment of smoothness with the help of electronics. The powerful tool weighing 1.8 kg can be used in cramped conditions. When registering a purchase on the official website of Bosch, a 2-year warranty on the drill from the manufacturer is purchased. Production of this model is carried out in Russia, so its cost is 5 thousand rubles.

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household use The more powerful and heavy is the Bosch GSB 16RE drill, equipped with a 700 watt motor. The technical parameters are a powerful tool, but users often complain about the mismatch of the keyless chuck of the impact function. When this occurs, the fastening of the drill is weakened. The cost of the tool is about 8 thousand.

Bosch GBM 13 2RE hammerless drill has a two-speed mode of operation, with the ability to switch during operation and reverse. The cartridge has a centering screw as protection against loosening. The adjustment wheel on the body allows you to set the initial speed.

The spindle device is adapted to the use of hexagonal bits that comply with the European standard.

This drill can be used in a drilling machine. Coupled friction parts are mounted on rolling bearings. The weight of the drill is a little less than 2 kg. Engine power 550 watts. If the purchase is registered on the manufacturer's website, the warranty on the drill is given for 3 years. The cost of 12-13 thousand rubles.

For mobile professionals, the Bosch GSR 1800 Li cordless drill will become an indispensable tool. Powerful device operates on the voltage at the terminals of 18 volts. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery 1.5 A * h allows you to work with high performance. A convenient parameter of lithium batteries is considered the possibility of recharging at any time, if there is a network, without breaking the connector. The battery is fully charged within one and a half hours. The drill operates at an adjustable speed of rotation and a maximum torque of 34 N * m. The tool weight of 1.4 kg allows you to drill holes in the ceiling without getting tired.

Baby drill Bosch GSR 1080 2RE screwdriver is interesting to assemblers in the furniture industry. The drill weighs only a kilogram, has a powerful battery. While one battery is running, the other is charging. Within one and a half hours, one is charged and the power of another battery is generated. The two-speed tool has long been the favorite screwdriver of professionals.

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