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A rotary hammer is a tool that, due to a rotary motion, or each operation separately, creates directional destruction of building structures. The cordless hammer drill is powered by charged batteries. In another configuration, the tool can operate from the mains, in compressed air, or receive the necessary power for the working mechanism by a diesel engine.

Varieties of battery shock-rotating apparatus

In order for the perforator to work without a network electric power supply, use batteries. The perforator on the battery acquires mobility, but depends on the capacity and voltage of the energy source. The batteries used for power supply are the following pairs:

  • nickel-cadmium;
  • nickel metal hydride;
  • lithium ion.

Since the battery capacity allows you to work for a limited time, the devices are equipped with a pair of batteries and a charging station.

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Any punch is a tool of increased danger. Personal protection measures - closed clothes and shoes, a respirator and special glasses should be mandatory equipment of the operator.

Performance and ability to perform the amount of work with a battery punch depends on its capacity. Power is determined by the voltage at the terminals. Performance depends on the spindle speed, frequency and impact force. An important indicator, depending on the power, is the diameter of the drilled or punched hole. Functionality due to the number of modes of operation. It is better if the accumulator punch supports all three modes - drilling, drilling with punch and punch.

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The units are divided into weight categories. Lightweight apparatuses weigh at least 2, medium ones are more than 4, and the weight of heavy ones does not exceed 12 kg. Each unit has an instruction manual, which should be studied and strictly follow the recommendations. Special attention should be paid to the general requirements:

  • any preparatory, repair operations should be carried out only with disconnected batteries;
  • before installing the shanks in the socket do not forget to lubricate the installation site;
  • when installing the nozzle make sure it is fixed and not skewed;
  • perform a test run; determine if there are any other knocks;
  • set the operating mode, work with interruptions to clean the slot and the cooling of the device;
  • after work, clean and vacuum all gaps, wipe the case, assemble and clean the nozzles.

Results of testing new models of perforators 18 V SDS

During the actual testing of devices at the time of laying communication networks in an old building where the walls are made of high-grade concrete, the advantages and disadvantages of the tested devices were determined. The work consisted of stroking, creating wall flats, drilling holes in the walls with a cross section of 6-25 mm. Operational tests have shown that model manufacturers are struggling:

  • creating models with a decrease in weight;
  • increasing functionality;
  • increasing the reliability and durability of devices.

Makit's LXRH01 cordless puncher is being tested. If all the designers set themselves the goal of protecting the worker from vibration, Makita developed an additional battery protection system, which is surprising but reasonable. A new lithium-ion battery recharged for half an hour, as indicated by the charging indicator. A charger and a second battery are included in the package, a case of soft performance. The puncher has three modes of operation. The high cost of the device is justified, since there is a vacuum dust removal that meets the standard. This is one of the few devices that uses an electronic unit instead of brushes. But the test leader was the Bosch model.

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The Bosch RHH11 cordless rotary hammer has taken the lead. The device is equipped with a capacious 4 A * hour battery. This device produced less noise and was one of the lightest. Built-in LED backlight creates convenience in work. The model uses a brushless motor model, looks very compact and well balanced. Of all the tests the model came out in the best in performance. The verdict of experts unanimously called the model the leader among similar perforators. Available in Germany.

Not far behind the leader of the battery punch DeWalt DCH213.Testers identified the device as the best in vibration absorption. This is an important indicator, precisely because of the vibration, the safety technician prescribes working with a punch no more than 1.5 hours per shift. During the test, the device was ahead of the leaders in drilling speed. The device is equipped with LED lighting, has a jackhammer function. He worked on a battery with a capacity of 3 A * hours, but yielded little to more powerful models. The puncher won the third place due to high protection against vibration and noise absorption, but during operation there is instability.

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Hilti TE4-A18 cordless puncher was noted as the most productive machine in all exercises, despite the battery capacity of 3.3 Ah. The device has two lithium-ion batteries, a charger. The disadvantage was the high cost of the punch and a small number of models on the market.

Domestic manufacturer of building power tools Interskol since 2010 owns a unique set of equipment manufacturing. The line allows to produce devices without deviation in quality. From the moment of installation and mastering of the complex, the reliability of the tools produced is equal to the world leaders.

None of the domestic models of perforators participated in the testing. Imagine the newest battery punch Interskol PA-16 / 18L.

The model was developed and put into production in 1916.This is the answer of the Interskol-Alabuga plant to the numerous requests of users to create an analogue of the P-18 / 450ER with batteries. The tool uses lithium-ion batteries with a voltage of 18 V. In the new punch, the engine and gearbox have been upgraded, increasing the operating time without recharging. The weight of the instrument is 2.5 kg with a strike frequency of 6800 and a impact force of 1.2 J. The new model will be sold at the same price as the network.

The review indicates the direction of development of the battery punch, and what you need to pay attention to when choosing a tool.

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