7 nejlepších fungicidů pro rajčata ve skleníku a v otevřeném poli

A rainy summer can reveal a large number of diseases on plants. But you always want to get a good harvest of fully ripened fruits. Gardeners go to a specialty store to buy chemicals and fungicides to protect their crops, including tomatoes.

Often the choice is made in favor of funds recommended by the sellers themselves. But not always with their help it turns out to achieve the desired results. Bushes continue to wither and die literally before our eyes. To avoid such troubles, you should be well versed in fungicides that can create reliable protection.


  • Application of fungicide for tomatoes in a greenhouse and open field
  • How to apply
  • most effective drugs
    • Quadris
    • Acrobat
    • Ridomil
    • Agate
    • Maxim
    • fundazol
    • Bordeaux mixture

Application of fungicide for tomatoes in a greenhouse and open field

These drugs are great helpto fight with bacterial diseases and fungi .They are constantly being improved by plant protection specialists, who develop new products, taking into account the immunity of garden crops.

In the process a large selection of fungicides is formed, from which it is rather difficult to choose the most effective formulations. To do this, it is recommended to know the types of drugs and features of their use.

Fungicidal preparations according to their origin and composition are divided into:

  • chemical inorganic ( with the content of copper, sulfur, iron compounds, salts and other elements);
  • chemical organic ( phthalimides, carbamates, morpholins, triazoles, strobilurins);
  • biological compounds for plants( from a fungus, from bacteria, from plants).
Treatment of tomatoes with a fungicide during the growing season

There are own groups of preparations for the application objects:

  • for seed and seed treatment;
  • antiseptic formulations and antibiotics for substrates;
  • for treating perennials in a dormant period;
  • formulations in the growing season.

By purpose :

  • prophylactic agents;
  • immunizing;
  • is of a medical type, which is excellent for the first three days in case of illness.

All fungicidal agents are distributed on the principle of impact :

  • contact - they cover all the bushes, acting as a kind of barrier;
  • system - through the covers enter the conductive systems of cultures, circulate inside with the juices.
Fungicidal in their appearance and level of exposure are simple and combined. The second group is able to work together with other fungicidal agents, insecticides, fertilizers, retardants.
Protective preparations can directly affect individual elements of tomato

These protective preparations affect pathogenic elements in several ways:

  • destroy the respiratory centers;
  • sterilize microorganisms, block nuclear fission;
  • stimulates cultures to produce antibiotics and phytoalexins;
  • creates necrotic barriers that protect unaffected plant tissue;
  • neutralize toxins of bacteria and fungi;
  • destabilizes cell membranes, inhibiting the production of ergosterol;
  • interrupt the synthesis of acidic compounds of the nucleic group;
  • upset energy metabolism.

How to properly apply

Seeds are processed in the summer or autumn season after they are picked and dried .They can be pollinated with dry powders, soaked in solutions or in suspensions, coated with a mixture, forming a thin film, dragon.

Plant saplings and their tubers are best treated in spring, just before planting.
Soaking Tomato Seeds Before Planting

is best used for treating perennial plants in the resting season using “bare” trunks. This procedure is performed on autumn or spring days, when there is no foliage on the plants and the buds have not yet been activated to grow.

In greenhouses, the soil composition needs to be treated in the fall when it is cleaned. With the help of fungicidal preparations, is used to disinfect the soil and organic residues .If you make fungicidal agents on the eve of planting, it will slow down the growth, prolong the growing season.

Peculiarities of treating vegetative crops:

  • protects and strengthens seedlings, if you use chemical compositions of the biological or immunizing group for contact and systemic effects;
  • terms and number of procedures will depend on the properties of the preparation used, the growth phase of the plant, climatic conditions. Contact formulations create protection for ten to fifteen days( if there is no precipitation), systemic differ by a longer period lasting three weeks.
  • As soon as symptoms of a disease are detected, should be performed with an extraordinary prophylactic treatment of .
To avoid the formation of resistance to systemic compounds, it is recommended to alternate the preparations.

For indoor plants, treatment with fungicidal agents is carried out in order to improve their immunity, in case of diseases or risks of infection. Replanting culture, solutions of biological fungicides or slightly toxic chemical compositions moisten the substrate.

The most effective drugs

The following drugs are among the fungicides that can provide effective assistance in combating diseases.



Kvadris is a new system tool with a wide range of effects that can protect plants from many diseases. It belongs to the new class of drugs - strobilurinam .

Composition, barely hitting the foliage, suppresses painful pathogens. Its effect helps to stop the spread and development of infections in the garden beds. The drug is able to reliably protect cultures from powdery mildew, phytophtoras, false dew, spotting, and so on;



Today it is used from fitophtora more and more often. Especially the tool is popular in the southern regions of the country. Fungal bacteria have not yet been able to acquire resistance to this agent.



Ridomil's systemic and contact effects are excellent for pathogens of late blight and alterosis. Granules means represent convenient to use, they are not dusting. The composition is perfectly combined with many pesticides.



A biological agent designed to protect against diseases, stimulate seeds and plants during their growing season, improves the immune system of cultures.



Contact agent, which is recommended to be used before planting to protect the culture from rot. Excellent helps to preserve the crop.



Preparation of systemic and contact action. It is realized in the form of wetting powder composition of white color, has a rather weak odor of irritating effect.

Bordeaux mixture

Bordeaux mixture

Means of contact action, tested over the years. Perfectly protects tomatoes from fungus. In addition, the composition effectively helps in the fight against the most common diseases.

As you can see, fungicidal preparations are really quite a lot. But only your personal experience in the cultivation of tomatoes in specifically taken conditions on fertile soil will reduce the burden of "medicinal" nature and get an excellent crop of tomatoes.

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