Self-connection of the dishwasher

Self-connection of the dishwasher


Contrary to popular belief, modern dishwashers are not a luxury at all, but an appliance useful in the everyday life of any family. Built-in or independent, the "A" class machine consumes a little power (roughly like a microwave oven) and saves a lot of water.

Manufacturers of kitchen furniture offer a dishwasher (along with other kitchen appliances) to put in complete with the suite itself, but a shopping trip to compare prices will convince the customer to do the purchases yourself. But how to connect a dishwasher, if the nested instructions resemble spyware encryption, and most of the spare parts are like the details of a child's designer?


Wizards suggest correctly to connect the dishwasher "all" for 25-30 dollars, and, certainly, will cope with the task minutes for forty, but the owner of the apartment immediately raises a natural question: do I earn thirty dollars in hour? A man who considers himself a home master is quite capable of connecting a dishwasher with his own hands, using a training video, or simply by reading this manual.


  • 1Required parts and tools
    • 1.1Spare parts
    • 1.2Instruments
  • 2Preparing for connection
  • 3We connect the dishwasher
    • 3.1Video: how to install the dishwasher yourself
  • 4Installation of built-in equipment
    • 4.1Video: installation and connection of the dishwasher

Required parts and tools

Next, we attach a list of necessary spare parts with tools, since man and equipment are already available.

Spare parts

  • Straight-through tap on a pipe with cold water - the seller in the construction supermarket will indicate the required, they are identical with the tap for the washing machine.
  • Drain "spout" for the siphon under the sink. Some models of siphons are already delivered with spouts, in the opposite case - should be purchased).


  • Medium adjustable wrench.
  • Shurupovort with a set of bits - some manufacturers supply household appliances with fasteners that have exotic slots: asterisks, octahedrons and so on.
  • Silicone pistol with sanitary sealant. If the sealant on the farm is in demand not too often - you can buy a small tube.

Depending on the situation, you may need some hand-held tools from the "first aid kit" series.

Preparing for connection

Install an electrical outlet with the necessary earthing - if it was not planned during the general replacement of the wiring. The socket is suitable for a half-strength, optimal cable for 3x, mm copper. If we build a dishwasher in a ready-made set - it will fit wonderfully behind the removable basement of the adjacent pedestal.

Connect the dishwasher without water supply - the task from the fairy tale, so screw the gate valve. It is put between the main metal pipes and flexible water supply to the sink. Do not forget to wind the external thread with a tape of a fum or linen pack to avoid leaks.


Do not wind anything on the crane tap to the aggregator!

Remove the documents and parts from the inside and remove the metal plate with numerous holes on top of the unit - this is one of the mounting parts. It is better to install it immediately: put a sealant on the rough side and screw it with screws 3 or, x13 mm from the bottom to the table top, so that the front edge of the plate retreats inward by 5-6 mm. Manufacturers offer for this purpose to use carnations from the kit, but they do not know that our table tops are made of particleboard, not natural wood.


By the way, do not forget to check the size of the opening left by the installers of the kitchen set! The dishwasher is difficult to build into a smaller hole than its dimensions, but extra gaps will disturb the harmony of the façade part.

Correctly left opening along the entire height is 452 or 602 millimeters - depending on which dishwasher you chose.

We connect the dishwasher

Some videos on the Internet show the wrong location of the drain hose after connection. In fact, these people advise you to open the return current of the drainage water and sewage flavors to the dishwasher by your own hands. The drain hose fixed to the tip of the siphon with the clamp from the enclosed kit must be bent in the form of the letter "v of course, smoothly. A water stopper will not let the miasma enter the system of the device. The distance behind the thumbs (where, as experience shows, it remains about 50-100 mm, depending on the furniture manufacturer), it is quite possible to arrange the hoses in the right way.

The hose of the bay with a huge box on the valve is screwed to the gate manually - quite strong, but without the use of wrenches.


The box is actually an aqua stop, automatically shutting off water in the event of a drop in pressure (leakage). A plug into the socket is easy to stick, and it turns out that we were able to connect the dishwasher with our own hands, it remained only to mount it correctly at the place of permanent dislocation.

Video: how to install the dishwasher yourself

Installation of built-in equipment

How to connect the dishwasher ourselves, we have already figured out, and a stand-alone technique is already trying hard to benefit the family. However, to connect - only half the case, if you purchased an embedded dishwasher and intend to finish your own.

Slowly, gradually pulling the hoses and wires through the space behind the base of the furniture, push the car into the intended niche. The front edges of the closed door of the device at the same time, combine with the leading edges of the side walls of the neighboring kitchen cabinets. Do not forget to insert into the upper holes the folding tin corners from the kit - they finally fix the dishwasher in place. Rubber self-adhesive gaskets may not be useful.


Adjust the height of the machine. The front legs are rotated by a screw in the bag with spare parts, and the rear one is adjusted with a screw located on the front lower panel - it is provided with an explanatory drawing. Get close to the countertop and a clear coincidence line of the facade with the vertical sides of the furniture, otherwise the decorative facade will not stand in line with the rest. Fix the dishwasher in this position (tin corners) and smoke before the finale, it promises to be hard.

Before installing the facade, discard the scribe. Then, screw the furniture handle to the door (facade), before hooking the holes so that the heads of the fixing screws do not protrude from the inside. Independently, in your hands measure the distances to the fasteners, taking into account the unequal gaps and other nuances.


You should start with the two bottom holes cut out on the flip-top of the dishwasher in the form of inverted hinges (in the shape of a pear). Screw in the facade screws for them and check (in the closed state) the same clearance and coincidence in height with adjacent doors. If you successfully hit the first time - you are a real master!

Fold the front panel of the machine and, holding the facade simultaneously from below and fixed in these loops, fix it from inside the panel through the holes left there.

Congratulations! Today you not only hooked up, but also mounted built-in household appliances.

Video: installation and connection of the dishwasher

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