Planting and care for boxwood in the Leningrad Region

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The recently introduced wood and bushes boxwood, although not too whimsical, but require some knowledge. To get the best result, you need to know exactly how to plant boxwood and how to care for it.

Description of the box

Under the name of the box about thirty different plant species are combined. They grow wild in the countries of Asia and the Mediterranean. In our country, boxwood shrubs are most often grown in a decorative way in parks, gardens and squares, although wild plants are sometimes found. Boxwood and shrubs are widely used in the field of landscape design.

This plant is very appreciated for its external data and other properties:

  • Beautiful crown.
  • Juicy leaves with a bright and saturated color.
  • Withstands a large number of haircuts.
  • Under favorable conditions, the life of this plant can reach 600 years or more. At the same time it will grow very slowly.

Planting boxwood

Planting and caring for boxwood in the Leningrad Region presents no difficulties for a person who is at least familiar with the basics of gardening. The only difference from the southern regions of Russia is a cooler climate, which narrows the period of planting shrub boxwood. The procedure can be carried out starting from the second half of April to the first half of October. If the box tree was planted in the summer, then it must be watered more often than during the autumn or spring plantings so that the plant is well rooted.

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If you want to transplant adult plants that have been for several years, then seedlings take with a lump of land in which they grew before. You can make a transplant at any time of the year, except for the winter months. In the case of purchasing shrubs or boxwood trees shortly before the onset of frost, it is better to prikopat them in a shady place or cover with a film that protects from the sun's rays, until April.

Do not dig in hollows in which ice may form. The best way for wintering boxwood is to completely cover with snow on the soil, which is good for passing moisture.

When transplanting plants from a container, you should carefully consider the root system. She is often intertwined, which does not allow her to switch to other growth conditions in a timely manner. This problem can be solved by “teasing” the roots. This term implies the release of the outer part of the root system so that they continue to grow in the right direction. It is best to carry out the procedure with a thin elongated object. And do not worry about the possible damage to the roots, because if they are not straightened, they will be useless.

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When a separate bush or boxwood tree is planted, a hole is dug. In case of planting a hedge it is necessary to make a shallow trench. Place boxwood seedlings in them, making sure that the roots are buried below the mark of the old coma or container.

When planting, it should be borne in mind that the soil around the trunk should be slightly deepened so that it retains water near the plant.

If, when digging a hole at a depth exceeding 20-30 centimeters, sand, clay or another mineral soil poor in mineral substances is found, then the hole is cleaned and buried even more. A layer of fertile soil is poured into the vacant space.

In order to organize a hedge from one-row boxwood bush, it is necessary to use from four to five plant seedlings that are planted at a distance of 20-25 centimeters. The number of seedlings depends on the length of the fence.

Plant Care

The most important time for the care of boxwood is winter and the second half of November. It is during this period that temperature drops occur, which can lead to the appearance of excess moisture or surface frostbite of the root system and stem.

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In order to avoid plant death or serious damage, it is necessary in the fall, a few days before the first frost begins, pour a lot of water on the box.

It is advisable to mulch the ground with peat or rotten needles of coniferous woods. You should not use fallen leaves for this, because it can vibrate and lead to fungal diseases that can destroy boxwood.

After the above steps, you need to wait until the temperature drops to -10 ° C or below and then proceed to winter care. To do this, it is necessary to cover the box with wooden or plastic boxes, which will allow to warm it. In the boxes must be done vents. This method is great for boxwood tree having a spherical shape. The smaller shrubs of boxwood are sufficient to cover with any non-woven material that must be tied up so that a large amount of snow does not break off the plants.

Trimming Boxwood - Video

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