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Bokarnay - Beaucarnea belongs to the Asparagus family. A thick seven-meter barrel, resembling a bottle, is a repository of water reserves. The bark is similar to the skin of an elephant and prevents evaporation. Selection and care at home bakarnayu, as in the photo, turned into a houseplant.

Household care for domestic animals

The cultivated plant has lost in growth, the stem of indoor plants resembles a bottle up to half a meter high. On top is a sultan of feathery leaves that hang down like a horse's tail. Old leaves, drying out, do not fall away, creating a brown halo. The sheet is coarse, similar to a belt with a toothed edge.

Here it is, bottle palm. Most often, the bent bullet grows on the window sills. In nature, its height reaches 8 meters. The length of the leaves of houseplants reaches one and a half meters with a width of 1 - 2 cm.

Bocarnay transplant after buying

Often there are not a single plant for sale, but several copies. In any case, transplantation is required, but in this particular. First of all, the plant must adapt to the conditions of detention. A weekly period will allow signs of disease or pest infestation. After quarantine, plants need to be planted.

The soil includes:

  • turfy ground - 2 hours;
  • leaf ground - 1 hour;
  • humus - 1 hour;
  • peat - 1 h;
  • sand and vermiculite on about, 5 parts.
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Add crushed charcoal, pour a layer of pebbles on top.

Use claydite balls for drainage. The cup should be wide and shallow, as in nature the palm tree grows on rocky slab bases.

When transferring a plant to a new pot, it is necessary to leave the thickened part at the same level. The roots of the plant are fragile and need careful handling.

It is impossible to water the plant during transplantation. A sick plant will not be able to use moisture and rot.

After transplanting the plant, put on the air bag. Hold until leaf growth appears.

Young plants should be transplanted for three years annually, following the same sequence of operations, but each time the size of the bowl should be increased by 4 cm. Initially, the young plant has a trunk similar to an onion. An adult plant needs a transplant if it has completely used the pot volume.

Bokarney how to care?

In the summer, water the plant after the complete drying of a coma of earth through the pan. In winter, if the plant is retired, watering is not required. Water is used otstoyannaya, without traces of chlorine. You can use water that is passed through a carbon filter.

In winter, when watering the plants is excluded, the leaves can be washed under a warm shower, ridding them of dust and insect pests.

Formation of the crown of bocarnay depends on the conditions of the plant. The plant will have a luxurious “mane” or a long “elephant foot” depending on the light and watering. If the conditions of maintenance are normal, medium illumination and regular watering, the biological cycle will go to the development of leaf plates. In this case, the trunk will be smooth.

In drought conditions, the plant has adapted to be content with a scant margin of moisture in the air. Grooved leaves collect drops of morning dew and send it to the reservoir - caudex.

If you put the plant on the south window and water after drying the clod of the earth, the situation is stressful, resembling a homeland. In this case, a decorative leg will appear with healed scars and cracks from expanding uneven fabrics. At the same time, the tuft above will thin out and wilt.

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In order for the plant to develop in the right decorative direction, it is necessary to observe a balance. In summer palm trees are useful sunbathing without rain and wind. In the winter it is necessary dosachivanie.

The plant accumulates mass slowly, does not need nitrogenous top dressing. With an excess of nitrogen leaves become soft, decorative decreases. Once a month, you can add a phosphorus-potassium composition in half the dose. In winter, fertilizing should not be done.

Problems with the care of the plant

The appearance of the brocade tells about the problems. The leaves of the plant are usually not susceptible to pest invasion. However, they can settle:

  • spider mites;
  • shield;
  • thrips.

They are cleaned using known insecticides, the safest - Fitoverm.

If you notice that leaves are drying at the Bulgarian side, you need to create conditions for favorable growth:

  • light should not be direct, diffused, but abundant;
  • exclude drafts;
  • remove the plant from the battery heating;
  • to adjust watering.
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At the same time, drying leaves is a natural process, and a beard is formed on old plants. But drying of the tips should not be, it is connected with violation of conditions of detention.

Leaves can dry when the trunk rots near the bulkarni. A lack of nutrition will affect the plant to sacrifice hair. Rotting is possible only if the irrigation mode is broken. You can not water the plant, not waiting for the drying of a clod of earth. In winter, the more watering is not needed if the plant is contained in the cool.

For minor damages, rotted places should be trimmed and covered with pounded coal. After drying, re-plant the plant in the substrate. A pale leaf blade and softening of the caudex, a thickened part of the stem, will be a sign for the revision of the roots.

Save the plant can, if it is partially damaged. If most of the trunk becomes soft, the plant will die.

Bottle palm grows slowly. In 20-25 years, it will completely form the trunk. At home, plants almost never bloom. In nature, throw a beautiful panicle about a meter tall. At home, the plant is considered unpretentious. She does not require special care.

Young plants often for several years contain in a common container. A sign that the plants closely, will stop the growth of green mass. If the conditions of detention have not changed, and the plants are frozen, then they require seating them in separate cells.

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