The best recipes for making pork shin roll

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Roll of pork shank is the best snack of any festive event. If the dish is cooked correctly, it will turn out very tasty and beautiful. There are many recipes, but not everyone knows how to make a roll of shank so that it becomes the main highlight of the holiday.

Delicious pork roll

The meat prepared in this way is very juicy, soft and fragrant. It does not lose its taste in the warm and cold. A similar knuckle can be used as a main dish and make sandwiches from it.

In order to better select the bones, the meat should be slightly beaten off with a kitchen hammer.

Ingredients for preparation:

  • one small pork knuckle;
  • 600 ml of water;
  • half chicken breast;
  • three small onions;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 2 celery stalks;
  • allspice;
  • bay leaf;
  • kitchen table salt.
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Preparation should start with the broth. To do this, in a deep saucepan, boil half of the cleaned carrots, onions with husks, celery stalks. Also in the broth should be put a little allspice, a few things bay leaf and salt. Put the container with the ingredients on the stove and cook on low heat for half an hour.

The next step is to prepare the shank. Rinse the meat well under running water and clean the skin. This is necessary in order to remove excess dirt from the skin. Then cut the knuckle lengthwise, carefully cutting the meat to pull the bone. Prepared meat with salt, pepper and leave for half an hour.

Peel the remaining carrot and cut into thin strips. This should be done with a special knife, so that the slices are the same.

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Place the meat on the cutting board to be skinned to the bottom. Top lay out a layer of carrots. If you wish, you can make a ball with fried champignons.

The next one will be chicken breast. Poultry cut into thin slices and lay carrots on top. Salt everything and slightly pepper. Then gently twist the pork into a thick roll. Tie the meat with threads or secure with cooking twine.

Fix roll roll with shank should be up and down. This is necessary so that in the process of cooking the filling does not crawl out.

As soon as the meat is prepared, remove all the vegetables from the broth with a skimmer and put the meat in their place. Put the pot on medium heat and bring to a boil. Boil the pork for 3.5 hours under the lid closed.

In the cooking process, you must carefully monitor the amount of liquid in the pan. If water boils away a little, you need to immediately add it. Also, do not forget to turn the meat so that it has the same color on all sides.

Put the prepared dish in a bowl and let cool for a while. Only after the meat hardens, you can remove the thread and cut. Before serving, rub each piece in a large amount of chopped garlic.

Boiled pork knuckle roll turns out very tasty and satisfying. You can store this meat in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

Delicious recipe for pork knuckle roll in the oven

Ingredients for making pork knuckle roll in the oven:

  • pork knuckle - 1 kg;
  • half a glass of mayonnaise;
  • a tablespoon of mustard beans;
  • pepper ground allspice;
  • sea salt, fine;
  • three small garlic cloves;
  • universal seasoning to taste.

Before you prepare a roll of pork knuckle, you must carefully clean the skin.

Separate the meat from the bone. Make it better with a sharp knife.

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Combine mayonnaise with mustard in a deep bowl. Mix well.

Combine pepper and salt in a small bowl. Both components should be thoroughly ground.

Place meat on a cutting board and grease it with cooked spices. Also sprinkle the inside with chopped garlic.

Pork left in this state for 17 minutes. Then spread it with a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard. Twist the meat well into a roll and fix it with the help of a string or kitchen twine.

Put in the foil. To prevent skin from adhering, you should put a sheet of baking paper under it, oiled. Preheat oven to 160 degrees. Once the desired performance is achieved, put the roll in the oven and bake for 2 hours. At the end of time, the dish can be reached, but before serving, wait a while for it to cool.

Serve pork as a main course or with potatoes or porridge. This method of cooking knuckles can be safely used as a snack on a festive table.

Roll with an unusual filling

Dish prepared in this way turns out very tasty. This is a Czech recipe that is especially in demand among the locals. Pork shank roll stuffed with cheese and mushrooms turns out to be incredibly tender and fragrant.

Products for preparation:

  • knuckle - about 1.5 kg;
  • one small onion;
  • average carrot;
  • 1-dessert spoon of butter;
  • Parmesan - 55 g;
  • celery - 35 g;
  • mushrooms - 170 gr.(better than boletus);
  • half tablespoon of curry;
  • pinch of salt and pepper.
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Pour water into a large saucepan and bring it to a boil. Then put in her shank, chopped celery root, carrots, curry and salt. All cook for 3 hours.

Cut mushrooms into small cubes. You can use both frozen and fresh oil.

You will also need to chop the onion and roast it in a griddle with mushrooms. Keep on fire until all liquid has evaporated. After that, put a piece of butter in the mixture.

Pryulki pull out of the water and allow it to cool slightly. After 10 minutes, you can begin to remove the bone. This should be done carefully so that the meat does not break.

Pork spread out on foil. Top with long slices of cheese, and then spread mushrooms and onions evenly. Roll up meat and roll with foil. Top all wrap extra gauze.

Move the meat into a bowl and put oppression on it. In this state, keep 7 hours. This time will be enough for the meat to be well compressed and cooled.

Meat should be served in the form of thin slices. Decorate the dish with fresh vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes.

The above recipes of pork knuckle rolls with photos are the best way to arrange a holiday for the whole family. Meat prepared in such ways will not leave anyone indifferent.

Video-recipe of making roll from pork knuckle

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