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  • LG's best “budget” washing machinesThere are lots of models that are very similar to each other in terms of technical characteristics, however, they are represented by different companies( manufacturers).This is where the question actually arises. In terms of functionality, we can determine for ourselves whether the proposed technique satisfies us or not.

    However, when choosing a company, the question becomes more complicated. After all, the quality and service life of equipment depends on the manufacturer’s good faith. One of these is the company LG.We propose to consider in more detail the model range of a famous manufacturer of appliances, namely, the rating of the best LG washing machines of 2017-2018.When compiling the TOP, we relied on customer reviews and expert opinion.

    About the company

    LG is a Korean company leading in the production of consumer and digital equipment, with the center of Seoul. The company was founded in 1958 and its first product was face cream. However, the company is developing rapidly, in the sixties begins the release of technology. The first washing machines of this company appeared in 1969.

    Products are marked by excellent quality and modern design. Technique follows technical progress, and it is based on the latest technology.

    The constant growth in demand for the company's products causes a constant expansion of production. Now the production plants are concentrated in many countries. Therefore, it is not easy to find Korean-made equipment.

    But despite this, goods are of high quality regardless of the place of manufacture.

    Company collected high consumer ratings. According to reviews, goods are described as a new generation of equipment that functions well and serves for a long time.

    Among these products is not a small place belongs to washing machines. This segment of the goods can be divided into categories, each of which contains the best models that stand out thanks to numerous positive customer reviews.

    The company establishes a long warranty period for its own products. In addition, service centers work smoothly. Call center specialists will always competently advise you on malfunctions and ways to eliminate them, and will coordinate the following actions.

    The best "budget" washing machines LG

    Immediately it should be said that the lowest price of LG equipment is approximately at the level of the average cost of other companies. Although it is the cheapest model, but they are marked by excellent quality.

    Among this category, the best models include:

    LG F-10B8MD

    Model with front loading type and standard dimensions of 60x44x85, while suitable for mounting it in a furniture set, under the table top. To this end, the top cover is removed.

    • Spacious, allows you to load up to 5.5 kg of washing.
    • Sufficient spin capacity up to 1000 rev / min.
    • Energy-efficient, belongs to class A.
    • The quality of washing at the highest level, copes with persistent pollution and provides the proper level of washing.
    • Includes 13 programs for washing, among which there are special, such as: washing of down products, sports uniforms, baby clothes and the like.
    • Has an electronic control system.
    • It is endowed with a unique function of delaying the washing time, allows you to load laundry, for example, in the evening and delay the washing time until the morning.
    • A special feature of the model is very low noise output. Almost invisible during work.

    Among the shortcomings, there is a high cost of washing.

    LG E-10B8SD0

    Model with parameters 60x35x85 can fit in a small bathroom. Allows you to load up to 4 kg of washing.

    • High quality washing class A, and high efficiency.
    • Includes 12 programs for efficient washing with an electronic control system.
    • It is possible to delay the wash( timer).
    • Childproof, button block.

    Among the comments consumers say:

    • Spin at 1000 rpm does not give the desired result. Excessive moisture after spinning.
    • Small tank capacity.
    • High price.

    Consumers love it for its compact parameters and effective washing.

    Best among medium and premium class washing machines.

    This category contains the best options, which are more practical in terms of capacity, spin quality, and resource consumption. These models are endowed with special functions, in particular, the possibility of remote control and the like. And at the same time the price of this technique is average.

    More expensive, premium-class washing machines are equipped with the latest technology, which in one way or another, facilitates the care of linen. In particular, the built-in drying, steam treatment of things( disinfection, getting rid of the smell).

    Consider the TOP of the best LG washing machines of this segment.

    LG F-12U2HCS2

    Model of moderate dimensions 60x45x85, accommodating up to 7 kg of linen. The machine provides for the economical consumption of electricity, while providing effective washing, copes with persistent pollution.

    • Includes 14 programs that include: a separate wash of black things;steam processing of things;wash jacket;another.
    • Control system - electronic, with a unique ability to control from a smartphone. And also equipped with a timer.
    • Self-washing machine is equipped with a self-diagnostic function and self-cleaning tank.
    • Has a high spin capacity of up to 1200 rpm.
    • Safe: leak protection;protection from the intervention of children.

    Consumers are satisfied with this model, in particular, steam cleaning deserves special attention, which makes things made of wool or lint very soft.

    The disadvantage is the high cost of washing. Among the inconveniences, users are somewhat dissatisfied with the powder loading compartment.

    LG F-14U1JBH2N

    Machine with a huge load up to 10.5 kg of washing. Therefore, the dimensions of this unit, taking into account the built-in drying clothes, are somewhat larger: 60x61x85.

    • Differs in high profitability, power consumption And +++.Cope and persistent pollution.
    • Includes ten programs, however, among them there is also a wash of downy, woolen things;steam cleaning;etc.
    • Spin superclass up to 1,400 rpm.
    • Provides six programs for careful and practical washing, which is very important in everyday use.
    • Equipped with the possibility of a delayed start.

    Consumers respect this model for its main advantages: capacity and drying. However, they note a somewhat excessive work noise level, as for a machine of this category.

    LG's best narrow washing machine

    If you had to choose a washing machine of modest size, then among the representatives of narrow LG models there is a common and practical option:

    LG F-10B8SD

    Very compact model with 60x36x85 parameters and 4 kg load.

    • Very economical in terms of electricity( A +++).
    • Effective wash.
    • There are thirteen wash programs that allow you to wash various fabrics.
    • Electronic control, via display. With the ability to control via smartphone. Unique know-how for the owners.

    In general, a good newest version of the narrow washer. Among the shortcomings worth noting:

    • Spin is not the best level, S.
    • A small drum, which makes it possible to do only small loads.

    Buyers are somewhat dissatisfied with the launch process. Note the long start after pressing the START button.

    However, the emphasis of this model is actually its compactness. Consumers appreciate this model for quiet and well-coordinated work, economical use of electricity.

    Model for the large seven

    If the family is large, accordingly, the amount of washing is always larger. For this purpose, washing machines are also chosen, which could carry out a large-volume wash cycle at the required frequency. Among these, this brand can consider the following option:

    LG F-1296TD4

    A stylishly designed model for a large family, which allows you to load up to 8 kg of laundry per wash cycle.

    • Provides quality washing class A.
    • Equipped with a standard set of programs that provide washing of various fabrics.
    • There is an economical, marked by low water consumption.
    • Modern display - has an electronic control system.
    • Has a low noise output, - it works quietly.
    • Equipped with a countdown timer, and signals the end of the wash cycle.

    Among the shortcomings - weak mode, with incomplete loading.

    Model with the drying function

    Sometimes it is necessary to choose just such a washer - a machine with a dryer. At the same time, the presence of the drying function is not considered as an additional, but the main one, along with washing. Necessity dictated by conditions. The lack of an example of a special place for drying clothes simply forces you to purchase a special dryer. When there is no opportunity to purchase separately drying and washing, then an alternative comes to the rescue.

    LG offers good options, among which the next model deserves special attention.

    LG F-12A8CDP

    Provides effective washing of linen and its subsequent drying. Provides loading for washing in 6 kg, and for drying of linen of 3 kg.

    • Equipped with standard and sufficient programs for different types of washing.
    • Allows you to adjust the temperature of the water, has a timer.
    • It is noted relatively fast drying linen.
    • Convenient control system.
    • Has a stylish design, looks succinctly in the interior.

    Among the shortcomings:

    • A lot of electricity is consumed, which is associated with drying.
    • Non-uniform drying of various types of fabrics is observed.

    Review of the best models of the world famous brand will ease the task for the buyer somewhat. This article presents the most popular models, according to the indicators of quality and service life. Depending on the needs and requirements, in each case, the best model for the consumer will be the option that will satisfy his requirements for the equipment. It is for the convenience of the consumer that this material lists and categorizes the best LG washing machine options in terms of quality and reliability.

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