Choosing a solid fuel boiler for long burning: rating of the top 10 boilers

  • Features of long burning boilers
  • Market trends - choose the best solid fuel boiler for long burning in 2016
  • The most popular models are the top 10 rating of solid fuel boilers

Especially for you, we performed an analysis and collected a rating of solid fuel long burning boilers. The data are taken from the Internet sales market among the most popular Russian resources and electronic catalogs of climate technology for heating a private house, and tried to figure out what modern solid fuel boilers are, long-term combustion, what is the difference between them and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

In order to answer the question “How to choose a solid fuel boiler for long-term burning for a house?” - first, let's define what they are and what are their differences. What lies behind the definition of long-burning boilers, what is their difference from other solid-fuel boilers?

Features of long-burning boilers

The first and most important fundamental difference is the method of burning fuel. In these units, the combustion process technology is significantly different from the traditional classical “bottom-up” scheme, as is customary in conventional furnaces and furnaces, and which covers the entire fuel portion at once with a flame. In this case, everything happens exactly the opposite - “from the top - down”, like a candle. The steady effect is achieved due to the telescopic design of the air distributor, which, under the action of its own gravity, presses against the center of the flame and gradually shifts it down. As a result, the fuel slowly burns out in layers, along the entire height of the vertical combustion chamber from the top level - the type of upper combustion boilers.

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This design makes it possible to burn material in a measured, uniform and more qualitative manner, increasing the efficiency and the duration of a single load mode. In addition, this feature allows: to increase the service life of the unit, since moving the source of thermal energy over time reduces the fatigue strength of the steel heat exchanger compared to traditional furnaces, in which the center is stationary and stationary;and completely abandon the use of additional heat storage accumulators.

Mechanical adjustment of the temperature of the coolant is carried out by a thermomechanical regulator of thrust( based on bimetal), which directly acts on the air valve. Therefore, they can be used in systems with both natural and forced circulation of the coolant.

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And the second distinctive feature - it is their "unpretentious and omnivorous."And what is especially important in the heating system - the most economical fuel consumption. For example, to generate a power of 20 kW, their performance is( type of fuel / one-time load, kg):

  • firewood( ≤ 50 kg);
  • fuel briquettes - wood( ≤ 110 kg) and peat( ≤ 119 kg);
  • coal - hard coal( ≤ 145 kg) and anthracite( ≤ 170 kg).

In view of specific design features - they are single-circuit, and have an efficiency of about 91–93%, one of the highest in its class. For a complete burnout of a single bookmark of firewood, they need up to about 30 hours, and the amount of heat released during the combustion of coal lasts four days( for a private house with a daily requirement of 150 kW / hour) depending on the temperature difference inside and outside the house. To their few shortcomings can only be attributed to the restriction on the use of pellets, manual loading of fuel and ash removal.

Nevertheless, today solid fuel boilers are considered one of the most promising alternative sources of heating. Convincing evidence of this is the popularity rating indicators and the constant trend of growing interest in this particular segment of equipment for heating a private house.


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Market trends - choose the best solid fuel boiler for long burning in 2016

The popularity rating of solid fuel boilers of long burning is based on the analysis of statistical data on demand and consumer preferences of numerous users of the Russian Internet( stores and product catalogs).Having carefully studied the rating data, choosing the best solid fuel boiler is not difficult.

It is safe to say that of the variety of heating equipment, solid fuel models are steadily gaining popularity and conquering their adherents, especially those who do not want to be dependent on prices, the state of the economy and the vagaries of nature. Over the past year alone, growth in their segment has confidently reached 7%, while the most in demand for home heating remain: gas( 73%) and gas with a boiler( 10%).Electrical and condensation - in the amount cover no more than 8% of the market demand.

According to the type of energy, the rating of the boilers is as follows:

  • natural gas - 86%;
  • solid fuel( all types) - 8%;
  • electricity - 6%.

Net power, kW :

  • ≤ 15 - 18%;
  • ≤ 16–25 - 53%;
  • ≤ 26–35 - 16%;
  • ≤ 36–50 - 7%.

The most popular models - the rating of the top 10 solid fuel boilers

Which solid fuel boiler is better? Among the variety of brands represented on the market, consumers give preference to well-known brands, choosing reliability and quality for home heating. The best solid fuel boiler should be chosen under the following brands: STROPUVA, Zota, Candle, Pereko, Heiztechnik, Buran, Gefest, SWaG, Metal-Fach, Viessmann.

Among these manufacturers, the top rating of the most popular models is headed( power, kW / maximum heated area, up to m2 / dimensions: H × W × D, mm / weight, kg / price range, rubles):


- S40-U ( 40/300/2100 × 680 × 680/333 / 112636–126000);

- S30 U ( 30/240/1850 × 680 × 680/309 / from 109725);

- S20 ( 20/150/2100 × 560 × 560/231 / 56400–80654);

- MINI S8U ( 8/64/1350 × 557 × 557/164 / 52800–59840);

  • Pereko:

- KSD 22/28 ( 28/80/160/1350 × 660 × 760/352 / from 128250;

- KSW Prima 20 ( 20/160/1150 × 450 × 660/245 / from 128250);

- KSX 21 ( 21/168/1400 × 450 × 570/269 / from 109,000);

- KSW Alfa Plus 18 ( 18/144/1200 × 390 × 525/214 / from 89175);

  • Zota 40Carbon ( 40/320/1090 × 695 × 1150/284 / 66045–67970);
  • Candle 20 ( 20/160/2070 × 570 × 570/250 / 107861–151504).
  • Heiztechnik Q PLUS 15 ( 15)/ 120/1390 × 530 × 700/304 / 77210–81460)

From the rating we conclude that the Lithuanian boilers of the company Stropuva , are recognized as the best solid-fuel boilers with an efficiency of 91.6%, everythingFirms do not exceed 80%.

With all the positive advantages, at first glance, the heating of private houses with solid fuel boilers has its own specifics of operation, imposes certain restrictions on the owner and causes some difficulties associated with their ongoing maintenance, procurement and storage of fuel materials. Unlike gas and electric, they constantly need to be manually “refilled”, cleaned and removed ashes as they burn out. They are unable to work autonomously for more than 3–4 days in a row without human intervention. Heating of the heating system and its exit to the operating mode is longer. This means that you can not leave your home unattended for a long time.

Nevertheless, modern technologies are gradually increasing the efficiency and usability of these units, the types and quality of the fuel used, automated methods for its loading, feeding and removing ash are being developed and introduced, and the automation of control and management is improved. Therefore, the consumer chooses exactly solid fuel boilers of long burning as the best alternative to expensive gas heating.

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