10 best instantaneous water heaters

Bravo E7023 U-F7
  • AEG DDLE 18 /21/ 24 TrermoDrive
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  • The constant availability of hot water is one of the conditions for a comfortable human existence. True, utilities often forget about it. Therefore, preventive and planned shutdowns of hot water at least once a year, each faces. And what can we say about the elimination of accidents and gusts of heating networks, during this period you can forget about a warm soul for a few weeks or even months.

    In order to rid yourself of the need to forever depend on the “mercy” of public utilities, it is better to take care of alternative ways of heating water. One of the best solutions is to buy an electric instantaneous water heater. This small device is able to provide you with warm water within a few seconds after switching on. And to make it easier to choose a small rating of the best instantaneous water heaters in 2018, compiled by us based on user feedback and expert advice. This will allow you to avoid many surprises and buy the most suitable device for your purposes.

    Clage Cex 9

    Opens an overview of a German-made safe, efficient, and reliable water heater. The device can optionally be switched in two positions: 6.6 and 8.8 kW.This variation allows you to adjust the flow of water depending on the need. You yourself can determine whether you need to wash the dishes or take a shower.

    Using the unit is quite convenient, there are no wonders here. To get hot water, simply open the tap on the mixer. You can set the required heating parameters via the touch panel. The LCD display allows you to monitor the maintenance of temperature. The device has 2 preset temperature regimes - 45 and 38. However, if desired, the temperature range can be changed and set the desired value from 20 to 55 C.

    The device is resistant to scale and provides a closed type of heating, so that its use is perfectly safe even for children.


    • traditional German quality;
    • small size;
    • the ability to use the "remote control";
    • a long warranty period - 3 years.


    • not every wiring can withstand such high power;
    • is expensive.

    Electrolux NPX6 Aquatronic Digital

    The next model is a rather popular water heater from the Electrolux company. With a solid performance of about 2.8 liters per minute, it consumes only 5.7 kW of electricity. This is one of the best in the category.

    Repair specialists note that the assembly of the device is very high quality. Therefore, do not worry that the heater will fail after a short time after purchase.

    Among the positive qualities can be noted the presence of several pressure points. This allows you to provide hot water at once several water faucets. The control is electronic, very simple. It is possible to select the desired heating temperature. This is an incredibly effective device that works properly even with not too much water pressure. This is a great device for installation in the country or for a family of 2-3 people.

    Virtually the only drawback can be considered the top wiring. This is rather inconvenient, especially for those who have all communications from below.


    • compactness;
    • the thought-over protection against an overheat;
    • digital display;
    • electronic control;
    • low power consumption with sufficient performance;
    • adequate price.


    • upper piping.

    Timberk WHEL-7 OSC

    If you are thinking about which instantaneous water heater is best to buy in an apartment where a family of 3-4 people lives, take a look at this model. The device is very inexpensive, but its performance is enough for a full shower. In one minute, the device heats 4.5 liters of water. In this case, the water will have a temperature of about 60 degrees. So you definitely do not risk getting burned.

    The water heater has high-quality protection against overheating and an internal cleaner for small impurities. Timberk WHEL-7 OSC has one interesting feature - a small limiter is installed at the entrance. It controls the minimum water temperature at the inlet and does not allow the device to turn on if it falls below + 16 degrees. By the way, the device is designed for temperature differences at the inlet and outlet at the level of +35.So if from your tap water flows at a temperature of 20 degrees, do not expect more than +55 C at the outlet.


    • excellent performance;
    • budget cost;
    • reliability;
    • compactness;
    • lower wiring;
    • free flow;
    • shower and faucet included;
    • protection against overheating and impurities.


    • smells like plastic at first;
    • is not equipped with a power cord.

    AEG RMC75

    Popular water heater from eminent manufacturer. The device works well with both one and several parsing points. The buyer can independently adjust the power of the device. For this purpose, a special regulator is provided on the front panel. The water heater pressure, works with a pressure of up to 10 bar. This is quite enough, because most of the apartments in the network has a pressure of 3 to 6 bar.

    The AEG RMC 75 water heater is also suitable for unstable situations. It provides high-quality protection against overheating and sudden pressure surges. There is a safety thermal relay. Mount the device yourself is not difficult. The unit weighs a little and has a compact size.

    Positive qualities:

    • proven brand;
    • copper "insides";
    • hydraulic temperature control system;
    • sufficient power;
    • several points of dismantling;
    • wall placement, lower piping layout.


    • for the correct connection to the mains may require the assistance of a qualified electrician;
    • is expensive.

    Hyundai H-IWR1-3P-CS

    If you thought that you could only choose cars from Hyundai, you were wrong. This concern also produces high-quality HVAC equipment, various electrical appliances. Among them are pretty good water heaters.

    The power of this device is not too large - only 3.5 kW.Nevertheless, this is enough to take a nice warm shower, wash your hands or dishes. The set provides a filter cleaner, hose, shower valve, as well as a nozzle to it.

    The design is simple, durable and reliable, there are 4 steps to protect against moisture, overheating control and light on indication. Management is mechanical, simple.

    Positive aspects:

    • very simple operation;
    • full grade;
    • small size;
    • robust and reliable design;
    • water filtration;
    • very attractive price.


    • low power;
    • short electrical cable( less than 1.5m).

    Atmor Lotus 3.5

    faucet Another not very powerful water heater, which is more suitable for installation in the kitchen. It provides only 1 point of water intake and is ideal for installation in the country. A small device will provide a temperature of 40–50 ˚С at the outlet. You can adjust the degree of heating through the mixer itself. Power is controlled by two keys located on the front panel.

    Installing a water heater does not require much effort. The set has everything you need. Do not forget that this device, however, like other flow heaters, requires grounding. Included is an electrical cable with plug. However, its length is only about 1 m, so it may be necessary to purchase a longer cord. For those who want to provide warm water, 2 points of water intake and comfortable to take a shower, the company offers several modifications of this model, up to 7 kW.


    • membrane switch;
    • minimum power consumption;
    • very simple control;
    • is cheap.


    • modest power;
    • very short cable.

    Redring Powerstream 8

    Although this water heater is designed for 1 collapsible point, it has a power of 8 kW.So to heat a large amount of water to a comfortable temperature for him is not difficult. Those who consider such power high can use a special switch and reduce it by half.

    The performance of the device is 6 l / min, and the maximum heating t is +60 degrees. With these options, you can take a shower quickly and comfortably at any time.


    • excellent power;
    • good performance;
    • compactness;
    • copper heat exchanger;
    • high-quality protection against overheating.


    • installation will require high-quality electrical wiring in the house, the weak will not stand;
    • is not too democratic.

    Zanussi 3-logic 3.5 TS

    Continues the review of the popular "Italian" - the company Zanussi. This very affordable unit is capable of producing up to 3.7 liters of warm water per minute. The point of analysis of water is one, the flow is free-flow. Inside there is a tubular heater made of copper. The device is controlled mechanically, there is a light indicator on.

    To ensure safety, overheating protection, automatic shutdown of the device in the absence of water, four-step protection against contamination and moisture are provided. The kit provides a filter, a shower, and a hose, by the way, is quite durable.


    • is very small;
    • has overheating protection;
    • easy installation;
    • low cost.

    Disadvantages: small power

    • .

    Ariston Bravo E7023 U-F7

    Another Italian-made water heater. At a fairly low cost, it is able to provide warm water immediately a couple of points of analysis. The device has a basic set of functions and is characterized by build quality and reliability.

    Power is decent - 7 kW, performance - up to 4 liters per minute. There is an automatic device shutdown system in the event of a power failure, a safety valve for relieving excess pressure, and built-in overheating protection.

    Completeness is quite wide - there is a hose, a shower head, a faucet and a cleaning filter. Like many other instantaneous water heaters, the model is not without flaws. First of all, you need to take care of proper grounding, so that the connection is better to entrust the professionals. The second complaint is the quality of the insulation of the device.


    • decent power and performance;
    • high-quality protection system;
    • good equipment;
    • low cost;
    • ability to withstand pressure up to 6 atm;
    • nice design.

    Negative moments:

    • poor thermal insulation;
    • requires the installation of separate wiring( powerful).

    AEG DDLE 18 /21/ 24 TrermoDrive

    Completes the ranking of the best instantaneous water heaters quite expensive, but very good unit. The device is capable of producing more than 12 liters of hot water per minute. At the same time at the exit you will receive a temperature of up to +60 C.Such indicators require a large power consumption, so the unit "eats" from the network as much as 24 kW.But it is possible to connect several water points at once without loss of performance.

    The control can be carried out remotely, via the remote control. There is an information display where all the necessary indicators are displayed: temperature, time, fault diagnosis system. Of course, at this cost, the device has all the necessary levels of protection and heating control. So it is completely safe, including for children.

    The unit is equipped with a variety of functions: eco-mode, auto-waste water, various built-in programs. Interestingly, the water heater can even be connected to solar panels, the quality of water heating will not be affected.

    Positive aspects:

    • is able to withstand pressures up to 10 atm;
    • excellent build quality;
    • informative electronic scoreboard;
    • remote control;
    • easy setup and adjustment;
    • very high performance;
    • almost no negative reviews.


    • is very expensive.


    Of course, there are still many decent models that are not included in our rating. You can add to the review one that you like exactly.

    The choice of a suitable instantaneous water heater depends on many points: personal needs, the capacity of the existing power supply network, the availability of one or another amount that is not a pity to pay for the constant presence of warm water. Among other things, when choosing a model, you should pay attention to the presence and remoteness of service centers. This will help avoid many problems in the event of a breakdown of the device.

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