Rating of the best refrigerators with the Nou Frost system according to customer reviews

  • What is the rating based on?
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  • Appliance stores feature many models of refrigerators with an automatic defrosting system. But which one is the best? To answer this question, we prepared the TOP 16 best 2018 No Frost refrigerators. The rating is based on customer feedback and expert opinion.

    What is the rating based on?

    We tried to make the review as objective as possible, considering various sources of information about refrigerators with the No Frost system. The rating is based on user reviews, expert opinion and technical information from manufacturers.

    What to look for when choosing the best model? Focus on:

    • dimensions;
    • capacity;
    • power consumption;
    • noise level during operation;
    • autonomous cold storage during a power outage;
    • freezing capacity;
    • control type;
    • having the ability to outweigh the doors;
    • additional functions - convenient “supercooling” and “super-freezing” modes, child lock, fresh zone, etc.;
    • appearance;
    • reliability and durability.

    Also, the price of the appliance becomes an important determining factor when purchasing, therefore in our rating all refrigerators are placed by categories and are listed in ascending order of price. Well, what model will be able to claim the championship and a place in your kitchen - it's up to you!

    The best low-cost refrigerators No Frost

    Each well-known manufacturer of home appliances is trying to create an inexpensive and functional model for those who do not like to overpay. Believe me, among the most inexpensive copies there are always devices that deserve attention. We picked up the three best models.

    ATLANT XM 4426-009 ND

    One of the most popular appliances among buyers over the past and the current year. Issue price - about 23-25 ​​thousand rubles. At the same time, the quality of performance and technical characteristics of this model is at the highest level. Judge for yourself.


    • total volume - 357 l;
    • power consumption - A;
    • freezing capacity - 6 kg / day.

    It has an electronic control type and an automatic temperature control system. Two-chamber model with a bottom spacious freezer. The No Frost system provides uniform cooling of the entire chamber of the refrigerator, there is a fast freezing mode. At the same time, the device is not very noisy( 43 dB), it has convenient ergonomics( spacious shelves, special compartments for eggs, medicines, an ice form), neat lights, and an alarm for an open door. In addition, if you plan to rearrange the kitchen - you can move the doors at any time.

    Some owners have noted that the capacity of the fridge and freezer chambers is almost equal as a drawback to the model. But in general, this reliable and durable refrigerator is perfect for a family of 3-4 people.

    INDESIT DF 5200 W

    The cost of the device is about 28 thousand rubles. Stylish and functional, designed by Italian engineers.


    • volume - 360 l;
    • energy consumption class - A;
    • freezing capacity - 3 kg / day.

    A good and reliable appliance with a bottom location of the freezer. The model attracts the eye with a neat design, a spacious cold store with large shelves and compartments for products, the presence of a symbolic LED-display with temperature indication in both chambers. Electronic control type. Thanks to one compressor, 40 dB noise doesn’t hurt the ears too much. When the electricity is turned off, the temperature in the device will remain unchanged for 13 hours. There are modes of rapid cooling products and emergency freezing.

    It is worth noting the practicality and hygiene of the model - the enamel coating of the device is easy to put in order and cleaned of dirt. In addition, this refrigerator does not cause unpleasant odors.

    LG GA-B409 UEQA

    Leader in the ranking of the best model from LG, one of the most lauded instruments in customer reviews. Cost - from 30 thousand rubles. Functional, comfortable, attractive - if in short.


    • volume: 303 l;
    • power consumption: A;
    • freezing capacity: 10 kg / day.

    In general, it is a reliable and practical unit for an ordinary family of 2-3 people. One modern inverter compressor, low noise - 40-42 dB.The bottom location of the freezer, dry cooling temperature distribution No Frost. Convenient designed glass shelves with height adjustment, compartment for bottles and eggs on the door, baskets for vegetables and fruits with a cellular structure for delicate and long-term storage. Simple electronic control, push-button display, soft backlight. Inside there is an antibacterial seal, from the additional functionality - economy mode "vacation", as well as "superfrost" and "supercooling".

    Users note the stability and durability of work, even in the face of power outages. It is convenient and simple to use the device, such a refrigerator is a real decoration for a modern kitchen and a reliable assistant for any housewife.

    The best refrigerators Nou Frost - a budget of up to 100 thousand rubles

    For those who can afford the equipment more expensive and more original - the best models are within 100 thousand rubles. In this price range, you should pay attention to the additional functionality, power consumption, quality and appearance, otherwise, why pay more? So, our top three.

    LG GA-B489 TGRF

    This is the next step to perfection, after one of the best inexpensive LG refrigerators from the Korean manufacturer. This model costs 15-18 thousand rubles more than the LG B409 and will cost 69-74 thousand rubles for customers. But the functionality here is richer.


    • volume: 335 l;
    • power consumption: A ++;
    • freezing capacity: 14 kg / day.

    As you can see, a roomy and powerful unit for a family of 3-4 people. At the same time, the cost is quite affordable, the build quality is at a high level. Single-pressure model with lower location of the freezer. Inside the device there is a multi-stream cooling system and the technology of uniform distribution of cold, an intelligent diagnostic system. The control is electronic, on the metal door an informative LED display. Sophisticated internal organization - glass shelves with decoration and amplification, many additional compartments and compartments, freshness zone.

    The owners of such a refrigerator praise the device for its quiet( up to 40 dB) and stable operation, spaciousness and ergonomics. There are all the necessary additional modes - rapid cooling and freezing, economy mode, control lock, well-designed system for maintaining natural humidity, etc.


    Refrigerator with an impeccable reputation, meticulous quality assembly and careful thought out details. It is an order of magnitude more expensive than the previous model - 62-63 thousand rubles, but in the opinion of buyers, it’s worth the money.


    • volume: 320 l;
    • power consumption: A;
    • freezing capacity: 14 kg / day.

    First of all, it is necessary to say about the stylishness and modernity of design - in the style of minimalism and clarity of geometry. Exterior materials - metal, coating "under glass", several color options. The internal filling is impressive - the system Full No Frost, the technology of internal ventilation, antibacterial and antimicrobial filters that do not require replacement, neutral lighting. Also, there is an indication of temperature rise and an open door. Long defrosting of products with the lights off( up to 20 hours), quiet operation( up to 40 dB), full functional range. There is a freshness zone, additional compartments and glass shelves.

    Samsung RB-37 K63412C

    Beautiful, technological and modern unit with a full set of bells and whistles. The corresponding cost is 64-72 thousand rubles. Let's figure out what you have to pay extra.


    • volume: 367l;
    • power consumption: A +;
    • freezing capacity: 14.5 kg / day.

    The first thing that catches your eye is an aesthetic appearance. Nothing superfluous, smooth lines and neat details, a folding handle of the new generation. The internal arrangement is also impressive - a multi-stream cooling system that ensures uniform temperature on all shelves and compartments at once. Plus to this - an effective system of energy consumption, dim LED lighting, long-term preservation of cold. The internal space consists of many roomy shelves, drawers and departments. There is a zone of freshness and extras - for eggs, bottles, ice, etc. This unit is quieter than all - about 36 dB.There are all additional modes and functions that are easy to switch.

    Users note that this refrigerator is flashy, functional and roomy, however, it requires careful operation and a reliable system of energy consumption.

    The best refrigerators with the No Frost system in size

    If you have long departed from the rule of choosing a refrigerator depending on the number of household members, we advise you to pay attention to the dimensions of the appliance, because kitchens and doorways also dictate their selection criteria.

    The best narrow refrigerators of Fro Fro( width - up to 55 cm):

    1. BEKO CN 329120 S ( 21 - 23 thousand rubles) 295 l, А +, electrician, freezing capacity - 5kg / day;
    2. BEKO CN 333100 S ( 30 thousand rubles) 305 L, A, electrician, 18 hours without electricity, power 5 kg / day, antibacterial coating, open door indication;
    3. Gorenje RC 4180 AW ( 16-21 thousand rubles) 272 l, A +, power - 9 kg / day, 15 hours without light, antibacterial protection, superfrost and supercooling;

    The best models of standard sizes( 180x60x60):

    1. LG GA-E429SQRZ ( 33-35 thousand rubles) 350 l volume, A ++, electromechanical control, wet zone freshness area, 42dB;
    2. WHIRLPOOL BSNF 8121 W ( about 50 thousand rubles) 356 l, A +, electronic control, superfrost, air purification, 19 hours cold preservation;
    3. GORENJE NRK612ST ( about 60 thousand rubles) 330 l, A ++, electronic control, 42 dB, power - 5 kg / day;

    The Best Side by Side Refrigerators with No Frost

    System The Side by Side models are super-compact units for a large family. In such refrigerators, one side is the refrigerator and the other is the freezer. If you choose such a device, then you want everything to be in it - different modes of operation, the generation of ice, cooling of drinks and convenient spacious shelves.

    We advise you to look at:

    1. LG GC-B207GVQV ( about 50 thousand rubles) 528 liters, class A +, electronic control, child protection, informative display;
    2. Samsung RSA1SHVB1 ( 70-85 thousand rubles.) 550 liters, electronic control, And power consumption, stylish design, quiet operation.

    The Best No Frost Wide Two-Chamber Refrigerator Under Glass

    This model of the refrigerator is designed for those buyers who have just made a chic repair and strictly monitor the interior in their kitchen. The outer part is covered with glass - this technique allows you to convey the full depth and color saturation, as well as make the device non-marking, scratch-resistant and very stylish. And what's inside?

    VESTFROST VF 566 MSLV ( about 98 thousand rubles) 455 l, A +, all additional modes and temperature control, but rather noisy( up to 44 dB), there is a freshness zone, air deodorizer;

    Bosch KGN49SM2AR ( from 100 thousand rubles) 389 l, touch control, 18 kg / day - freezing power, dynamic cooling and freezing, tempering mode, antibacterial protection., Noise during operation - up to 43 dB.

    So our rating of the best frost refrigerators has come to an end. We hope that this information will help you make the best choice of a truly reliable and functional refrigerator that will become your assistant and a real decoration of the kitchen. Have a nice shopping!

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