10 tips on the design of a contrasting accent wall in the interior + photo


  1. 1. Contrast wall in a small room - yes or no?
  2. 2. The role of the accent wall in the interior of
  3. 3. Design with
  4. wallpaper 4. Design with various finishing materials
  5. 5. Design with
  6. paints 6. Design with various objects
  7. 7. “Live” wall
  8. 8. With your own hands
  9. 9.Tips for choosing color
  • Classic color combinations
  • Unusual color combinations
  • 10. The golden rule
  • How does correctly arrange the accent wall in the interior? After all, in order to somehow refresh and diversify the interior, in recent years, many designers prefer this option. But you need to be careful. Because, using a contrasting wall, you can not only make an interesting accent in the room, but also vice versa - spoil everything.

    1. Contrast wall in a small room - yes or no?

    This is probably one of the main issues that stands in the way of creating something special for many ordinary people. After all, you do not want to make even smaller rooms even less, clumsily picking up the color. An option underestimated by many is the design of one of the

    walls with dark in the color .This is a great option for a small room! And if it, moreover, has a rectangular shape, then painting the end wall will visually help to correct the geometry of the room . Dark tones will add depth and expression to your room. Very nobly , but at the same time calm and neutral, shades of gray look. The deep and muffled blue color will set you on rest, thanks to its calming influence on the human psyche. And dark shades of wood and chocolate tones will look not only noble, but also very or .Having painted one of the walls with a rich dark tint, and the rest with white or other light, pastel shades in color with the ceiling, you not only “ spread the ” space, but also erase the border between the walls and the ceiling, making the ceiling visually higher. If the height of the room is sufficient, you can paint the ceiling and one of the walls in a dark color, it will look very unusual and will also create an effect of blurred borders .

    2. The role of the accent wall in the interior of the

    In fact, the contrast wall can play a different role in the overall interior of the room. There are two main functions:

    • As the main interior accent.
      Contrast wall can set the mood of the whole room. This is the wall on which absolutely all guests of your house will pay attention. Thus, you can draw the attention of to the desired objects and divert from less attractive. It should be special and completely different from the rest of the walls - in color, in texture, in the material of the performance, have a picture. Remember, what object was previously in almost any house and took its place of honor on the wall, which was the very first to be noticed when entering the room? Wall carpet! For a very long time, without even thinking about it, people used the method of isolating one wall as interior decoration to show their wealth and viability, it just looked a little different. By the way, it is not necessary to select the entire surface of the wall, sometimes is sufficient with a small , but with a bright fragment of the or strip. Thanks to the accent wall, even a small room will not look flat and boring.
    • for partitioning space.
      Recently, people more and more like combining a living room and a kitchen, especially when these rooms are not large. And not surprising - because it is so much lighter and more spacious. But after all, zoning , at least visual, is still necessary. In such a case, painting the wall of the living room and the wall of the kitchen with different colors, or choosing to decorate different in texture or pattern wallpaper, you can easily delineate the space. The same method works great for zoning of the corridor and of the hall and even in the room combined with the bathroom.

    3. Design using wallpaper

    • Gypsum Panels They are made by pouring a plaster mix into silicone or plastic molds, imitating the various patterns. Many prefer the loft style for interior decoration, and in fact its main feature is the use of brickwork in the interior. To build a new wall of brick for a long, expensive, and besides, this is an additional load on the foundation, this is where, by the way, plaster 3D-panels imitating brick will fall. They can be either separate bricks that you can lay with different thickness of seams, or ready-made fragments of masonry. There are options that mimic waves, bubbles or bee honeycombs. Plus of such panels is their environmental friendliness and simplicity installation.
    • Laminate
      The fashion for finishing the walls with laminate appeared not so long ago, but has already won many fans. This wall looks very naturally , and the presence of many textures that mimic different types of wood will make your interior truly unique. Laminate is not the cheapest way to finish, but you can save by using a material of a low wear resistance class. The main - do not use laminate in rooms with high humidity, otherwise it will swell over time from constant contact with water. Also, the use of laminate, implies the presence of flat surface or a special wooden frame, otherwise the joints and irregularities will be very noticeable.
    • Stone
      Natural or artificial stone will look expensive and naturally .Your choice of a wide range of colors and textures with the possibility of a combination. The only thing is worth remembering is , giving preference to the finishing of stone - it is undesirable to use it in narrow rooms. This wall will further narrow the space and crush. Also, the stone wall requires for more lighting , even in a large room and proper surface preparation, as for laying ceramic tiles. It is not necessary to fill the entire space of the wall completely, sometimes there are enough fragments lined with stone to create the atmosphere of an ancient castle. Especially beneficial stone will look like material for facing the wall, which is a fireplace, aquarium, or large living plants.
    • Cork wall
      Extremely unusual , but very interesting and environmentally friendly pure , the accent wall design. This is a natural material that is made from the bark of cork oak. The color range varies from light gold to dark brown. This coating possesses a number of unique properties of - it is very light, does not collect dust on its surface and does not form mold, which is especially important if there are allergies in the house, it does not absorb moisture and does not rot later, has high sound and thermal insulation characteristicsas well as very durable. The only lack - cork is a fairly expensive finishing option. Such a wall would be appropriately look in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Cork can be found in the form of plates, rolls, wallpaper or liquid cork. It is worth noting that cork rolls do not swell even with prolonged contact with water and have an service life of more than 20 years .Here you have a worthy and interesting alternative to ceramic tile.
    • Decorative plaster
      Another very interesting way to design. Decorative plaster differs in a wide choice of colors, with the simplicity of application and the ability to achieve with the help of it the most of various textures and patterns. You can also make volumetric shapes and patterns from it. This material is very durable , has a long service life and helps to hide defects and irregularities of the wall, that is, it does not require careful surface preparation. A very interesting effect can be achieved by combining light and dark plaster, or by adding a little pearl.
    • Mirrors
      Do not discard this design option as annoying or outdated. Recall that the use of mirrors in small rooms visually expands the space of .Now there are so many different mirrored panels that are lighter than a regular mirror and much easier to use - they just stick to a flat surface. Having issued with the help of them a wall on both sides of the head of the bed, you will achieve a unique effect. Board - panels must start from the floor itself and end under the ceiling. Choose a vertical arrangement of the panels, so the ceiling in the room will seem higher.

    There are a lot of options for finishing the accent wall. Wallpaper is the most simple and the cheapest way to .Absolutely any person can cope with wallpapering; it is enough just to be attentive and careful. Plus, your choice of a huge variety of colors, textures and patterns. And if you often like to refresh your interior - then you can replace with the bored wallpaper in one day .There are two main options for selecting a wall using wallpaper:

    • Combining - this method consists of combining two types of wallpaper of the same texture, but of different colors, or smooth wallpaper with textured options. Which way to choose is to select with color or with texture, only you can choose. Both options look very interesting and original. Also, for finishing the main walls, you can use matte wallpaper, and accent wall highlight glossy. But by no means the other way around, otherwise it will be too nalyapistno and tasteless. In many stores there are collections of wallpapers with already selected options for highlighting, which will be most beneficial to combine with each other, you do not even have to think about what to combine with, just choose your favorite option from ready-made compositions - quickly and conveniently .
    • Do not forget about this type of finish, as wallpaper .They are more expensive than regular wallpaper, but also look much more effective .The plot for them can be absolutely any image - foggy forest, snowy peaks, autumn warm landscapes, the seashore, a view of the night city, flowers, cartoon characters and much more. Also, options are available to order, the experts will even make your portrait or family photo on canvas, you need the size. Such a wall you will not see anywhere else! Photowall-paper allows you to make the interior atmospheric and maintain the overall theme of the room, especially if you prefer the style of new eco or marine.

    4. Designing with the help of various finishing materials

    A good way to design a contrasting wall in the interior would be to use texture using .You will certainly want to stroke such a wall with your hand, move closer to it, especially if you additionally use the backlight with the backlight with a warm light flux. This effect can be achieved in several ways:

    5. Designing colors

    Designing with colors is one of the most of noticeable accent options. You can simply paint one wall in a monochromatic color that is different from the others, or you can do it with your own hands, or with the help of specialists, much more interesting. Remember that the wall to be painted should be even and free of defects. If the wall has a foreign color, apply a base coat of white paint before painting and let it dry completely.

    • Art list
      Have you ever seen street street art? Now imagine such a wall in the room of your teenage son. .. his will have no limits to the delight of .Such a wall would be appropriate not only in the nursery, but also in any other room. You just need to choose the appropriate pattern on the subject and move it to the wall. If you do not have such talents, do not be upset, the number of special stencils with ready-made drawings is growing every day. They are very simply glued to the wall, and after applying the pattern are also easily removed, leaving no traces.
    • Painting with oilcloth
      This is exactly the option that can easily make itself. You want to make something original and ordinary film. To begin, apply a layer of paint, selected shade, on a small section of the wall, approximately equal to the cut of your film. Glue the film on the painted surface and gently apply it with a brush so that the film is completely flat against the wall and has folds. After a few minutes, smoothly remove the film. You should see the light pattern .Repeat all the steps to complete painting the wall. The degree of “bruise” will depend on the laying of the film. The more noticeable you want to make a pattern, the more folds the film should have. When overlaying the film on the wall, do not hold it with your hands, otherwise the base color will appear. Your touch should be barely perceptible. The effect will surprise you.
    • Dyeing with the use of fabric
      Another simple way from the section "do it yourself".You can simply apply the pattern on a white wall, or you can play with the color and use your favorite color as the base color, and to apply a pattern its darker shade. You will need a bottle of paint, rubber gloves and a piece of coarse cloth. Dip the rag completely into the paint. Then squeeze it, but not too hard, then gently and gently lean the fabric against the wall. For convenience, form a cushion of fabric and gently roll up and down the wall. If there is a possibility - practice before the process begins, you can even on a sheet of paper. Using such simple manipulations, you can get interesting and unique pattern .

    6. Making different items with

    If you do not want to spend on pasting wallpaper or painting your contrasting wall, you can do in other ways to give an accent. We will use your favorite items. The most common options are:

    • Pictures of
      Many of you probably have favorite pictures or just beautiful images. They can be depicted anything, as long as you like them and fit in its content to room, which will be located. It does not have to be large paintings of famous artists in an expensive massive framework, it can be a lot of small paintings in neat frames bought at a flea market. Located at different levels and distances from each other, they should create one common composition .There are ready-made modular paintings - consisting of three or more canvases, which bear the image of one drawing. Such pictures will look very interesting and stylish.
    • Photo
      You can enroll more interesting , and use as decoration not simple images, but your favorite photos , which capture the happiest moments of your life. Photos can be placed in frames of different sizes, or printed on special canvases. Stick to one theme - if these are portrait photos, then they should all be like that. If you choose black and white photos - do not dilute them with color, they will look inappropriate, especially as photos in black and white look look much more expressive. Such a wall will always cheer you up, and remind you how much good you have experienced. She will look very cozy and touching.
    • Decorative plates or masks
      Some people travel a lot and bring souvenirs from various countries of the world. As a rule, later it turns into a real collection of objects of the same type, for example, various painted plates or ritual masks of different nations. So why should they be gathering dust on boring shelves if they can be equipped with special stands for them and placed in the most visible place? And how nice it will be to you to tell the story of their origin to the guests, because they certainly will not be ignored. Such a wall would be an interesting , an unusual and precisely , the only of its kind. When buying ritual masks, be sure to clarify the history of the ritual in which they participate.

    7. “Live” wall

    This not only sounds, but also looks unusually .The living wall is a composition of “living paintings” in which grows real decorative plants and which require constant care and an adequate level of illumination. Such paintings can be purchased ready-made or made yourself. But such a wall, like no other, will enliven the room and give your room a unique freshness , brightness and saturate the air with oxygen, which will positively affect your health. This type of design rarely meets in apartments, which guarantees the delight of your guests.

    8. Do it yourself

    Not all people have the opportunity to attract specialists to design a contrasting wall or buy expensive finishing materials. But you can always do it on your own, just by showing a little imagination. We will offer you a couple of options that can easily use with , for example, with the help of a child, thereby turning the registration process into an entertaining, cooperative pastime.

    • Fabric Panels Perhaps you still have some small pieces of fabric, for example, after trimming curtains, or other unnecessary pieces that you can throw out, but there is no place to put them. Give them a second life! You can make the whole panel from panels, covered with a beautiful cloth. As a base, you can use covers from shoe boxes. Just secure the fabric with glue. Be careful, see that the glue does not appear on the surface of the fabric and does not create stains. Or use Velcro , so you can easily change the composition, if it bores you and you will have the opportunity to change the fabric, which eventually collect dust. You can decorate the entire wall with a cloth and completely .Choose rich, textured fabrics with a beautiful pattern that will be combined with the overall style of the room.
    • Bulk letters or string art
      This process will be more time consuming , but the result will be unusual and interesting. To get started, think up a word or inscription that will fit the meaning of the room. For example, the English word Welcome or Sweet Home is perfect for the hallway; for the nursery, you can use the name of a child as a decoration for . You can use not only words , but also various images .For convenience, you can use the base in the form of a wooden board, or buy a ready-made set with everything you need. You can do the work right on the wall, depends on what your wall is made of and if you can easily drive a large number of nails into it. Suppose we are working with a wooden board base. The base is better to paint in a light, base color. Now you need a template of the selected lettering or drawing. You can print the letters on the printer by selecting any font in a text editor or drawing it by hand. Finished letters must be carefully cut, glued together with scotch tape, attach the template to the surface of the base and fasten it so that it does not move. Now take small nails and a hammer and start hammering cloves around the perimeter of the beeches, maintaining the same height and distance. When bypass all the letters - remove the pattern. Now you need to thread, it is desirable that they were thicker. For these purposes, perfect thread for embroidery - floss. Fix the end of the thread on the stud, start from the top of the first letter, it will be more convenient for you. Next, circle the thread around the neighboring studs in a random order; you yourself will understand what you need to do. You can use threads of different colors and create smooth color transitions .String - art looks very originally , and the wall, decorated in this style, will definitely be the center of attention.
    • Punching
      This method requires you to minimum costs and maximum imagination. You will need a canvas and a set of colors. The essence of the method is to apply a single-type image using a stamp, with a certain step, to the selected surface. You can buy a ready-made stencil or stamp, and you can use what you have on hand. For example, an ordinary plastic bottle, half a lemon , molds for cutting cookies, or even cut out any shape from a potato. Pour a small amount of paint onto a plate, then dip the selected stamp into it and lean it against the canvas. Then it is up to you to decide how often the image will be repeated, and how many such canvases will be placed on the wall. Yes, in this way we really learn to draw small children, but with the creative approach , the result will look much better than it may seem after reading.

    9. Tips for choosing the color

    If you chose color accent to design a contrast wall in your apartment, then you need to figure out which colors most combine well with , and which combinations should avoid .When combining colors, it is very important to use paints of one manufacturer .Because the same colors, in your opinion, from different manufacturers will look different.

    Classic color combinations

    These are color combinations that many designers have been using for quite some time and which perfectly fit into many interiors. That it was pleasant to have a rest in the room in the evening and to meet the morning in a good mood, many designers recommend using palette of warm shades .

    • Cream tones
      This does not mean that we are talking about a beige color, cream is rather a state color. Maybe cream green and blue and pink. This means that your chosen tones should be soft , muffled, have a warm shade. These colors are very well combined with each other and set to rest.
    • Pink + gray
      This option is great for finishing bedroom , relaxing affects the nervous system and elevates mood .Moreover, this combination is gaining more and more popularity every day. Seemingly incompatible at first glance, the colors very well complement each other. And how many interesting shades of gray and pink are the manufacturers now offering - steel gray and delicate coral, the color of wet asphalt and some nice-of-the-art tacho… Yes…
    • _These colors are very well combined with each other due to the use of peach, not pink. After all, the peach color has in itself an admixture of yellow, which is so close in color to green.
    • Muffled green + yellow
      It's pretty bright color combination that will be filled with the atmosphere sun and warmth. Surrounded by such colors you will always have an excellent mood , especially on a cold winter day.
    • White + sand
      Sand color is a very calm , but at the same time interesting and noble shade. To emphasize its warmth, use it in combination with white. Complete the interior with bright details and an unusual, modern design, you are guaranteed.
    • Burgundy + green
      Do not believe those who say that this combination is ugly and not harmonious. You just need to choose correct shades .Not a bright red color, but a muffled wine , not herbal green, but a deaf bottle shade. Depending on your preference. Many people like light colors, but do not forget about the dark ones.
    • Coral + turquoise
      Very bright, muted shades of these colors, and bright, saturated look very cool. This combination elevates mood , gently and unobtrusively affecting the psyche, in itself being very dynamic and fresh.

    Unusual color combinations

    In addition to the color combinations that everyone is used to and actively use, there are several not standard combinations that will certainly bring freshness and originality to your interior. This collection will especially appeal to lovers of something of the new and of the extraordinary .

    • Blue + red
      This combination is very rarely is found in modern apartments. Blue refers to the palette of cold colors, and red refers to the “hot” palette, so they look incompatible for many. But if you use a pale blue color as a background, and add a little red, the interior will sparkle with completely different colors. Such a contrast will revive him, make fresh and expressive .
    • Blue + Lime
      Blue is considered one of the most noble and rich colors. The palette of shades of this color is very diverse. To liven up the blue and make the room with a summer mood , we suggest diluting it with a rich lime color. In this combination, the blue will not seem so cold, but the overall interior will be very dynamic .
    • Gray + emerald
      Gray is really very noble , it is the base color, at the same time retains its neutrality .Perhaps that is why it is so often used in the design of a modern interior. To add depths to and saturation, modern designers recommend trying such a bold combination as gray with emerald. The interior in such colors will look very elegantly .
    • White + burgundy
      The burgundy color has become very popular with clothing designers, but it is unfairly rarely used for interior decoration. But in combination with white color or its shades, it will become more calm , balanced and interesting. Such a design will be unusual, mysterious and will not bore you soon.
    • Cobalt + turquoise
      Very bold combination, which is not everyone will prefer. Both colors are quite independent and interesting by themselves, and in tandem they create the saturated , a dynamic interior. If you are not very fond of bright colors, you can use their muted shades, it will also be very original. This union is recommended to to dilute with base white. Contrast ornaments are well combined with such colors.
    • Chartreuse + Lavender
      The color Chartreuse is not quite familiar to us, but the most is the recognizable color for our to perceive. Therefore, psychologists often use his soothing properties in their practices. Chartreuse - a mixture of yellow and green. Combined with lavender, it brings the comfort of and pacification to the interior of the .Suitable for any kind of room.

    This is not the whole list of unexpected, at first glance, colors, we have identified the most impressive .

    10. The “golden” rule of

    It is not enough to figure out which of the colors most closely match each other. It is necessary to know and the correct proportion of , in which the interior as a whole will look balanced and harmonious. There is a “ 60 /30/ 10 ” rule that always works great. This rule will help you correctly combine the three colors in the interior. 60% should occupy the main color, basically, these are the soothing colors that prevail in the design of the walls or furniture. 30% is the additional color. It is these 30% that your contrasting wall should occupy in the interior! 10% is an accent from , which may be present in the form of pillows on a sofa, vases, paintings or other trifles. Using colors in such proportions, you calm your interior.
    There are colors that are “ hot ” - it is red, orange, bright yellow, they should not be used in small rooms. A wall painted in this color will seem closer to .Cold colors, on the contrary, alienate the walls in narrow spaces. Do not be afraid to experiment and you will definitely succeed!

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