How to choose a suitable model of energy-saving heater for the house

Household heaters use the same principle of operation - they convert electricity into heat energy. Today, different types of heating equipment are available. Many people consider them to be “voracious” current sources, although among modern models there are truly energy-saving home heaters that can save up to 40% of money on economical electricity consumption.

. ConvenienceOil heaters

  • 2.2.2 Convectors electric
  • 2.2.3 Fan heaters
  • 2.2.4 Infrared heaters
  • 2.2.5 Ceramic heaters
  • 2.2.6 : ceramic heater.customer consultation
  • 2.2.7 Quartz heaters
  • 2.2.8 Carbon heaters
  • 2.2.9 Halogen heaters
  • 2.2.10 Micatermic heaters
  • 2.2.11 Video: Video review Micatermic Heaters
  • 2.2.12 Film heaters
  • 3 Selection Criteriaelectric heaters for home
    • 3.1 Pros and cons of each type
      • 3.1.1 Table: Comparison of different types of electric heaters
      • 3.1.2 Video: infrared lights or heaters? Pros and cons of
  • 4 Reviews of popular brands
  • 5 The most popular models and prices of energy-saving heaters
    • 5.1 Which is better and more economical for a house or apartment
      • 5.1.1 Table: The average cost of economical electric heaters
  • What is a heater for a home for a reason to become an energy-efficient model for a home to get energy efficiencyModern heaters - is the presence of mechanical or electronic control of heating elements and other mechanisms. Preferably - with stable electricity - electronic thermostat. This method involves advanced functionality and the presence of several programs that allow you to automatically maintain a given temperature to within one degree."Smart" electronics can perform climate control, which will create a feeling of comfort in the room. The presence of the power switch suggests the possibility of the heater to work on several modes, with the connection of a different number of heating elements( tubular electric heaters).Summarizing, we conclude: an energy-saving heater is considered to be one that has high heat transfer efficiency and low power consumption, with automatic operation.


    This type of electrical household appliances for a country house or apartment differ among themselves:

    • installation site;
    • used heating principle;
    • automation level and control method;
    • worth.

    Installation location and mounting type

    There are such constructions of energy-saving heaters for the home:

    • floor type;
    • wall models;
    • ceiling fixtures.

    Each species has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Floor Heaters

    They are divided into two types: mobile and stationary. Mobile designs include wheel heaters or portable heaters. They have a zone of thermal comfort is limited by the height of the device.

    Heaters on wheels are mobile, convenient because they can be placed in close proximity to a person.

    Stationary devices are mounted under a floor covering, for example a heated floor, or built into a wall, for example an electric fireplace.

    The electric fireplace performs two functions: it is a design element and heats the room.

    Wall heaters

    These include stationary views that are hung on the wall. Their main advantage is the saving of useful space in the room and design. The zone of thermal comfort extends to the height of their placement on the wall.

    The type of wall heaters includes many types, including infrared, convector, ceramic and other

    . Ceiling heaters

    Installing appliances on the ceiling automatically expands the zone of thermal comfort and contributes to the most economical use of energy resources.

    The range of ceiling heaters is quite diverse

    The principle of heating

    Modern household heaters produce and distribute heat in different ways. According to these principles, they are divided into the following groups:

    1. Heating of ambient air from contact with the hot surface of the heating device( oil radiators)
    2. Convection natural currents of rising warm air( electric convectors)
    3. Forced flows of heated air( heat guns, heat fans).
    4. Heating using infrared radiation( ceramic, quartz, carbon, halogen, mikatermicheskie heaters).

    Consider each view in a little more detail.

    Oil Heaters

    They are distinguished not only by direct heat transfer, but also by the high power of the heating elements. In some models, the metal case has a complex configuration, which allows, along with direct jets, to emit convection heat fluxes.

    The oil heater is used in cases when it is not necessary to heat the room quickly.

    Modern oil radiators are equipped with automatic means of maintaining the set temperature and a timer to turn on and off at a certain time. They are relatively cheap, safe, mobile. Their minuses: bulkiness, inertia of a warming up, unpretentious design.

    More about this kind of as a whole: https: // kak-vyibrat /obogrevatel/ maslyanyij.html

    convectors electric

    They have heating elements located inside the housing, constructed in such a way that cold air enters through the holes from the bottom, is heated and, coming through the cracks, forming a powerfulnatural flow going up.

    Electric convector made with regard to energy saving. This is facilitated by an electronic control unit and the presence of closed heaters with an aluminum diffuser

    . Mixing with the room atmosphere, warm jets quickly and efficiently heat the room. Advantages: noiseless, high heat transfer efficiency, different versions. Disadvantage: high cost.

    Some models of convectors are equipped with additional devices that will make the atmosphere in the room clean and healthy. These are ionizers and air purifiers.

    In more detail about the principle of operation and the varieties of such equipment: https: // type of heater consumes a significant amount of energy and produces noise.

    Power supply 220–240 V, 50 Hz;heating modes 1000/2000 W;maximum power of 2000 W;fan mode;temperature maintenance mode;overheat protection;light indication of work

    The main advantage - the room quickly warms up due to the intensive mixing of air. Most models are equipped with buttons for mechanical control. Modern electric fans have several modes of operation.

    Infrared Heaters

    The device of this type of home appliances includes approximately the same set of elements. These are reflectors, reflectors and emitters made of refractory metals or inert materials. A huge role is played by the wavelength of thermal radiation. Short and medium waves for residential use is not recommended.

    Infra-red heaters are popular among the public because of simple safe operation, soft non-burning radiation, compactness.

    Long-wave radiators are used for houses and apartments, because the heat from them is safe, soft( similar to sunlight), comfortable. The materials for emitters are materials that are safe for human health: ceramics, quartz, carbon, metal, flexible film.

    The nuances of the operation of such equipment are set out in the article https: // kak-vyibrat /obogrevatel/ infrakrasnyij.html

    Ceramic heaters

    This type of IR heaters is practical and cost-effective. Heat from them is not transmitted to the air, so ceramic heaters are used to heat objects( furniture, work area, etc.) and create comfortable conditions for the human body.

    Ceramic Panel - is an economical, energy-saving heater popular among homeowners

    Soft heat, comparable to the sun's rays. Available in floor, table, wall and ceiling versions.

    Video: ceramic heater. Customer consultation

    Quartz heaters

    This type of energy-saving home appliances mounted on the walls, refers to the stationary heating equipment. There are also desktop models, but they are not popular because of the increased health risks.

    Quartz heater can be a worthy alternative to the usual method of heating.

    Wall and ceiling models are relatively safe, warm( cool for a long time), do not affect the oxygen content and humidity in the room.

    Carbon Heaters

    Most often they are compared with an electric light bulb, in which instead of a nichrome spiral there is a carbon heating element. Lightweight, ultrastrong, possessing better thermal conductivity than many metals - carbon fiber fibers made of carbon are comparable with titanium in their characteristics. A spiral of twisted threads is inserted into a tube made of tempered glass. Then the air is pumped out of the tube, and it is sealed. In vacuum, the carbon helix will not blow if the heater is operated according to the instructions. The carbon heater is then mounted in a housing with a reflector made of anodized aluminum. The assembled heater has an elongated shape. The vacuum tube is mechanically protected by a wire grid. When turned on, the carbon filament heats up and starts radiating long-wave infrared heat. Soft, comfortable, favorable.

    Carbon heaters are distinguished by their elongated shape, compactness, and high radiation efficiency. The power of the device depends on the thickness of the

    carbon helix. Innovative models are equipped with a control panel, a built-in temperature sensor with mechanical or electronic control, and a stand with a rotating function. Despite its compact size, carbon-fired heaters have an enviable performance.

    Halogen Heaters

    About them users respond differently. Someone praises, someone gives a negative assessment. And all because the main element of the device is a halogen lamp, which not only shines, but also generates infrared short-wave warm radiation. For the bedroom, it does not fit, but for the other rooms - just right.

    Halogen heater with power adjustment, remote control, body turning by 70 degrees.

    In a glass bulb with a tungsten filament or carbon fiber, the helix is ​​heated to 2000o C. In this case, infrared long waves are emitted, which are sent by the reflector as heat flux. It heats the walls, floor and ceiling of the room, as well as furniture and other objects in the room. Durability, quiet operation, instantaneous heating - these characteristics attract customers.

    Mictermic Heaters

    This new generation of home appliances is able to press many models of familiar heaters for the home. The main element of the innovative device is the mikatermichesky heater, covered on both sides with microscopic mica( mica in English mica) film.

    Conventional heaters heat the air, and infrared and microtermic objects standing in the path of propagation.

    As the current flows through the mic, it heats and radiates infrared long waves into the surrounding space, which heat the objects in the pathway without heating the air.

    The mikatermichesky heater has many advantages: it is easy to use and maintain, the number of settings is minimal, so even a child can cope with the control.

    This type of heaters is characterized by high heating efficiency, which is more than twice the heat transfer of other analogues, because it generates heat on two sides. There are other advantages. Rapid heating of the rooms immediately after connecting to the network, a relatively small power saves electricity. Does not affect air humidity and oxygen concentration. Reliable and safe. There is a button to turn off the heater when overturning or overheating.

    Video: video review of the mikatermichesky heater

    Film electric heaters

    Structurally, this type of heat source is designed as follows: thin carbon bands up to 1 mm thick are covered with polyester on both sides. This moisture resistant polymer is a dielectric. The strips are connected to copper buses, to which the supply wires are soldered.

    Using infrared film, it is possible to reduce electricity consumption by 40%, due to optimal heating of the air in the room.

    All these parts are mounted in a resistive foil and form an infrared film system, with a surface temperature of not more than 50o C. The degree of heating is controlled by a thermostat. The film heater can be laid under the floor, on the walls or on the ceiling. It radiates heat, like long waves from an electric fireplace.

    Criteria for the selection of electric heaters for the home

    Suburban dwelling for permanent residence or apartment need additional heat when the central or autonomous heating is not yet started or has already stopped working, and it is cold outside. The main indicators that are worth paying attention to:

    • type of heater;
    • power;
    • fire hazard;
    • type of convection;
    • installation method;
    • type of heaters;
    • design;
    • additional features;
    • price.

    Pros and cons of each type of

    When choosing a particular type of electric heater, it is important to understand for what purpose it is needed. It's one thing to use it as an extra heat source at night in the bedroom. And a completely different option if the heater will work around the clock to heat a room of about 20 m2.For convenience, all the pros and cons are grouped.

    Table: Comparison of different types of electric heaters

    principle of operation Type Pros Cons
    Direct air heating Oil radiators Safe for people, furniture and fabrics. Durable, designed for round the clock work. Mobile - move on wheels. Silent. Affordable price, depending on the number of sections. Long retain heat during cooling. They do not emit odors and do not dry the air. Do not burn oxygen. Easy to maintain. Automatic mode Bulky, heavy weight. Room heating temperature rises slowly, so comfortable heat will have to wait 1-3 hours.
    Convective heating of air Convectors Durable, easy installation on walls or ceiling, low body temperature. Fireproof( do not require constant monitoring), designed for round the clock work. The possibility of fine temperature control. Automatic mode Dry the air, burn oxygen. High power consumption. Low heating rate. Not able to evenly warm a large room. Raise the dust
    Fan Heaters Heat up quickly and blow warm air. Mobile, have a small weight. Easy to maintain, the price is small. In the presence of a thermostat can work around the clock Great noise, burn oxygen, increased power consumption. When burning dust, they emit unpleasant odors.
    Infrared radiators Ceramic Absolutely safe, quickly heat the room. Economical use of energy, there are different types of performance. Aesthetic appearance, do not burn oxygen and do not dry the air. Designed for long life. There is an automatic mode of operation High price. Bad maintainability. Cool down quickly when disconnected from the
    network. Quartz are silent in operation and easy to maintain. Very compact, quickly and evenly warm the room. High efficiency of transformation of the electric power to heat. Do not burn oxygen and do not dry the air. There is an automatic mode of operation Not presentable design, low safety from high temperature of the heater surface( about 95 ° C).The fragility of the plates, which are unsuitable for repair. A decent weight, so the execution is limited to mobile versions.
    are quite expensive. Carbon-based High efficiency( 90–95%), save electricity up to 45%.Affordable price. Very compact, differ in small weight. Durable, do not burn oxygen. The spectrum of thermal radiation is soft, comparable to the sun's rays. Automatic mode of operation is Shine brightly, the design is fragile. When cooling down, a loud crackle is heard. Low security
    Halogen Heat up quickly and give off heat. Silent in operation and uniformly heat the room. Do not burn oxygen and do not dry the air. Compact dimensions and low weight. Reasonable prices and automatic mode of operation Low safety for health, bright light from the lamps during operation. Fragile glass, shock and fall are contraindicated.
    Mictermic Instantly heat up and release heat. Small weight and compactness. The high level of security, the surface heating temperature does not exceed 60o C. Economical, energy consumption is reduced by 30%.Do not dry the air and do not burn oxygen. Silent in operation, easy operation and maintenance. Durable, multifunctional work management High price, uneven heating of the room
    Foil Easily hide in the interior of the room and evenly heat. Durable and there is no negative impact on the atmosphere in the room. Reasonable price and a large selection of power. Easy installation and automatic mode On a warm floor, nothing can be put because of the danger of ignition. Bad start at low temperatures. Over time, the power consumption increases

    Video: infrared stoves or heaters? Pros and cons of

    Reviews of popular brands

    Comments on the oil radiator Timberk TOR 21.1005 SLX

    Ideal option for a small room. The small size, heats up quickly, oxygen does not burn, there is no unpleasant smell. We store right outside the door, does not interfere. There is an automatic shutdown function, a thermostat is built in - it is very convenient to use.
    They were looking for the most compact and inexpensive. About the purchase did not regret. We advise to purchase.

    Gnezdilova Nadezhda

    http: // tor_21_1005_slx /? Respcount = 1 # tab-Responses

    Review of the heaters with electric wall murals "Velvet season"

    Advantages: Compact, good for heating, not the mothers, the mothers, the mothers, the mothers and the mothers, the mothers and the mothers, the hearths, the warmth, the warmth, the hearth, the hearth, the mothers, the hearth, and the hearthsthat is, the walls of the two rooms and the closet( between the rooms) are in contact with the street, and not the next apartment. Accordingly, in the winter season, these "street" walls are cold, despite the fact that the inter-seam joints were insulated.
    What to do, Siberia is Siberia. Therefore, in the apartment we have several types of heaters that we use in the winter season.
    One of the heaters and a particular favorite of me is the wall heater


    http: // review_844305.html

    Feedback on the Rolsen RTH-2606RT heat ventilator

    Advantages: good heating, comfortable and functional etigement, how to do this, how to work, how to use, and how to use it. It is very stable, if you touch it, it will fall. Who has a dog at home reason to think

    Great heater for your money. Heats very well and is very conveniently controlled. It works quietly, like a system unit. A very convenient climate control function and the fact that it is controlled by the remote control.

    Bogdan Ostapchuk

    https: // rolsen-rth-2606rt-id1304456 /

    Carbon heater Polaris PKSH 0508H

    Benefits: if you put it next to you, you immediately feel the warmth UNDERHEdry

    With the onset of autumn I decided to buy a heater, assuming that it will be used in my mom's room.
    Chose a completely new option for me - carbon fiber heater.
    When choosing a carbon heater, I was bribed by two features specified by the manufacturer:
    - carbon heater does not burn oxygen
    - consumes little electricity

    Indeed, energy consumption is small - the maximum power of a carbon heater POLARIS PKSH 0508H is only 800 watts. In addition, the heater has two modes of operation - more( 2) and less intense( 1).It is autumn now, I use a carbon-fiber heater for about 2 months and for the time being I work around the regime with a small intensity, and it is only 350 watts. Well, winter is still ahead! .Turning it on, I do not observe a mad counter rotation, as it usually happens with other variants of heaters. This makes me happy!

    Pros: if you put it next to you, you immediately feel pleasantly warm, so you can quickly warm up, coming, for example, from the street in dank weather. There is a timer for 180 minutes, you can turn on the heater and go to bed. Turn off by itself.

    Cons: I noticed that if you sit around the heater for a long time( more than 3 hours), your head starts to hurt, even a feeling of general “weakness” appears. I think this is due to the fact that heat radiates very directionally and the body warms up quite unevenly. The idea of ​​putting him in a room with his mother for this reason has disappeared - his mother is an elderly person and she has problems with pressure and blood vessels. For her, this is definitely not useful.

    I use a heater, if I want to warm myself, get a portion of heat. In this mode, it suits me perfectly. The chests; the tx;

    We chose heaters with a husband for a long time, bought several different ones to choose from. But this model was the best. I liked the purely superficially beautiful design, special cuts were made at the back so that you could hang it on the wall. Also, this heater has special wheels on the bottom and is very convenient to move from the room. Very good power of 1500 W, there are three heating modes. This model is equipped with the Anti-frost function, that is, it automatically turns on if the temperature in the room is below 5 degrees Celsius, thereby protecting the home from freezing. Also has a setting to automatically turn off when falling, it is very convenient if there are small children in the house. I also liked this heater because it is relatively safe for the child, if it accidentally slips, it will not get hurt. If you put on a lattice any thing or accidentally hit an object, this model is automatically turned off. In general, I advise everyone to this heater, especially who has small children in the house. Production China. And to simply wash it off, I first turn it off and pull it out of the outlet, vacuum the grill and wipe it with a damp cloth. I am pleased with the work of this heater.


    http: // review_513612.html

    Electric convector Nobo NTE4S 05

    Benefits: Heats up quickly Ability to install both on the floor and on the wall Resistant to voltage surges Acceptable price
    nyc wykazh кикиAS AS не не не _ D приобрет приобрет D приобрет приобрет приобрет приобрет приобрет приобрет приобрет приобрет _Installed on the balcony. Balcony with aluminum glazing, so the winter was cold enough. Now you can go barefoot and in home clothes! After switching on, it heats up very quickly and maintains a comfortable temperature. It is very convenient that there are two options for fixing - hung on the wall so as not to interfere. Important-resistant to power surges, unfortunately in our house there are often problems with it. Very satisfied, price-quality ratio is excellent


    http: //

    The most popular models and prices of energy-saving heaters

    The economical heaters of a new generation are becoming more and more popular in the home appliances market. In order not to be mistaken in choosing, one should pay attention to the following criteria:

    • ease of installation with your own hands;
    • the ratio of the cost of electricity and the area of ​​heating;
    • safety at work.

    Which is better and more economical for a house or apartment

    In order not to get lost in the huge number of offers from different manufacturers, you should start with the following parameters:

    • the area of ​​the heated room to calculate the power;
    • how fast heating should occur;
    • is the heater dangerous for small children( if you have them);
    • is available for your budget price.

    Table: average cost of economical electric heaters

    Country of origin Brand Short description Power
    Heating area
    Sweden Electrolux EOH / M-5221 Oil cooler with a thermostat and stepped power control. The leader among analogs 1 / 1,5 / 2,2 25 4500
    Japan Sencor SOH 3109BK Oil radiator with a thermostat and mechanical temperature control. Second place 2 25 3000
    Sweden / China TIMBERK TFH T15PDS Compact fan heater, lightweight, turns off when overheated. Mechanical type of management, convenient handle for transfer. Leading positions among analogs 2 18 1590
    France Noirot Spot E-5 1000 Convector, soundproof housing, electronic adjustment, information display, thermostat.1 place among analogs 1 15 6500
    Russia / China Ballu ENZO BEC / EZMR 2000 Convector. Off timer, electronic thermostat and control unit. Automatic shutdown when the set temperature is reached. High protection against overheating, power surges, overturning.2 place 2 20–25 3590
    China SCARLETT SC-IR250D01 Infrared heater two modes 900W / 450W.Saves energy consumption by about 50%.Compact, low weight. Original design, automatic shutdown when overturning, high speed of heating. Uniform heating of the room, does not dry the air. 0.45 / 0.9 4–5 730
    Russia / China BALLU BIH-T-1.5 Infrared ceiling heater. Compact, reliable, durable. Economical consumption of electricity. Auto mode. One of the leaders among analogues in price, quality, performance 1,5 15 2500
    Russia, Krasnodar Nikaten NT-650 Ceramic panel. Efficiency of 90%, fireproof, does not dry the air. Noiseless, overload protection, waterproof. Electricity savings up to 70%.Leading positions among analogs 0.65 13 8700
    China ZENET QH-1200 white Quartz infrared heater. Carbon heater, power switch, rotation mode. The switch is mechanical, execution floor, economical power consumption. Popular among analogues 0.6 / 1.2 40 4550
    Italy / Russia / China Polaris PKSH 0508H Carbon infrared heater. Power adjustment, mechanical control, timer for 3 hours.
    Switch with light indicator. Shutdown when overheating, shutdown when overturning. Carry handle. Execution: floor. Leading positions among analogs
    0.8 20 2067
    Spain VES MX 10 Mictermic Heater. Fast space heating, frost protection mode. Does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air. Saves up to 30% of electricity, mechanical control. Thermostat, power regulator. Outdoor option. The leaders among analogues of all types of heaters 0.8 / 1.2 / 2 20–25 2590

    To date, the market offers a wide range of electric heaters of all types that will help create heat in a country house or apartment. But making the right choice is extremely difficult. Everywhere advertising, praising the characteristics and capabilities of their products, often not always reliable. The recommendation is one. More trust reviews on the Internet, trying to find in them the nuggets of truth. Also take into account the need to take well-known brands for which the reputation is not an empty phrase. EU countries, Japan, South Korea are represented on the Russian market by many models of heaters. It makes sense to learn more about the products of Russian manufacturers.


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