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Jasmine belongs to the evergreen climbing or erect shrubs. The leaves have a simple trifoliate or pinnate configuration.

The flower has a large regular shape, gathered in shields. May be umbrella-shaped or single, apical or lateral. Flower corolla has a white, yellow, reddish color.

Varieties of flower

Jasmine has more than 200 species, many of which are grown at home or in greenhouses. Let's get acquainted with some of them in more detail.

Large-flowered Jasmine

This variety belongs to the ornamental plants, constantly having a green color. It is a shrub vine, whose length reaches 10 m. Jasmine grandiflora has bare shoots. The leaves have a feathery form, about 3 cm long. The upper part is pointed.

As seen in the photo, the white flowers of the large-flowered jasmine are umbrella-shaped up to 10 pieces at a time. They are concentrated at the top of the shoot. They have large sizes and strong aroma. Shrub refers to the long flowering plants. Abundant bloom lasts from June to October.

The flowers of the plant are essential essential. They are actively used to add flavor to different varieties of tea.

Jasmine holotsvetkovy

Jasmine holotsvetkovy refers to weakly branch shrubs. Possesses long shoots with a small amount of small leaves of saturated green color. They have triple shape. In winter, most of the leaves fall.

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Jasmine flowers of holotsvetkovogo have an egg-yellow color. In size, they are quite large. Located in the axils of the leaves along the entire length of the stem.

Jasmine blossoms blooms from January to April. Because of this, this variety is called winter.

Jasmine Sambac

This variety is one of the most unpretentious representatives of jasmine. Homeland plants is tropical Asia, traditionally grows in Indonesia.

The plant is a vine, whose length reaches 6 m. The shoots are pubescent, quite thin. Sambac jasmine leaves are located opposite each other, have an ovoid shape: the base is rounded, while the tip is pointed or dull.

Terry or semi-double flowers are white in color. Sambac jasmine flowers photos are presented below. It shows that they are assembled by an umbrella of 10 or more pieces at a time.

In their appearance, they are more reminiscent of camellia flowers or semi-double roses.

Flowering indoor plants begins in March and lasts until the end of October.

Sambac flowers have a strong pleasant smell. Due to this, they are used to impart a unique flavor to tea.

Jasmine Multifloric

In a different way, Jasmine Multifloric is called polyanthus.
Shrub refers to the climbing plants. Wilted branches actively grow in width. An adult plant can reach a height of 3 meters.

For multi-flowered jasmine, the stem, branches and leaves have a gray-green shade, which is acquired by the fine hairs that they are covered with. The photo clearly shows that jasmine flowers of this variety are clusters and are in the form of asterisks. They can be located along the entire stem, or only on its top.

Flowering plants continues throughout the year. During the blooming jasmine flowers spreads a strong pleasant smell.

Jasmine Madagascar

Madagascar jasmine belongs to the indoor vines. It is not particularly popular in Russia, but it is widespread in the West and in the USA.

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The dark green leaves of the vines are oval-shaped. In length reach 10 cm. As seen in the photo, flowers collected in inflorescences are in the form of asterisks. They can be pure white or have a soft cream, yellowish or purple hue. They cover the entire stem of the plant. Madagascar jasmine has a pleasant aroma.

Liana produces a caustic sap that, upon contact with the skin or mucous membrane, causes irritation.

It is possible to grow vines both in the house and in the winter greenhouse. It blooms from June to August. But with proper care - compliance with the temperature regime, additional lighting - jasmine room continues active flowering in the winter.

Jasmine Japanese

Another type of indoor jasmine - a variety of Japanese or primrose. Despite the name, the birthplace of the flower is not Japan, but North China and Transcaucasia. The plant belongs to creeping varieties. Therefore, he needs support.

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Japanese jasmine has small flowers that are 4 cm long. Petals are yellow, round, in shape they resemble a primrose or yellow primrose. The flowers are odorless. The dark green leaves of the shrub have a dense structure. In form they are ternate, rather elongated. Stems practically do not branch, curving during the growth of an arc to the bottom.

Japanese jasmine bloom continues from March to early June.

Jasmine Bisa

The plant belongs to the evergreen shrubs. Liana can reach a length of 2 m. Dark green leaves are lanceolate, located opposite each other. In length can be up to 5 cm. They have a light, almost invisible edge. The flowers of jasmine Bis have a color from delicate to dark pink. They are arranged in whorls of 3 pieces at the top of the shrub. Flowers can reach 52 cm in diameter. Have a rich aroma. It blooms for long. Activity falls on May.

Jasmine is an amazing plant that delights with its active flowering, intoxicating odor. The flower is very popular among florists and is a true decoration of the flower garden. But it is worth remembering that if the plant is large enough and is in a room, it is better to endure it at night. A strong scent can cause a headache.

Video varieties of indoor jasmine

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