Useful properties and contraindications to the use of solar sea buckthorn

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By the fall, buckthorn crops are harvested in the gardens. Sunny berries are necessary for our health and beauty. Consider a vitamin composition that contains sea buckthorn, useful properties and contraindications to the use of berries and leaves.

The appearance of the

Sea-buckthorn( translated from the Latin Hippóphaë) is a thorny tree or shrub belonging to the family Lokhovye. Its height, as a rule, reaches 1-3 m. Some specimens are giants at all and grow to 6-15 m.

The ancient Greeks called the plant “a shiny horse”.Strange name, is not it? But this is explained by the fact that horses loved to graze in the thorny bushes. And from the eaten berries and leaves, the animals became plump, and their hair became shining.

At first, the plant was used only for treating sick horses, preparing medicines from foliage and twigs. A little later, it was decided to try the effect of natural medicine on humans. Soon, the beneficial properties of sea buckthorn and contraindications were revealed, and the plant became popular with patients, warriors and athletes.

Sea buckthorn can be learned not only by the bright sunny orange fruit, slightly tart taste. It has long narrow leaves, painted in green with a grayish-white or silver underside. At the same time, there are small specks on the outside.

Flowering occurs before the appearance of foliage with the dissolution of nondescript buds. After flowering in late August - early September, fruits of elongated or spherical shape of a bright orange color are formed, which are densely located on the branches.

It is noteworthy that even when overriding, the fruits remain on the branches and do not crumble during the winter.

The chemical composition of

Explain how the sea buckthorn is useful for the body will help nutritional vitamin composition. Thus, the berries contain such important components as:

  • magnesium, which is involved in metabolic processes, the transmission of nerve impulses and is responsible for reducing muscle movement;
  • flavonoids;
  • sucrose, fructose and glucose;
  • potassium, so important for the heart muscle, capillaries, kidneys, brain cells;
  • calcium, which regulates the synthesis of hormones, all muscle processes;
  • fatty acids, for example, oleic, palmetinic, linoleic, stearic;
  • phospholipids;
  • pectins,
  • ascorbic acid;
  • carotenoids;
  • iron, phosphorus, manganese, aluminum, titanium, sodium, silicon, manganese;
  • soluble sugars;
  • vitamin PP, A, E, A, K, group B;
  • tanning agents.
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The calories of the product are only 82 kcal per 100 the amount of. Indicators of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are 1.2, / 5.4 / 5.7 g, respectively.

As can be seen, the sea buckthorn vitamin composition is rich. Just a handful of berries per day or a glass of juice covers the daily rate of almost all substances important to the body.

Not only the fruits and foliage of the plant have medicinal properties, but also twigs and bark, which also have a lot of useful components.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is an edible medicinal plant with complex healing properties. The value of the plant is huge for the whole body. Consider in more detail the benefits for everyone.

Benefits for bone tissue and blood vessels

Oddly enough, vitamin C, necessary during epidemics of colds, is an antioxidant and indispensable for the proper operation of bone and connective tissue.

The content of sea buckthorn vitamin P in the form of flavonoids( in particular, rutin) helps to reduce capillary fragility and reduce their permeability. In addition, rutin lowers blood clotting, and this is very important if there is hemorrhoids and varicose veins or there are all the prerequisites for the appearance of the latter.

But vitamin K is involved in the production of protein, which is responsible for the health of the kidneys and is required for the proper flow of metabolic processes in the connective and bone tissue.

Importance for Reproductive Function and Gynecology

Now consider the beneficial properties of sea buckthorn and contraindications for women and the male sex.

The presence of tocopherol, the so-called vitamin E, which is an effective immunomodulator, leads to the fact that the use of sea buckthorn contributes to the restoration and maintenance of the reproductive function. In addition, the fruit contains tocopherols much more than in the almonds, so they are widely used in the restoration of male potency. A regular use of drugs based on sea buckthorn prevents the occurrence of impotence.

Sea buckthorn is especially popular in gynecology because it has a regenerating, protective effect. It is used in the treatment of diseases such as endocervites, the cervix, which is in an eroded state, inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. In the case of colpitis, which is an infectious disease, sea buckthorn actively affects pathogens, and at the same time, unlike many antibiotics, does not cause side effects.

In pregnancy, the sea buckthorn can be eaten, but only with the prior permission of the physician, since in pregnant women the acidity of the stomach rises. The same goes for plant based products.

In Ophthalmology

Oddly enough, sea buckthorn is also popular in this direction. Thus, the oil from the fruit is prescribed in the form of an ointment or drops, which are used for lesions and defects of the cornea.

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If the patient complains of a decrease in "vigilance" or inflammatory processes are detected during the examination, it is recommended to use sea buckthorn oil with glycerin. First make 1 drop of glycerin, and after 5 minutes - oil in the amount of 2 drops.

On the protection of blood vessels and intestines

Sea-buckthorn fruits have the ability to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. In addition, peristalsis and intestinal microflora are restored, various harmful components are eliminated from it. And all this due to the content of fiber and pectin components. It should be noted that in the ripe fruits of fiber less than in the immature.

The vessels of the Omega 3,6,9 fatty acid series, which are in the composition of Omega, also benefit the vessels.

The anti-cancer effect of

The attention of scientists has attracted not only the nutritional vitamin composition of sea buckthorn. In addition to a large number of substances and vitamins useful for the body, contraindications and medicinal properties of sea buckthorn were discovered the special properties of the plant - the ability to maintain the state of cells and tissues exposed to radiation.

In addition, sea buckthorn contains vitamins A, E, C, which are the strongest antioxidants, oncoprotectors and natural defenders against free radicals, which in turn provoke the occurrence of malignant tumors and mutations.

It is therefore not surprising that drugs based on orange fruits not only perfectly protect the body, significantly reducing the risk of cancer, but also have proven themselves in radiation therapy for malignant tumors.

The beneficial properties of sea buckthorn and its products are due to the restoration of the mucous membranes, tissues, walls of the gastrointestinal tract.

Help in diseases of various kinds of

Also daily consumption of fruits contributes to:

  • activating regeneration processes;
  • blood cholesterol lowering;
  • recovery of liver cells after alcohol poisoning;
  • prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • eliminating avitaminosis;
  • immunity;
  • , under the supervision of a doctor, sea buckthorn can be used as a remedy for the treatment of duodenal ulcer and stomach ulcers( as a rule, fruit decoctions or sea buckthorn oil are used for this).
  • plant is used in the preparation of drugs for the treatment of problems with the cornea and burns;
  • to get rid of sinusitis are made inhalation of sea buckthorn oil.
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The benefits of sea buckthorn leaves

Even in antiquity, it was observed that the introduction of the sea buckthorn leaves into the diet of animals favorably affects their health and wool becomes soft and shiny.

Now, having all the possibilities for the study of the plant and its composition, the fact that the sea buckthorn leaves have beneficial properties has been scientifically confirmed( contraindications are described in the relevant chapter).As it turned out, the plant is able to maintain metabolic processes in the skin at the proper level, which leads to the rapid growth of animal hair and improve its condition and quality.

Scientists have proven to contain large amounts of tannin in the foliage, which has a hemostatic and antidiarrheal effect, vitamin C, serotonin, which is responsible for intestinal motility, vascular tone, and participating in blood coagulation.

There are a large number of biologically active substances containing the alkaloid hyporamine, famous for its antiviral effect. In addition, sea buckthorn leaves has a pronounced tanning effect.

The benefits of sea buckthorn foliage are priceless, as well as the fruits:

  1. Medicinal products that combat SARS and influenza are prepared from it.
  2. Leaves can also be brewed as tea. The resulting fluid has proven itself in the treatment of periodontitis and stomatitis.
  3. Useful decoction and with problems with joints.
  4. Regular intake of sea buckthorn tea favorably affects intestinal peristalsis, tones the body, eliminates insomnia, aggressive states, emotional stress and normalizes the nervous system.


Despite the many beneficial properties of sea buckthorn, there are also contraindications:

  1. Individual intolerance.
  2. Products such as juice, juice, oil can not be used for ulcers 12 duodenal ulcer and stomach. In this case, prefer tea or broths.
  3. Sea buckthorn jam contains a lot of sugar, because it is contraindicated for diabetics and people suffering from obesity.
  4. It is unacceptable to take sea buckthorn-based products for people with urolithiasis, as the plant increases urine acidity.
  5. It is undesirable to use the plant and all products based on it to those prone to diarrhea, having inflammatory processes in the liver, gastritis, acute pancreatitis, problems with the gall bladder. As a last resort - only after discussing the issue with doctors.

As you can see, there is no need to go far for drugs. They grow in the garden. In addition, the gifts of nature have great power. You just need to be able to use it and take the maximum effect. Sea buckthorn is proof of that. After a week of regular consumption of berries, improvements in health are noticeable.

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