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Recently, more and more popular flower beds of unusual shape, including hanging. Such beds will help solve the problem of placing flowers in small areas. Original hanging beds can be made with your own hands, using for this a variety of materials, ranging from plastic bottles and ending with the remnants of reflux after suburban repair. At the same time in such beds you can grow not only flowers, but also strawberries and spicy greens.

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You can make a hanging flower bed with your own hands:

  • from a plastic bottle;
  • from low tide;
  • out of the bag;
  • from wire.

Suspended flower bed of plastic bottles

The bottle itself is a ready-made small flower bed. It remains only to decide in which position it will hang. Based on this, make the necessary holes:

  1. Horizontal hanging. For this position, the bottle must cut one side under the landing of the flower. From the opposite side puncture holes for drainage. The rope for hanging is fixed from the side of the neck and to the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Vertical Hanging. For such a flowerbed at the bottle, you can cut off the upper or lower part( about half the height), or carefully cut through holes to allow planting inside plants.
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Suspended flower bed from reflux

An unnecessary piece of reflux will work for creating such a bed. On the sides are installed plugs. At low tide pour nutrient soil and plant the plants.

Suspended such a bed with strong wire or rope. In this case, you can hang as one bed, and make a multi-tiered composition.

Suspended bed from the bag

As a bed, you can use the old( but whole and dense) bag of burlap, or make it from polyethylene. A further principle is very simple - to fill the bag with soil, make drainage holes at the bottom, and holes for planting on the sides. From above to the bag you need to attach a loop for hanging.

Round hanging flowerbed

A flowerbed-ball with petunias growing in it looks very elegant, and you can make it yourself on the basis of a wire with large cells. To do this, the wire needs to form a ball-frame of the desired volume( if desired, the base of the flower bed can be twisted in the shape of a cylinder).Inside the ball to cover the film and cover with top nutrient soil. To enable irrigation in the center of the flower bed, insert a small tube so that it is flush with the frame.

At the bottom of the hanging flower-bowl, make several drainage holes to drain excess water.

The flowerbed is ready, it remains to plant petunias: cut a film in each cell in the center, deepen the ground and plant seedlings in the hole. You can hang a flower bed with the help of a chain.

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