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Guest from the tropics of the American continent, bougainvillea, is a tall bush. It is not the flowers that create the charm, but their bracts. In nature, they are lilac, in culture - multicolor. Bougainvillea is not easily growing at home, care is needed special.

Bougainvillea Indoor Flower

Like many captive-grown tropical plants, bougainvillea at home requires special conditions. In good conditions, the bush and the house can grow up to three meters in height. Only three varieties of bougainvillea have succumbed to selection - beautiful, Peruvian and naked.

It should be noted that in nature the branches of the plant are liana-like and prickly. Collectors did not manage to remove the spines of domestic plants. The dream of lovers is to get a flower with blue bracts.

Plant care involves the following steps:

  • creating the conditions for flowering;
  • wintering bougainvillea;
  • transplant and reproduction;
  • possible problems with content violation.

At home, as in the photo, a bougainvillea flower will delight only if agricultural practices are observed.

Homemade Bougainvillea Content

A tropical plant needs careful handling of all requirements. The plant is located on the south window, directly under direct sunlight. Bougainvillea does not like relocation, even within the window, protests by dropping foliage. Draft should not touch plants. If the house bougainvillea is located on a warm glazed loggia or flower greenhouse - the perfect solution.

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If the bush is watered and fed in time, it will bloom from May to November. Flowers unsightly, fade fast. Decorative bracts of various shapes and colors. They long retain their shape and beauty. Behind the riot of bracts lurking leaves, and the bush looks like a large flower basket.

It is very important that the temperature be maintained 22-25 C during the flowering period. At rest it is optimal to have 5-10 C in a cool room. At 0 C degrees, the plant dies, above 10 C - the vegetation begins. In winter, in warm weather, with sufficient illumination, the plant will not go into hibernation, it will bloom weakly. Then in the summer of violent bloom do not wait.

Irrigation mode and other courtship details are important for the bougainvillea video:

It’s unacceptable to bloom when the flowers bloom. However, stagnant moisture will immediately lead to decay of the roots. Therefore, it is important, after sipping a clod of earth through a pallet, to drain the excess. In winter, watering is reduced, but drying up the earth in a pot is unacceptable. Even in the cool once in 10-14 days you need to moisten the soil.

In the summer, it is necessary to systematically moisten the leaves of bougainvillea, necessarily on both sides, but so that no droplets fall on the bracts. Watering and moisturizing should be done only with soft defended water.

The plant grows rapidly and needs frequent transplantation. Under greenhouse conditions, the increase per year can be three meters. The size of the bougainvillea flower room under normal conditions depends on the volume of the pot. The closer the roots, the smaller the growth and flowering. Accordingly, it will be necessary to replant more often so that there is enough power.

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The main condition for transplanting is not to disturb the root system. Therefore, transfer to a larger pot is done with care. The remaining 2 cm from the walls to the root are carefully filled with the composition:

  • leaf ground - 1 part;
  • turf ground - 1 part;
  • sand coarse - 1 part.

In addition, vermiculite, ceramic chips, crushed charcoal are mixed into the soil. A thick drainage layer of expanded clay or broken shards of ceramic dishes is laid on the bottom. It is important that the acidity of the soil be close to neutral.

The best time to transplant when the plant is awakened from winter dormancy - in early spring. At the same time, transplantation and pruning cannot be combined.

Pruning form a bush and receive cuttings for rooting. Cut young branches to a length of 13 cm. At the same time, the shrub grows well. Older branches are better not to touch. The effect will not be, and the injury to the plant is applied more tangible.

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You can multiply bougainvilleas at home by rooting a woody shoot escaped by pruning. It is easier to get a new plant in prikop, pinning a twig to the ground. So propagate the plant during breeding work in greenhouses.

For rooting, a sterile composition is used as a substrate - sand, charcoal, crushed sphagnum moss. The temperature in the greenhouse should be 21-23 degrees. Bottom heating will accelerate rooting. It is necessary to observe moderate humidity in the soil and to ensure regular ventilation.

Stopping flowering or dropping leaves is a signal to a capricious tropical slave that she doesn’t like the conditions.

Bougainvillea at home can get sick from over-irrigation with stagnant zones. Root rot will begin, which will destroy the plant. The temperature of the coma below +5 degrees is detrimental to the plant.

A flower can colonize aphid or a floury bug. On the sweet discharge settles soot mushroom and the leaves turn black. Such leaves need to be picked, the plant is washed and treated with a strong insecticide - Aktellik.

Bougainvilleas of Siberia - Video

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