How to choose the best automation for swing gates

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Properly selected swing gates automation is the key to successful use of the system and saving time and effort. At the same time, if this system was chosen not in accordance with real operational needs, there is a chance of its quick failure.

It should be noted that the repair and reinstallation of automation can be expensive, but with the right choice, proper installation and careful operation, the installation works for a long time. To determine the choice of automation, you should know what types it is and how much pressure each of them withstands. Depending on the source data and financial capabilities, you should select automatic.

Selection parameters depending on the gate

In order for the automatic swing gates to serve for a long time, it is necessary to select the automation according to the external parameters of the gate itself. For this it is necessary to take measurements( or in some cases, calculus).

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The necessary parameters for the selection of automation are:

  1. Width of the door leaf. If standard doors are installed, the width of the leaves is usually the same, but if the doors were installed independently or manually, it is possible that these doors are of different widths. When the doors of different widths should be selected drive for each separately, since the load on them will also be different.
  2. Sash height. Conventional standard doors often have a height of 1.8 to 2.5 m. However, there are exceptions. If the gate height exceeds 3.5 m, you will have to install two sets of drive for swing gates - one at the top of the sash and one at the bottom. If the gate is lower than the standard( up to 1.8 m) one drive can be installed.
  3. Gate weight. It should also be noted that the capacity of the installation( meaning its power) must be at least 30-40% higher than the actual consumed. This will allow the system to work much longer and depend less on weather conditions. The weight of the gate - this is probably one of the main parameters when choosing automation for swing gates. Moreover, when choosing the drive power, one should take into account not only the weight of the gate, but also wind resistance and weather in winter.
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If there is an opportunity to carry out a real weighing of the gate( or each leaf, taken separately), it should be used. If this is not possible, it is necessary to calculate the approximate weight of the gate. It should be noted that the majority of companies that install automation, offer the services of specialists, who at the exit count not only the weight of the gate, but also the necessary drive power, taking into account the corrected weather conditions in each specific region.

There is a need to make calculations yourself only if you install self-made automatics, but even in this case, for the sake of extending its service life, you should, if possible, invite a hinged gate installer to calculate the actual load on the drive.

Swing gates quickly fail, if you do not clear the snow in front of them in winter.

Automation for swing gates is not intended for automatic snow removal in the area of ​​a vehicle’s arrival to the territory, therefore even with slight snowfalls in front of the gate it is necessary to regularly remove snow. Moreover, in winter, due to frost, wind, and frequent temperature fluctuations, the load on the drive increases, and if the snow is not cleared, there is a high probability that the mechanism breaks down during the opening or closing of the gate.

Selection depending on the type of drive

Drives may vary depending on the operating voltage of the motors. They can be:

  • 12( or 24) VDC;
  • 220 VAC.
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However, first of all, the difference in the drives is determined by the principle of their action. Drives for swing gates can be:

  • lever;
  • linear;
  • underground.

Underground drive is a novelty in the field of swing gates. It appeared on the market relatively recently, but it has already gained popularity, since it has almost no flaws and has a number of advantages that the linear and lever-type drives do not have. So, the whole mechanism of the underground drive is completely hidden under the ground, and this means that it is invisible to prying eyes, which is not the case with other drives. This detail is often crucial when choosing a drive for large estates or cottages, where first of all attention is paid to the beauty and appearance of the gate.

In addition, the entire control structure is hidden in a protective box, and it is in the ground at the level of the roadway. This arrangement of automation protects it from the effects of many external factors, such as frost, rain, snow, and does not affect its operation. In addition, the standard functionality of an underground drive allows you to open the sash at 110 °, and in some underground mechanisms even 360 °.

This drive works very quietly and smoothly, and this makes it completely invisible.

Linear automation for swing gates is currently the most popular. This equipment allows you to install the mechanism in the top of the sash, and below, and in the middle.

One of the main advantages of this system is its low cost, as well as the fact that it can be installed on narrow posts, which is not the case for lever-type drives. The linear actuator is also characterized by the fact that at the beginning and at the end of the opening the rack stroke slows down, and this makes it possible to keep the mechanism in working condition as long as possible.

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The main disadvantages of this equipment include the fact that the doors open only by 90 °.If they open to the outside, this significantly narrows the exit zone of the car to the carriageway.

Swing gates with lever electric drives have a longer service life than those that have a linear drive. In addition, such gates open 120 ° inwards or inwards. In addition, this drive can also work from a battery, and not just from electricity.

Lever drive can only be mounted on wide columns. This is the main disadvantage of this type of automation.

However, its design is very simple, it can be installed independently, without connecting a specialist.

As can be seen from the information described in this article, it is easy to buy automation for swing gates, since there are many models and manufacturers on the modern market that differ in functionality and price. When choosing this type of automation should be guided not only by personal preferences, but also by the physical parameters of the gate being opened. The dimensions( width and height) and the weight of the leaves are the main parameters when choosing automation for swing gates.

In addition, it should be noted that some types of automation can be mounted only on wide columns, with narrow columns for fastening the valves, you will have to choose another type of installation. In addition, a significant factor when choosing an installation will be its price. The underground drive is the most functional and durable, however, it is very expensive, so not everyone can afford it.

Therefore, when choosing automation, you should first measure the gate, and then choose a device depending on its capabilities and power, as well as be guided by your own preferences and price category.

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