Refrigerator Atlant two-chamber two-compressor: double capture of functionality

Specialized forums lead to the idea that the number of compressors in a refrigerator is considered a secondary issue. At the forefront are design and convenience. In turn, the giant Liebherr persistently continues to get rid of two-compressor models in the lower and middle price segments. The opinion persists that a housewife under the age of 30 cannot explain the difference between the varieties mentioned. Consider the difference, determine what is best for the home. Let's try to take a look at the Atlas refrigerator two-chamber two-compressor.

Price formation

The device is not the only one - those are typed from a Belarusian manufacturer with a dozen models. I remember the statement that the release of two-compressor refrigerators to the manufacturer is more expensive, that solenoid valve, going as an indispensable addition to a lonely engine, is cheaper than full second motor. By producing single-compressor refrigerators, the manufacturer saves, and often exposes, the price, therefore, earns more.

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This is consistent with the memories of people experienced, found the time when the cost is directly composed of components, and is not determined by the popularity of the brand. Two-compressor models then cost more. Consequently, the notion of savings did not arise out of nowhere.

Two-chamber refrigerator Atlant

Why two?

The two-chamber two-compressor refrigerator Atlant belongs to the category of energy consumption А +. This is not the highest figure in the modern world, but to call unworthy is just the language does not turn. The annual energy consumption of the refrigerator does not reach 300 kW · h.

Each compressor operates on its own circuit:

  1. Freezer.
  2. Fridge.

If freezing is not required, it is permissible to disconnect one engine, consumption will be less. Although single-compressor refrigerators also offer the likelihood of separate adjustment, the savings will not be as significant. So, flexible mode selection is the first advantage of the Atlas two-compressor refrigerators.

The mass of copies is broken in attempts to determine the degree of reliability of competing designs. The result is unchanged: the elementary probability of failure of the solenoid valve is not much different from that of the compressor. But on two circuits the units operate alternately. On the contrary, single-compressor refrigerators use both refusal elements at the same time when operating, we believe, the described scheme is less reliable.

Apparently, the battlefield remains for the two-compressor Atlantes. Talk about reliability did not come by chance. Belarusian tractors have resisted the competition with the American giant Caterpillar in the field, it is worth a lot. We see: the country has embarked on maintaining the highest quality products. So, by the dominant technology it is appropriate to judge the best.

However, this is more a task for marketers. The purpose of the note is not to determine the best Atlant Refrigerator, but to provide information for reflection during the selection process.

Finally, a two-compressor model breaks down in half. It is permissible to use the remaining working circuit at its own discretion:

  • set up the freezer softer and move the first and second dishes there;
  • bring the temperature in the refrigerating chamber to a minimum and transfer frost-covered meat products to the compartment.

Three advantages, even if considered controversial, are noted in Atlant's two-compressor refrigerators:

  1. Flexible energy saving options.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Low probability of 100 percent failure.
Atlas two-compressor refrigerator

Not the fact that the price for these three whales will be higher. Note additionally: owners of one-compressor refrigerators look down on people who have chosen modifications are more difficult in the only case: in the evening, before football, there is no place to put beer, and in the freezer laying is dangerous.

The ratio of the volumes of the two chambers is different. When choosing the Atlas dual-compressor refrigerator, you should take into account the specified subtlety and buy a model that is acceptable for the production of beer. Let the reader forgive this allegory, however, appropriate, because we are talking about food.


The general struggle for energy saving has not bypassed Atlant's two-compressor refrigerators. 300 kWh per year look modestly against the background of average indicators of other manufacturers. In this regard, our titanium with two-compressor refrigerators is not inferior to foreign ones.

Belarusians place particular emphasis on the ability of equipment to work stably at power surges. The “warm-up” time of the freezer to -9 ºС with a total blackout is impressive. 20 hours - so much a two-compressor fridge keeps icy calm. Accordingly, the owner is calm.

Low noise (40 dB) due to the use of isobutane. The substance, known as Freon R600a, shows zero ozone depletion potential. Reduced pressure in the circuits directly leads to a decrease in the noise level.

Isobutane at certain concentrations is explosive when mixed with air. In two-compressor refrigerators it is used in such a small amount that ignition is impossible, it does not require the disposal of its exhausted compressors. Isobutane dissolved in mineral oil is harmless to humans and the environment.

The operation of the Atlas refrigerator is safe, the equipment conforms to European and state standards.

Ergonomics, design and design

The freezer is now located at the bottom. There will be on sale two-chamber refrigerators, constructed in a different way, but do not dominate among the new products. Innovation has become automation. 30 sec - so much awaits a smart two-compressor refrigerator before giving an alarm about an unclosed door. Conveniently, previous models without complaints could stand for weeks.

Stylish design of the refrigerator Atlant

Not all buyers still trust the shelves of glass, although the manufacturer promises that each will withstand up to 20 kg without damage. People have already appreciated that the 75 kg product is easy to move. The two rear legs are replaced with comfortable and durable castors, a pair of front ones are height adjustable, preventing rolling.

The Atlant Atlant two-chamber refrigerator is equipped with rehangable doors. Now it is not necessary to put the product, focusing on the convenience of the device. User wishes are fully taken into account. You can open the two-chamber refrigerator on the left or right side. By the way, comfortable door shelves remained in place.

Available any climatic modifications accepted by foreign and domestic standards. You should not be afraid of the complicated term, it only tells you at what external temperature the two-compressor refrigerator functions without deviations of parameters from the nominal value. The abbreviations SN, N, ST, T are letter designations, followed by simple and clear numbers. We recommend to inquire more with the consultant.

It is worth considering that with increasing external working temperature, the price and complexity of a two-compressor refrigerator increase. It is better to choose a model according to the true climatic conditions of the place of future purchase location.

The presence of a compartment for fresh products in some models is recognized... by the coloring of the case. It’s easy to bet for money with a consultant that you guess the presence of the Super Fresh Box option without looking inside. The main thing - do not overestimate their own strength.

Plastic parts are easy to clean, safety glass boxes are comfortable and roomy, the compartment case is sealed. All of the above allows you to optimally place food, reduce the time required to clean the product.

Atlas Fridge Freezer

The standard warranty on the Atlas fridge-freezer is 3 years, with a service life of 10 years. In practice, products last longer without faults.


The control panel of the new Atlant double-compressor refrigerators has become a vivid example of the implementation of digital technologies in practice. It is impossible to call all the icons of control buttons intuitive, but easy to understand.

Convenient display shows the temperature in the freezer and refrigeration chambers or displays the time. To control the option, there is a separate button with indicators for switching the information presented.

A number of preset modes are convenient, activated by the touch of your hand:

  • The Holiday option keeps the temperature in the refrigerator chamber at 15 ºС, energy consumption is significantly reduced. The result of this regime is the absence of an unpleasant smell, which is often found by the owners after a long absence.
  • Supercooling is useful when it is necessary to quickly lower the temperature of a large number of beverages or foods.

The function of disconnecting a bell signaling an open door has become less serious, but convenient. By the way, the electronic unit protects the two-compressor refrigerator from power surges.

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