How much does a refrigerator consume per month: exact figures and recommendations

I see! The readers' house "to the eyeballs" is crammed with household appliances that work and work, the sums deducted from the payment of electricity are put into shock. Big family... Do you want to know for certain devices that "take" large amounts of energy. I was kindled to understand how much the refrigerator consumes every month. Typical moments are covered in this article. The tireless, unruly writers of the VashTehnik portal will carry out a comprehensive analysis and solve the problems that are impending.

High Energy RefrigeratorToday it is considered: every third kilowatt involved * hour of energy "leaves" the cost of the refrigerator. It is well known that large amounts of payments on electricity constantly worry, cause irritation. Take the trouble to immediately decide which devices will “take” the largest amounts of finance.

We are tired of constantly paying enchanting bills - set a goal to cut expenses, start saving. Study the information provided by the portal Your Technician, fill the brain with necessary knowledge. They will help the family to find the right way of saving: along the way, you will get the opportunity to calculate future expenses on a monthly basis.

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Energy Classes

A refrigerator is an electric appliance that constantly works; food storage is an integral part of food consumption. If a man of an irreplaceable unit, a freezer, was lost, meat, foodstuffs would have deteriorated in a short time. The situation will determine an extraordinary hike by the meadow - the village call! Energy consumption (in any quantity) by a refrigerator is a natural process; to stand up to a fan means to go upwind, to subject food quality to degradation. Ultimately - substandard.

Calculate the power consumption of the refrigerator is necessary, in parallel to the data obtained can plan a family budget, cut overtime energy consumption by electrical appliances: toasters, electric kettles.

Today, science introduced the concept of class energy efficiency. The parameter due to physical quantities will determine the relative energy costs of the aggregate. There were earlier: "A", "B", "C", "D", "F", "G". Markings are used as standard. Want to know the numbers, anticipating the purchase, on the colorful label of the device, see the details. Graphic designation of multi-colored horizontal stripes covering half the spectrum of the rainbow (red - green).

Modern definitions are formed by the following figures:

  • Class A ++, percentage: less than 30%;
  • Class A +, percentage: 30-42%;
  • Class A, percentage: 42-55%;
  • Class B, percentage: 55-75%;
  • Class C, percentage: 75-90%;
  • Class D, percentage: 90-100%;
  • Class E, percentage: 100-110%;
  • Class F, percentage: 110-125%.

The letters A, B, C, D, F, G are the values ​​established by the European standard, adopted by developed countries. The percentage refers to the ratio of energy consumption of the refrigerator to the standard (outdated device border D-E). Decided to buy a refrigerator abroad - see the format indicated on the product packaging. You will be able to determine approximate indicators of energy consumption. Relative. Volume refrigerator energy-consuming smaller.

The absolute value indicates the graph annual consumption. Get monthly spending by sharing. Orient. 325/12 = 27 kWh (27 * 5.38 = 145 metropolitan rubles).

Energy class

Annual kWh / annum consumption

The table of energy classes of the refrigerator will allow you to calculate expenses on a monthly basis. Avoid shock figures: work the unit and at full capacity. Modern inverter systems are equipped with energy-saving modes. Set the desired parameters, make the work of the unit more profitable financially.

Today it is difficult to find systems of class G (mostly exotic: gas, thermoelectric). The readings of the claimed format exceed 125%. Such refrigerators eat energy with scoops. Reserve material for payment services in plenty. Think about buying and finding the lower class. To save with such units is hard.

Eternal problem: the consumption of the refrigerator

Immediately, we note: the technical passport of the device must contain comprehensive information on the subject given by the subheading of the article. Want to know the specifics of energy consumption - “raise” the paper with the necessary indicators.

Today, the domestic market is teeming with appliances ranging from 230 to 460 kilowatt * hours per year. Information is provided for reference. It is necessary to calculate daily consumption - divide the indicated figures by 365, we get indicative readings. Numbers will indicate technical passport technology. You can routinely divide by the number of days that make up the revolution of the Earth around the Sun, get the desired readings. The average value obtained is 0.64 - 1.20 kilowatt * hours daily. 19-38 kWh, 26-50 W * hour hourly (0.026-0.05 kW * h) will be obtained monthly.

The declared figures are a relative value, the completeness of the picture is replenished with a margin that compensates for the error in engineering calculations. Throw three tenths in order to obtain the correct consumption statistics.

Energy consumption of the refrigerator depends on the operating conditions. The above information refers to the so-called "ideal" variants of work, when the reading "t" (value) does not rise above the mark of 18-22 degrees Celsius. Heat shock increases the compressor load, increasing costs. Therefore, it is advantageous in the winter to equip a canopy with a refrigerator. The villagers completely turn off the device, stacking the shelves of frozen storerooms with food.

Questions of the influence of air temperature

The ambient temperature indicator is the main criterion for calculating the required energy consumption by an aggregate. Recently, relevant measurements have been carried out, scientific experiments, which gave a clear understanding: a decrease temperatures of up to sixteen or seventeen degrees consumption, the "load" on subsequent financial spending reduces 1.5 times. If the refrigerator decorates the kitchen, where thirty degrees of heat “soars”, the energy consumption is doubled (relative to normal operating conditions).

Energy meterToday, a specialized industry has emerged with the goal of measuring economy, saving refrigerators. Consumption of a fixed number of kWh directly depends on the fact that in future the unit is constantly generating recovery of lost cold. Man, tearing, closing the door of the device, provokes a loss of the required temperature at which the refrigerator works economically. Restoring the thermodynamic equilibrium of the medium, the compressor will "catch up" more cold, consume excess energy.

Separate devices are deprived of reliable seals, isolation, allowing the speech to be filled with terms of permanent loss: work, far away to an energy-saving mode.

The consumption of the refrigerator is determined monthly by a number of factors:

  • The amount of cold lost due to poor insulation, opening / closing of the door.
  • Ambient temperature (more T - higher electricity costs.
  • Declared interest, classes (A - relatively economical, class C - no).

Today, numerous studies of specialized organizations aimed at obtaining information describing the thermal conductivity of materials continue. Science has established that silvery materials release heat more slowly, less emissivity of the surface. We see the chances of further research in order to find new formats for the manufacture of refrigerators.

Device power

The energy savings of a refrigerator are determined by a number of factors. Today, people are used to looking at the pricing policy of the advertised brand, they consider quality, opportunities for energy savings, and power indicators to be secondary.

Energy meterThe philistine approach is incorrect, in the future the money saved by buying it is extremely quick to “hesitate”: large capacities are aimed at providing a long service life (freezing speed). The compressor accelerates "takes charge", devouring finances (payment of utilities services).

The question of the capacity of the refrigerator is determined by the moments:

  1. Parameters important to the consumer.
  2. Target destination.
  3. Goals pursued by the buyer.

An economical unit that serves a long time is needed - give attention to leading brands that require a lot of money. The work of skilled workers is not cheap.

Summary Tips

Today, people solve the questions: how much the refrigerator consumes, what energy resources the unit spends, factors affecting the choice. The policy boils down to one thing: cuts in finance expenses, redirection to really important goals. The portal “VashTehnik” offers each visitor to make the problems voiced a priority guideline, which will allow the family to save substantial amounts.

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