Archive of comments to the article "Fried eggplants - step by step recipe with photos"

A lot of feedback received on the article on fried eggplant. I decided not to delete, but to make a separate page. Suddenly, someone will come in handy. After all, some reviews complement the recipe, improve it. And some, on the contrary, warn against mistakes. After all, that sometimes it is insulting - you are standing at the stove, and as a result a spoiled dinner, depressed mood, hungry eyes of the household ...

  1. Victor
    And I, probably, have poured too much oil into the frying pan... It turned out very bold. Fried eggplants absorbed the oil like a sponge, but they themselves remained raw - I did not like it.
    • Natalia
      I'm sorry you didn't like fried eggplants ...
  2. Svetlana
    Surprisingly, my husband loves fried eggplants. I even dip them into the egg twice, and then dip them again in the breading for extra taste and aroma. This recipe makes it very easy to make a delicious dish and I will definitely do it again.
    • Natalia
      Thanks, probably, double breading will add flavor to the fried eggplant. Need to try…
  3. Vika
    I love fried eggplants, but I do not pour oil on the pan, but only lubricate it with oil. In this case, they are not so fat. I am only sad that my husband did not even touch them, because he says that he hates eggplants.
    • Natalia
      Perhaps you `re right. Fried eggplants absorb butter well, but, of course, everyone does as he pleases.
  4. Marina
    This recipe is really good. Especially if you add your favorite spices. But I missed fried eggplants with grated garlic - I love spicy food - and rubbed more garlic. This added to eggplant extra flavor and taste.
    • Natalia
      Thank you for your addition to the recipe. Be sure to try the fried eggplant with your additions.
  5. Nina
    Easy, tasty and surprisingly simple. My fried eggplant turned out exactly the same as in the photo.
    • Natalia
      I'm glad you liked it. Thank!
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