Failures of the Bosch Maxx 5 washing machine (Bosch Max 5): codes, diagnostics, repair

The following information is intended for owners of the Bosch Maxx 4 washing machines, etc. It will help to conduct an initial diagnosis of operational errors at home and prevent the occurrence of more complex malfunctions and a complete failure of household electrical equipment.


  1. Bosch Maxx 4 Service Test
  2. Error Codes
  3. Elimination of basic machine malfunctions
  4. Repair of the Bosch washing machine (video)

Bosch Maxx 4 Service Test

In the process of operating German Bosch machines, malfunctions occur less often than competitors, however, the manufacturer supplied each model Bosch Maxx special service test, the so-called self-diagnosis mode, which can determine the performance of all functions system. This function is very useful if several components of the system are broken.

Diagnostic mode starts up differently depending on the line: Bosch Maxx 4, Bosch Maxx 5, Bosch classixx 5, etc.

Consider the test on the example of the Bosch Maxx 4 series.

To start the Bosch Maxx 4 self-test, turn off the machine. We simultaneously press the buttons for additional functions and turn the mode knob 30 ° cotton. After a successful launch, you can start choosing a test.

Bosch Maxx 4 programs meet the following tests:

  1. cotton 60 ° - check of the electric motor;
  2. cotton 60 ° economy - drain pump;
  3. cotton 90 ° - heater;
  4. spin - the main valve;
  5. drain - preliminary valve.

To start the program on Bosch Maxx 4, press the "start" button. Faults are indicated by LED combinations. On older Bosch Max models, error codes are displayed.

Error Codes

Error codes, as a rule, appear when one of the elements of the system fails. A home master can save time and money if he quickly identifies an error using these codes.

Bosch Maxx 4, Bosch Classixx 5, Bosch Maxx 6, or Bosch Classixx washing machines indicate a malfunction with the following symbols:

  • F16 - during the start of programs, the laundry loading opening is open.
  • F17 - Exceeding the set time for water to enter the system. The reasons are clogging of valves and filters, a closed valve supplying water to the system.
  • F18 - The time for draining the water has expired. There may be a blockage in the drain valve, the water level sensor has failed.
  • F19 - The standard time for heating the water of the washing machine has expired. Typical reasons are low voltage, failure of the heater, thermostat.
  • F20 - lack of water heating. Possible failure of the thermostat or heating element.
  • F21 - damage to the drum. Failure occurs due to a broken relay, reverse of the tachogenerator.
  • F22 - violation of the NTC sensor. It is associated with a short circuit and breaks in the wiring circuit.
  • F23 - Activation of the Aquastop system. There is liquid in the pan; a gap is observed in the electrical circuit.
  • F25 - turbidity sensor error.
  • F26 - malfunctioning analog sensor.
  • F27 - flow alarm malfunctions.
  • F28 - Breakdown of the fluid pressure sensor.
  • F29 - incorrect motor operation.
  • F30 - lack of engine rotation.
  • F40 - violation of the synchronization of electrical equipment. The reason is the mismatch between the indices of the local power grid and the necessary technical characteristics of the machines.
  • F50 - low or high flow rate.
  • F51 - door error.
  • F53 - functional protection failure.
  • F54 - violation of the control module.
  • F63 - control module error.
Error Codes

Elimination of basic machine malfunctions

Failures of Bosch washing machines after a thorough diagnosis are strongly recommended to be eliminated as soon as possible. This will help extend the life of your household appliances.

Consider the example of Bosch Mach 4. If the Bosch Maxx washing machine does not turn on, then first you need to find out if this is due to malfunctions in the wiring and its individual components, or the reason is in the device itself. First of all, the voltage is checked in the network. If it is, then the next step will be to check the power cables, outlets and machines.

The reason may be a malfunction of the power button. If it sinks or does not move, it is necessary to replace it. Less common causes are a failure of the main microcircuit and the technology control module, or a breakdown of the electric motor or drum.

If attempts to eliminate malfunctions of the Bosch washing machine did not lead to a stabilization of the work process and start-up, it is necessary to contact qualified specialists for further diagnostics.

  • Door malfunctions Bosch Maxx 4 can be removed by replacing the latch. If there is a depressurization or violation of the integrity of the rubber braid, it should be replaced with a new one or in a specialized service. The error code during normal operation can be deleted when the washing machine is restarted.
  • Problems with draining or supplying water Bosch Maxx 4 into the system. It is necessary to check the position of the supply and drain valves, open them. If the error continues to flash, it is necessary to clean and replace the filters. If the system pressure is too low, check and clean the nozzles, replace the water level sensor.
  • Long drain Bosch Maxx 4 is solved by replacing the water level sensor, cleaning the main pump.
  • Incorrect heating of water, long-term heating requires checking the thermostat, replacing the heater, temperature sensor.
  • Drum breakdown can be eliminated by loading the correct amount of laundry - frequent overload leads to abrasion of the belts and the complete failure of the unit.

Errors associated with partial pick-up of detergents in Bosch Maxx 4 or Bosch Maxx 6 are eliminated by cleaning the container. To prevent such malfunctions of the Bosch washing machine, do not load too much powder. and leave it inside the machine for a long time (especially important if the appliance builds in wet indoors).

Repair Bosch Maxx 4

Noise When operating the Bosch Max machine, it is necessary to diagnose more carefully. If the noise is periodic, it appears at the beginning or end of the working cycle, then the reason is the presence of foreign objects in the corrugated pipes. It is necessary to remove them as soon as possible in order to avoid penetration into the system and the occurrence of short circuits and depressurization of individual elements.

If the noise resembles a metal rattle, then this indicates a bearing malfunction. Quickly replacing them with workers can prevent a complete failure of the generator.

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Disabling the Difomatomat

Turn off the difavtomat or RCD at startup, it indicates that the system has a leakage current (breakdowns on the housing, etc.). It is necessary to check the integrity of the wiring in the house to the outlet, inspect the household appliance for exposed wires and moisture in the case. Self-repair without proper knowledge of electrical engineering is not recommended, as improper repair of this damage can lead to dangerous situations.

The above examples of simple malfunctions on the example of Bosch Maxx 4 can be diagnosed and eliminated at home. If the malfunctions are more complex, then you should immediately seek the help of specialists. In such cases, self-intervention in the repair of household appliances such as Bosch Maxx can lead to irreversible failure of the part or the entire system, thereby the cost of repairs can reach the purchase price new technology.

Repair of the Bosch washing machine (video)

The video shows the diagnostics and step-by-step elimination of the spin error of the Bosch machine. Failures of the washing machine Bosch Maxx 5, Bosch Maxx 4, Bosch Maxx 6 and other models associated with malfunctions of the spin mode may be associated with breakdown of the pressure switch, electric motor, as well as malfunctions of the control module, drain pump or device power control sensor (quantity revolutions).

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