Black ceiling in the room

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Perhaps the black color can be called the most mysterious, in itself it may seem boring and gloomy, but it is able to emphasize the colors of other shades that are used next to it. Designers increasingly began to use this color in their work on creating interiors for residential and public buildings.


Due to the versatility of black, it can be used with any shade - pastel, muted, bright and saturated. The black ceiling is able to give the room a unique interior that will pleasantly amaze all the acquaintances and friends.


Black in the interior

Using a black ceiling for your room is a bold decision, but very interesting. To make the interior really beautiful and original, you need to take into account some rules:

  • Consider the number and size of windows, with insufficient natural light, the room may seem very gloomy;
  • The ceiling height should be at least 3 meters, otherwise in such a room there will be a feeling of stiffness;
  • It is better not to use spotlights, designers advise choosing one large and beautiful chandelier with increased brightness;
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  • Most of all, a room with a black ceiling is suitable for hi-tech, minimalism and art deco styles. For the classics, the black ceiling looks completely inappropriate.

Bright and saturated colors will help emphasize the depth of black. Walls are best designed in white or with the addition of a black graphic pattern.


Thanks to stretch ceilings, the color can be absolutely any, including black. If there is a print on the canvas, then this option will look no less original and stylish. Most often, customers prefer a ceiling with a starry sky effect.


The glossy surface will visually increase the room due to the mirror effect. The satin fabric looks interesting, thanks to its silky surface, the light will gently scatter.


For a spacious living room, a matte stretch ceiling in black is suitable. Do not be afraid to use the game of light, you get interesting effects. If the ceiling is multi-level, then you can divide the space of the room into several functional zones.


Black ceilings can be used in the kitchen, in the bedroom or even in the children's room, but in this case, it is better to choose finishes for the night sky. You can use LED strip around the perimeter of the stretch fabric, it will create a more interesting space.

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