How to make a duplicate key in 15 minutes

When you have only one key to the lock on your hands, and you urgently need a duplicate at a time or a “reserve” for insurance, you can make it yourself. For a ton copy of the original, you need to go to the masters who have the appropriate technique. But a one-time duplicate can be made by anyone, and with minimal effort and time. The most basic way takes 10-15 minutes.

For a brand new duplicate, you need:

  • Disposable lighter;
  • Adhesive tape with a width of 12 silt 15 mm;
  • Scissors for metal;
  • A piece of any can (a tin can, enamel or similar);
  • Pliers.

Step-by-step duplicate key production

It should be noted right away that the presented technique can only be used to make a tin copy of flat keys, in the future it will be clear why. As a rule, the teeth of such keys are asymmetrical and are adjacent to one of the sides.

  1. It is necessary to clamp the key with pliers or wrap its edge with a cloth. Light a lighter and smoke side with teeth;
  2. As soon as the surface is evenly blackened, extinguish the fire and put the key to cool to room temperature on the street or near an open window for a shorter waiting time. Then you need to cut off the ribbon of narrow tape and glue it to the blackened side of the key and smooth it with a finger. After that, carefully tear off the adhesive tape - the silhouette of the original key should be imprinted on it. It is worth checking the prints on the eye, and if everything matches, go to the next step;
  3. A strip of adhesive tape must be carefully glued to a pre-aligned tin. Then with scissors for metal cut the silhouette of the cloves of the key. At this stage, the main thing is leisureliness. Also, do not be afraid to bend the workpiece when cutting, any curvature (and they can not be avoided) can be easily eliminated with pliers.

Before putting materials away, check the duplicate. To do this, carefully, slowly insert into the keyhole and gently turn. If everything is done accurately, and the tin does not bend, the lock will open. If there is only a thin sheet for the spare key, which is unlikely to withstand even such an effort, two such master keys can be made. For more convenient use, it is better to fasten them, pre-treated with sandpaper, using moment glue, sprinkle soda on the edges for the best effect and remove the excess after a few seconds.

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