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Among many models of rural implements, it is possible to find a garden secateur, of decent quality and at an affordable price, armed with knowledge. The type of instrument, professional or amateur, should be decisive in the choice. The method of operation of garden shears can be lever or spring. The tool must have blades made of high-quality steel and with good sharpening. In the care of the user, the handles are made with a comfortable grip. Interesting article about the chopper branches for the garden.

Fiskars One-Handed Cutter

The cutting tool is different in purpose. If you want to prune young shoots, use the Fiskars planar pruners. The tool works as sharp sharpened scissors. For cutting more rigid but not thicker than 3 cm, a contact cutter is used in the section of branches. It has a thinner blade, and only the upper blade is made of stainless steel. A sturdy blade made of durable plastic makes it possible for the cutter to perform an accurate, burr-free cut.

Secateur garden themes and it is appreciated that minimal damage creates the possibility of rapid wound healing.

The tool is used:

  • for trimming crones of green plantations;
  • cutting of cuttings, chibouks of grapevine;
  • trimming and revision of roots during plant transplantation.

Secateurs Fiskars are considered to be a reliable and convenient tool for gardeners, since they have a convenient grip, a smooth cut and do not require great efforts at work. The cost of a quality instrument is 600-700 rubles.

Stanley professional scissors for professional use

If the garden is in desolation, the trees have not been cut for a long time, a special tool is needed. This is the professional garden secateur Stenley. The device's shaped knobs consist of two components and do not slip in the hand. Combat coloring of the stinging tool, reminds the os. Elegant contours of canvases with handles made of two-component elastic material and a predatory cutter are effective in work. There is a kind of tool with an anvil. Such a garden pruner straightens with thick dry branches. The cutters are made of special steel, they remain sharp for a long time. In addition, the blades do not perceive resinous discharge and dirt, and the juice flows down a special groove, leaving the blade dry.

Bypass professional profiler is designed to give the desired shape to trees and shrubs.

The length of the instrument is 20 cm, weight 230 grams. The price of a pruner is 629 rubles.

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Getting acquainted with the garden cutter Black Decker

The depicted GK-1000 secateur uses external energy and can serve as a pruner or cutter, depending on the setting. Hand-held Black Decker garden secateur Deluxe looks more modest. Instances coming from America, on an individual order through the Baltic States are estimated at about 2 thousand rubles, they have black handles, and a cutter made of polished steel. The simpler tools are clad in orange rubber grips. There are two types:

  • blades made of stainless steel, working with knots up to 10 mm;
  • Cutting parts are made of stainless steel with Teflon coating, cope with knots up to 20 mm.

The device provides a latch, preventing the spontaneous opening of the instrument. The handles are comfortable and allow you to work for a long time.

The cost of budget pruners is about 1000 rubles. Electric cutter is estimated at, thousands of rubles.

We get acquainted with the secateurs of Mr. Logo from Taiwan

It is rare to find hand tools to care for the garden intended for weak female hands. The MR Logo Secrets are designed for all occasions. They are ergonomic, they are made of high-quality Japanese special steel and use a special ratchet, which reduces the load on the hands. Secateurs cost from 450 to one thousand rubles, are presented for the purpose:

  • professional for circumcision of living branches;
  • inoculation;
  • resistant to dry branches;
  • ladies
  • baby;
  • with ratchet.

There are secateurs with a straight blade, which can cut even cardboard. Teflon coating allows sharpened cutters to remain sharp for a long time.

Russian models of secateurs

The photo shows a titanium sektor with a ratchet mechanism 0233, a product "Centrinstrument." Easy convenient and inexpensive device receives grateful feedback from users, called "Bogatyr". It conveniently lies in the hand, the ratchet increases the force of impact. A novelty is the execution of an anvil. It has double jagged cutters with a groove in the middle. The knife goes deep into the anvil. The device is perfectly straightened with dry and live twigs up to 30 mm with a cross section. But the pruner is not suitable for cutting chibouks of grapevines - the cut at the edges is deformed. There is a garden secateur 530 rubles.

For professionals, the company developed the CI-1141 model, the all-metal self-cleaning secateurs have a special groove for cutting wire. The price of the instrument is 1570 rubles.

Michurinsky Secateurs TsI-0449 is made of stainless steel with Teflon coating. Working with it is convenient, thanks to rubberized handles and construction. The cross-section of the rods must be less than 25 mm. It is suitable for creating even slices. The instrument costs 910 rubles.

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The Fokine pruner is a device for cutting grass by cutting. But the planar cuts the plant, which means that it can be called a secateurs. Sharp sharpened from three sides of the strip of tool steel of special shape can prune the rootlets of weeds near the cultural plantings. A comfortable flat handle distinguishes the tool.


Chemical secateurs

The expanded concept of cutting off unnecessary greenery from cultivated plants was used by the developers of herbicides. They created a herbicide "Secateur Turbo". This compound is used to kill weeds in the fields where it grows:

  • wheat;
  • barley;
  • corn;
  • linen.

Destroying even old weeds, the sprayed substance does not affect the listed cultures. But it is used with caution, if in the rotation for the next year the field is assigned to other crops.

It is very difficult to breed perennial weeds with a powerful root system from endless fields. They not only take food from cultivated plants, but suppress them and multiply rapidly. The secateur turbo is effective at all stages of weed development and has advantages over other drugs:

  • can be sprayed by air and land;
  • destroys weeds of any age;
  • does not harm cultural plants;
  • is used in all temperature conditions.
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It exterminates 35 varieties of weeds, such as sow, dandelion, ragweed. One hundred milliliters of heavy oily liquid is enough for spraying one hectare of crops, with appropriate dilution with water. One treatment per season at a time when all the weeds have already risen, the part is aged, destroying them. But the seeds can give new shoots. The cost of the drug is 11570 rubles per liter.

Japanese tool for the care of trees and shrubs

The Japanese pruner Samurai gardeners and amateurs know as an inexpensive tool, corresponding to the quality of its price. Therefore, we will dwell on a novelty that should satisfy professionals and amateurs. The "Samurai" model is an intensified tool, devoid of shortcomings of inexpensive models. A light and comfortable pruner allows you to perform up to 2 thousand slices per day without much fatigue. The blade of the instrument is sharper than a razor and not blunt. The advantage of the KS 8T model over others:

  • the top blade of special sharpening guarantees a smooth cut of thin and medium branches;
  • lower blade, sledge hammer, has a wide base with sharp sharpening, does not injure the branch from below;
  • cuts not only wood, but plastic, rubber;
  • handles of special design reduce the load on the brush;
  • The adjusting nut facilitates adjustment to the cutting, and the retainer prevents the torches from opening arbitrarily;
  • blades on the tool, replaceable material - Teflon-coated steel

The cost of the instrument, declared by the manufacturer is , 12 rubles.

Classical model of a pruner

In the proposed tool reviews, when comparing, the Gardener pruner is often referred to as the most appropriate tool. The applied spring strengthens the pressure of the hand, provides a smooth cut even with a weak pressure. The handles of such a tool are at an angle. The ribbon spring used in the pruner made of high-strength steel is the manufacturer's development.

The blade of the tool steel is covered with a slippery Teflon film, the groove separates the woody juice that interferes with the cutting. There is a special mechanism for adjusting the width of the opening of the knives for trimming alignment, and then there is no need to exert great effort in vain. Secrets of the Garden series Comfort - the best in their sector. The cost of tools is up to 2 thousand rubles.

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