Types of refrigerators: which is better, how to choose

It is important to understand what types of refrigerators are available to make the right choice. In the article we will find out how they work and how they differ, how many cameras they have, how they unfreeze.

Five types of existing refrigerators and freezers for use in an apartment or house

Content of the material:

  • 1What type of refrigerator is better
    • 1.1According to the principle of action
    • 1.2Defrosting system
    • 1.3Method of management
    • 1.4Energy efficiency class
    • 1.5Climatic class
    • 1.6Coating
    • 1.7Types of shelves
    • 1.8Special zones and other functions

What type of refrigerator is better

Dimensions and capacity depend on it. Therefore, it depends on the number of people in the family and the variety of products loaded. As soon as the issue with the volume of the cameras is solved, proceed to choosing the type of refrigerator.

Built-in or stand-alone. If the kitchen set provides a place for technology, then choose from embedded models. A facade is hung from the outside, which completely hides the body in the furniture. There are models that are installed under the countertop. The height of the body is from 40 to 220 cm, volume from 78 to 550 liters.

An example of the introduction of a fully-equipped refrigerator in a kitchen set with the installation of a decorative facade

Consider that built-in refrigerators are more expensive than stand-alone refrigerators with the same parameters.

Single chamber. The most simple and standard. It can be without a freezer compartment or be equipped with it inside, necessarily at the top.

An example of a small single-chamber refrigerator with an integrated freezer compartment at the top of the model

Two-chamber. The refrigerator is located separately from the freezer. And the latter can be both from above and from below. Due to the separation, the temperature in the chambers is not disturbed when the door is opened.

A popular type of household refrigerator is a two-chamber refrigerator with a bottom freezer from three compartments

Side-by-Side. American layout. Both compartments are side by side, along the entire length of the case. Below there are containers with a cooling zone: for meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. The internal volume starts from 500 liters. Expensive options are equipped with an ice maker and a dispenser for water.

Example of a large two-door refrigerator side-by-side, with a high freezer and electronic panel

French Door. On top is a huge cold store with double doors. From the bottom (often in the form of a sliding chest) is a freezer.

Type of French refrigerator with a two-door camera at the top of the model and a large retractable freezer

Three (from 300 liters), four (from 400 liters), five-chamber models (from 400 liters). In each compartment there is the opportunity to individually adjust the temperature. Most often, these devices are not used in everyday life.

Model multi-compartment refrigerator for a large kitchen in a stylish black design design

Wardrobes for wines. The bottles are placed horizontally in the cabinet. The volume depends on the number of cells for bottles. Mini-models are designed for 6 pieces, more - for 30. Capacity from 100 pieces is suitable for private collections.

Household cooler for wines with comfortable shelves for bottles for quick cooling of the drink

Freezer chest. These are horizontal small cameras that are used in trade, less often in everyday life. It is convenient to store blanks in large farms, private houses, cottages.

Freezing chests are more often used to store frozen foods in cafes and restaurants

According to the principle of action

There are four types of refrigerators that could be used or used at home:

  • Vortex. For the limits of test development, the devices did not come out due to low efficiency and very strong noise. In a special cooler, the air was compressed by the motor.

Scheme of airflow in domestic refrigerators of the classical type with the output of hot and cold flow

  • Absorption type. Ammonia, dissolved in water, circulates through the system. The liquid is then separated into water and ammonia, which evaporates and again becomes part of the liquid. This principle allows you to function without electricity. To start the process it is enough to use any kind of fuel. However, the productivity of the equipment is small, and the danger of poisoning reduces the "no" idea.

Diagram and example of a household refrigerator device with an absorption type of cooling model

  • The peculiarity of the operation of thermoelectric coolers is the cooling of contacts through which electricity passes. They work quietly, but are expensive and ineffective.

Scheme of airflow distribution in thermoelectric models of household refrigerators

  • Compression type. Basically, all models function according to this scheme: the refrigerant boils in the evaporator, cooling the compartment. The compressor creates pressure and produces heat, which turns the freon into a liquid.

Compressors in the refrigerator can be one or two. The latter option is quite common in our country: each motor is responsible for one camera. Have you decided to unfreeze the freezer? If you turn off the refrigerator compartment will continue to work.

The presence of an inverter motor ensures a smooth temperature set and maintains it at a predetermined level.

Defrosting system

Early refrigerators needed constant manual defrosting. It was necessary to spend the whole day waiting for the snow and ice to melt. Today, manufacturers offer new defrost systems:

  • The drip. The refrigerating department is equipped with a "crying evaporator". At the time of defrost, the condensate accumulates on the rear wall and drains into the drain hole. The freezer must be manually thawed.

Example of a drain filter in household refrigerators with a drip type of defrost

  • No Frost (Frost Free). Does not form frost and ice due to the fans, which evenly distribute cold air over the compartment. This scheme has one drawback - the products are weathered in the chamber, so they must be set closed.

Scheme of air flow for refrigerators with the function of know-frost, not requiring manual defrosting

Method of management

You can set the modes and temperature in the refrigerator in different ways.

  • Electromechanical is based on adjusting the thermostat manually. You can raise or lower the temperature yourself.
  • The electronic method includes a display and a push-button or touch panel. With its help, you can not only control the microclimate in the compartments, but also set the mode of "Superfrost "Super Cooling "Holiday".

Electronic display and task bar for adjusting the temperature in domestic refrigerators

Energy efficiency class

On the body of the unit you can see a sticker, which indicates the class of energy consumption:

  • The most economical A +, A ++, A +++ (50% of electricity).
  • Economical A, B and C (15%).
  • Classes D, E, F, G are considered the most inefficient.

Example of a standard refrigerator sticker with basic specifications of the model

The refrigerator is included in the network around the clock, so you need to carefully consider this parameter.

Climatic class

These are also Latin letters. They indicate the temperature at which the equipment can be operated.

  • N - the normal type is most common in our latitudes. Operating temperature + 16-32 degrees.
  • SN - subnormal, + 10-32 degrees.
  • ST - subtropical, + 18-38 degrees.
  • T is tropical, + 18-43 degrees.

Climatic characteristics are important, because an improper room temperature will lead to a doubled compressor operation and its rapid deterioration. Read more in the review "Climatic Classes of the Refrigerator".


The body material can be plastic with a paint and varnish covering. Such models are more in demand due to their low cost.

The case of stainless steel or aluminum is more reliable, durable and has a spectacular appearance. However, such devices are expensive and prone to corrosion.

Types of shelves

These elements are of great importance during operation. With all the shortcomings of the lattice shelves, they ensured normal air circulation and qualitative cooling of the products.

An example of a household refrigerator model with a special shelf for storing liquid in bottles

The shelves made of impact resistant glass are reliable and look beautiful, provide a good overview of the products, but do not let air through. Therefore, such models are equipped with forced cooling for air distribution.

Special zones and other functions

Technology and functionality directly affect the cost of home appliances.

  • The sound of the door is open. Protects from rising temperature in the compartment.
  • Super Cooling. Allows you to quickly cool the loaded products, so as not to destabilize the climate inside.
  • Superfreezing serves to effectively reduce the temperature in the chamber.
  • The "Holiday" mode. Allows you to lower the temperature in the refrigerator during the absence to save electricity. Read in detail on the page "Do I need to turn off the refrigerator during the holiday?".

Additional zones allow longer storage of products:

  • The dry zone allows you to keep fish products longer.
  • Wet is suitable for storing vegetables, fruits, salads.

More information about them you will find in the article "What is the freshness zone in the refrigerator".

Although household refrigerators are similar in structure, their characteristics are different. Economical, functional, defrosting methods are important criteria when choosing a technique. We hope that our review will help you make the right decision.

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