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The Russian market of garden equipment is being mastered by foreign models. Cultivators Texas represent the same Danish company. Since 1960, the manufacturer has developed a narrow direction and succeeded in this. The garden equipment of the company Texas is executed with special care for the farmer. Cultivators and motor blocks of the company work reliably.

Service maintenance of equipment by the company

Repair of the cultivator Texas and the maintenance of equipment are provided by specialized centers. The instruction manual lists the addresses of the repair shops. The warranty for the tool is valid for 3 years, so first of all you need to determine the location of the repair center and the possibility of servicing. This applies to the warranty part of the instrument. Pour grease, replace the belt is not a cultivator Texas can be in any workshop or independently.

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Breakdowns of equipment operating in harsh conditions are classified:

  • engine failure;
  • failure of automation;
  • failure of mechanical components.

It is these problems that will require contacting the service center.

When buying a Texas cultivator, it is necessary to stock up at the same time with the original grease for the gearbox and the drive belts. Find the specification of nodes in the attached manual is not difficult. The numbers and letters of the marking indicate the size and profile of the belt. The designation TEXAS A 41 1/2 13X1050Li is read, the profile belt V 8 mm high and wide width 13 mm wide reinforced with a cords thread, length 1050 mm. The marking is marked on the wide part of the ring, indicated in the instructions of the Texas cultivator. Machine language guidance has been translated, but technical terms are clear.

In addition, the instructions need to learn the rules for preparing the cultivator for work, the frequency of replacing the engine oil. Pay attention, the first change of crankcase oil is carried out after 5 hours of operation. Use the recommended fuel in operation, it differs in different models.

Spare parts for the cultivator Texas purchased in the service centers. They will be delivered, even if the model has been in operation for a long time and has been discontinued.

Characteristics of cultivators Texas

Manufacturers envisaged production of equipment for different areas and depth of processing. Some models manage well with garden beds, others are able to raise fallow lands with heavy soil. At the same time, the range of applied attachments increases the use of machinery.

If the cultivator buries in loose soil, reduce gas, put the wheels in the middle position, adjust the opener.

Design features of motor cultivators Texas:

  • the control panel of the machine is placed on the steering wheel of a special design with a convenient grip;
  • The lightweight rear console improved centering and reduced weight;
  • The exclusive frame allowed to reduce the center of gravity, to facilitate the control of the device;
  • The engine is placed above the milling cutters, the unit has become stable;
  • there is a front bumper for protecting the motor and transport wheels.
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Constructive changes in the cultivator Texas have added to it technological. So, all the devices have a reverse, no effort is required to pull out the buried machine. Powerful cultivators handle a wide strip of dense earth to a depth of 30 cm. All cars have a chain drive, are equipped with reliable four-stroke engines. The disadvantage is increased noise during operation and burying it in soft soil.

You can not use a cultivator, cultivating glades after cutting. At the roots of the saber must break! Full load on the cutter can be given after running-in.

Varieties of cultivator models

A number of Texas technology is divided by the power of the units and the type of work performed. The Hobby series, as the name implies, is used in small areas with light soil. Lightweight cultivators are indispensable for preparing beds for root crops, decorating flower beds and digging greenhouse lands.

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Cultivator Texas Hobbies 300 small yes deleted. He climbs into any part of the garden, heals the trunks, he cuts the beds. Power equipment - American motor Briggs & amp; tratton, four-stroke, with combustion chamber 148 cm3, power, kW. The design uses a chain reducer. The unit processes 38 cm to a depth of 18 cm. The device weighs 28 kg, it costs 21 thousand rubles.


Cultivator Texas 500 series Hobby, with the proprietary engine TG 485 has power, kW. The design uses a worm-type reducer. Such an aggregate will perform a deep, no-tillage loosening to a depth of 33 cm. The width of the strip is 50 cm. The set includes 6 saber milling cutters. The cost of the device is 15 thousand rubles.

At the same time the model of this series of 500 V is equipped with a powerful American engine, kW. Such a cultivator, Texas, uses attachments:

  • weeder;
  • the rear hitch;
  • hiller;
  • weighting agent;
  • rake.

High functionality almost did not add to the weight of the instrument, only 43 kg. Only 6 cutters are included with the cultivator. Attachments should be purchased separately.

The Lilli series includes a lineup of three tools - 532TG, 534 TG, 572 B. The power of the equipment in this series is affected by the type and power of the installed engines. And the most powerful of them will be a Texas 620 cultivator, which means that the equipment is equipped with a strong motor and is able to cope with the functions of the mini-tractor if it is equipped with canopies. The Lilli series is fitted with attachments from more powerful equipment, the Futura and Vision motoblocks. The initial configuration of the units differs only in milling cutters, instead of pneumatic wheels on motor blocks.

Carefully read the instruction manual. Use only recommended additives and fuel.

The Texas 532 TG 620 cultivator can be equipped with a trolley, a seat, a snow blower and other attachments.

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Main technical indicators:

  • output shaft power,. from.;
  • processing width - 100 cm;
  • chain reducer in a steel casing;
  • belt drive;
  • easy launch system.

Another modification of this model Lilli 532 B has a depth of entry of cutters 21 cm with a strip width of 5 m. There are models using the TG500 motor.

Withdrawn from production, but there is a cultivator Texas 530 TG MY 13 PRC. Reliable and the mechanism was replaced by an improved model. We collected the product in China. The cultivator is equipped with a TG 500 Power Line engine with a combustion chamber volume of 163 cm3. In the initial configuration, the width of the processed strip could be set to 30-55 cm, but it was possible to extend the cutters to 85 cm. The depth of loosening is 32 cm. The model does not have a reverse, one-speed.

The Texas 601 cultivator is the most powerful of the aggregates presented in the review. In the complete set the engine TG 650В, with a volume of a sleeve of 196 sm3. With a width of 85 cm, the cutters are deepened into the ground by 30 cm. The warrior weighs 56 kg. The machine can work with any attachments.

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