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A complicated life without hot water is proposed to be changed with the help of the Thermex water heater. Of course, you can use a gas heater or a wood-fired boiler, but often electricity is a non-alternative source of energy. In the Thermex range of hot water products, the products are distinguished by a variety of models, affordable price and high quality.

Why Thermex water heaters are popular

The specialty of the group is its narrow specialization. Since its inception in 1949, the Italian company Thermex has been producing only hot water equipment. Products are constantly improved due to the professionalism of developers. The concern has not only its own production, it includes:

  • scientific laboratory;
  • own design office;
  • production of component parts;
  • plant for the provision of electrical appliances of its own production;
  • the enterprise on assemblage of water heaters Termeks.

If the goods are bought in 160 countries, the assembly enterprises are located in different countries, including in St. Petersburg, the consumption of products is increasing every year - is this not a guarantee of a worthy choice of the Thermes water heater from a wide range of similar products. The concern is among the world's top three leaders, with an annual output of 2 million units.

Varieties of water heaters are their device

The line of devices is represented by three branches:

  • storage electric water heaters of various volume, capacity and application of equipment;
  • Flowing devices with a variety of power consumption, water consumption, regulation;
  • storage-flow water heaters.

The boiler represents a complex thermostatic system with safe operation.

Each Thermex water heater has an instruction manual, which details the technical device of the device and the rules for its safe operation. The instruction is required to correctly install and turn on the complex device, detect faults and take measures to eliminate them. A separate manual is developed for each variety and a series of water-heating gauges.

When replacing heating elements, it is better to replace the TEN with a copper cover on a steel one. It is less overgrown, limescale is easier to remove.

The instruction manual for the Thermex water heater includes:

  • information on the configuration and technical characteristics of the nodes;
  • a guide to installing a water heater;
  • maintenance of the device during operation, prevention and repair;
  • safety measures during operation of the device;
  • disposal of used parts.

The manual specifies the symbols and names of the buttons of the control panels in Russian. Information is given that relates to warranty service. The company gives a guarantee in one year for electrical equipment and up to 94 months for the case and the tank.

The Thermex storage water heaters are divided into 2 types according to the method of corrosion protection of the tank walls:

  1. The capacity of food grade stainless steel has a long service life and easy maintenance. Marking er.
  2. The inner surface, covered with enamel from the biocrystalline porcelain, made using the special technology Oxygen Free System, application of the enamel coating in the environment of inert gas. The coating is resistant, not destroyed by sudden temperature changes. If.
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The order of connection of storage water heaters

To install the boiler it is necessary to choose the place where hot water is required more often, and the wiring up to the selection point will be short. Each model is designed for horizontal or vertical installation, as indicated in the passport and on the marking. Mounting the structure on the wall, making adjustments to operating modes, competent connection to the electrical network is better to entrust specialists.

How to connect the Thermomex water heater with your own hands? In this case, it is necessary to follow the instructions for connecting the device clearly. It is necessary to have:

  • Thermex water heater;
  • anchor fasteners;
  • pipes for wiring;
  • flanges, nipples, fastening.

Fix the water heater to the wall, according to the scheme. In this case, it should be taken into account that on the water heaters the supports are not placed horizontally and vertically, but are measured with the center of gravity of the device. Therefore, it is necessary to drill holes for the anchor in accordance with the heels of the tank. After strengthening on the wall of the main structure proceed to strap the water heater with water distribution. Particular attention should be paid to the state of electrical networks. How to connect a Thermex water heater to the network is shown in the diagram. A separate line is necessary for the heater, and the socket must be located on the side of the device.

Before filling the water tank completely with water, the appliance should be kept in a packaged form so that it does not accidentally turn it on dry. The first connection to the network is made after filling the tank and checking the tightness of the connections. The tank is considered filled when the water comes out of the sink under pressure.

The water heater in the kit has a cord with a plug providing grounding. On the body of the device there is a contact point for earthing. The circuit provides an RCD, which disconnects the device in case of malfunction and micro-leakage in the network.

The adjustment of the temperature regime must be carried out following the instructions for connecting the device.

Maintenance and repair of Thermome water heaters

During the operation of the device, deposits of salts that interfere with heat exchange appear gradually on the shades. Despite the filter installed at the inlet of the supply water, the sediment accumulates gradually on the walls of the inner flask. The relays and sensors fail. Signs of the need for repair:

  • water is heated for a long time;
  • there are extraneous sounds inside the tank;
  • frequent activation followed by protection;
  • the quality of the water at the outlet has changed;
  • the appliance does not heat water.

Work on the replacement and cleaning of heating elements, washing the tank can be done independently. In the event of failure of the control unit, adjustment is required in a specialized center.

If the family has more than three people, there is no hot water supply, the installation of electric storage water heater will be the best way out in a country house.

Before repairing any complexity, it is necessary to de-energize the equipment. Release the tank from the water, draining it through the tap, with the air supply to expel liquid from the bulb.

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The work on replacing the thermocouples or cleaning them from the scale leads to a dismantled and inverted tank. It is necessary to take a picture of the connection scheme, to restore it in the future. Remove the heating elements for cleaning or replacement.

If replacement is required, it is necessary to know the heater for the Thermes water heater is used in accordance with the model and instructions. In most models of water heaters, two heating elements are installed, as many magnesium anodes in a single set. When installing the heater in place, it is necessary to prevent a skew. All gaskets or cuffs must be clean, the flange is fixed in a cross-like sequence.

Every year, and with the use of water of increased rigidity, it is necessary to drain the tank more often and to clean from the sediment not only the heating elements, but also the bottom of the tank. If the scale covers the walls of the boiler, it creates an additional insulating layer, without interfering with the heating process. The removed, but serviceable element should be descaled and check the condition of the anode with its possible replacement.

The electrodes are cleaned using Antinakipin and similar household chemicals.

The magnesium anode in the system is installed to protect against corrosion of the heating element. A loose oxide deposit reduces heat transfer and leads to an energy overuse. The anode can be changed in case of wear.

Thermex water heater tees come in various designs, differ in the material of manufacture, the method of attachment. Shells of branded products are made of steel or copper.

Repair of the water heater in other cases is performed in the service center using the original spare parts for the Thermex water heater.

Examples of Thermex Boilers

All supplied devices are designed for mains voltage 220 V, overpressure in the main water pipe is more, Ati. Consider the most common broiler models used in everyday life.

Thermex 80 liter water heater

For a family of three or more people the best water heater will be a device with an internal tank capacity of 80 liters of "Termex". The volumetric tank keeps the temperature for 9 hours. Models have different shapes and locations, are compact and can be conveniently integrated into the space provided. It is recommended to choose a device with a water heater in the form of a heater, the spiral will quickly fail. Before installing the water heater thermex 80 liters, read the instructions for using the device, the conditions of safe operation.

In item 3 the complete set of delivery of the equipment, including elements for connection is listed. It is necessary to check the completeness in accordance with the specification before the purchase.

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The buyer needs to know the warranty period for electronic and electrical parts on all Termex products is 1 year. But the mechanic is designed for many months of trouble-free operation. The price of a water heater 80 liters depends on the materials used and the equipment. Using electronic control with a multilevel process control will make the model much more expensive. The more complex the form of the model, the higher the device is evaluated. The product becomes significantly more expensive if instead of enameling the inner surface a tank made of special austenitic steel is used.

The device is based on a physical process associated with the occurrence of stray currents, electrochemical corrosion, possible hydrotrikes, wear of gaskets. Self-repair of the Thermex 80 water heater is allowed only for cleaning and replacement of heaters. A professional can set up the correct automation and electronics.

Water heater choice 50 liters

A small container can be installed even in a small room. 50 liters of water is enough for 1-2 consumers. Pay attention to the water heater Thermex ER 50 V. These models are the leaders in demand. The power of the heater, kW, will not create a high network load. Heating water for 1 hour 45 minutes. The steel tank is covered with enamel from the biocrystalline porcelain and preserves the quality of water as in a ceramic vessel. The warranty for the tank is given for 7 years. The retail price is 6757 rubles.

The Thermex IF 50 V water heater is more complicated. It has a stainless steel austenitic steel tank and two heating elements. In total, they give a power of 2 kW, but the electronic control system allows you to connect one element, depending on the task on the display. The price of the Thermex water heater 50 liters of this design is 11259 rubles.

The model volume of 30 liters

Miniature water heater Termex 30 is represented by the company in various designs. Present models with an enamel tank and an eternal vessel of Japanese stainless steel. The outer shell can be plastic and metal, covered with durable paint. Devices with heating elements kW are installed on different models. It is easy to choose a device that creates a small load on the old network. For one person, enough water, a new portion heats up within an hour. Service life of installations is not less than 10 years, with timely cleaning and replacement of electrodes.

Even a small boiler is more economical than a running water heater, for which separate wiring is needed. With the installation of a boiler, the quality of life in a rural or country house will improve. When choosing a device, it is necessary to take into account the state of the electric network, the number of users. The more powerful the device, the faster the water warms up, the same amount of energy will be wasted.

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