Proper feeding of piglets from 1 to 6 months

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The effectiveness of pig production depends on the correct feeding of piglets from 1 to 6 months. The first month of suckling grow to 8-10 kg in mother's milk. During this period the piglets suck the uterus and from the fifth day they poke themselves with spouts into the feeder with mineral supplements. Grown up piglets of mother's milk is not enough, feeding is required.

Breastfeeding periods of piglets

Each period of feeding is due to the ability of the digestive tract of the baby to digest fodder. By the end of the suckling period in the stomach of the monthly piglets, hydrochloric acid begins to be produced and the diet expands. Periods of development of the offspring can be conditionally divided:

  • lactic;
  • growing;
  • fattening.

Milk fattening lasts up to two months. But after a month of milk the uterus is no longer sufficient and at this time the leaders are determined who take milk from weaker individuals. At the same time, the herd hierarchy is formed. If in the future all the offspring falls into one place, the pigs no longer fight each other for leadership.

At the age of one month the stomachs of piglets are still small and the feeding of a piglet is 1 month 6-7 times a day. From the second month, milk porridge, milk and sour-milk products are introduced into the menu.

The period of rearing of the litter is considered to be after weaning piglets from the uterus. Two-month pigs weigh 20-25 kg and are ready to feed with dry food, greens and root vegetables. By this time, the beards must be castrated, if the offspring is intended for meat. In order to wean the pigs a week is taken to reduce the number of sludge, after the uterus is removed from the room, the piglets are left in their usual place for another 2 weeks. In the period from 2 to 4 months the piglets grow intensively.

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The task of the fattening period will be to use feed as efficiently as possible and get more meat. Depending on the breed of pigs and the special regime of maintenance and the diet of fattening receive:

  • meat product;
  • bacon;
  • fat.

Growing piglets in private farmsteads

To grow for months from a monthly pig a carcass more than a centner, really. It is necessary to feed the piglets from 1 to 6 months correctly, to create conditions for rapid growth. Balanced nutrition, timely vaccinations and special supplements contribute to the productivity of the animal. Errors in care at the beginning of development of the sucker will inhibit further weight gain. Feeding pigs at home is beneficial, as the waste products of food, and the cost of meat is reduced.

If you buy pigs for fattening, it is better to buy a couple. Animals feel comfortable in the group. If the pigs are bought at a monthly age, they should weigh at least 8-10 kg. Fattening piglets for meat at home begins with a gradual change in the usual diet. Control the development of pigs can be guided by the daily gain. A set of 400-700 grams per day is considered normal for piglets 2-4 months.

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For high-grade nutrition young animals should receive various feeds and additives. Root crops can be used in cooked and raw form. Do not give the pigs raw potatoes. What to feed the monthly piglets at home, if there is no cow in the farmstead? Dairy natural products can be replaced by mixtures:

  • fidoluks;
  • lactose;
  • dried milk for piglets;
  • whey powder, and similar products.

Is it possible to give grass to the pigs, and what kind? From the very beginning of feeding, the herb is a source of vitamins. The best are leguminous plants. For babies, the grass must be doused with boiling water before the distribution and a small cut is prepared. Up to two months, babies should receive the "Piggy" premix. It is this composition that will compensate for the lack of iron in the body and prevent anemia. Later, the health of the piglet will be supplemented by the application of the "Borka" premix.

Veterinarians advise in the home yard to vaccinate piglets from worms, leptospirosis and plague. Pigs easily perceive infectious diseases, and vaccination is a measure of protection against common diseases.

Conditions for keeping commercial livestock

Fattening piglets from 1 to 6 months on large farms is characterized by special techniques. The goal is to obtain the greatest weight gain by applying the latest balanced feed mixtures. Stimulants are used to reduce the time taken to obtain marketable products. Developed diets for feeding piglets include vitamins for growth, premixes.

Here yeast feeding is used, which stimulates the appetite of animals, which means fast mass gain. It is in large farms that a dry method of feeding the livestock is used, as it is less time consuming. After 4 months the fattening of piglets is carried out intensively with a gain of 650-700 grams per day. By the half-year the pig collects a centner of live weight. It is important in the production of pork to prevent the crowding of animals, provide them with walking areas and prevent a fall in the stage for up to 4 months.

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Proper nutrition of pigs during fattening

A balanced diet includes feed groups:

  • proteins;
  • fats;
  • carbohydrates;
  • vitamins and minerals.

Proteins are the building material for the body, found in beans, cereals and food industry waste. Milk also refers to protein foods.

Carbohydrates are found in root crops and green fodder. They are a source of energy. Vitamins and minerals animals are obtained in kind or in special additives, premixes. The use of premixes saves up to 15% of fodder due to better assimilation.

When fattening pigs use various additives that activate metabolic processes:

  • amylosubtilin GZH - water-soluble drug, stimulates weight gain;
  • ethonium - improves the taste of meat, increases its yield, saves feed by 7%;
  • glucomate sodium - increases the appetite of pigs and improves the taste of meat.

Stimulants have been developed and are offered a lot, most importantly, to choose a suitable feed supplement and not exceed the recommended rates.

It is important that pigs have constant access to water. During the fattening period, the water requirement is 6-8 liters per day.

Commodity production of pork is a profitable business, while observing the conditions of proper keeping of animals.

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