Instructions for the self-connection of a gas cooker

Instructions for the self-connection of a gas cooker


Before connecting the gas stove yourself, you should carefully read all the complexities and features of this process. This is a very responsible kind of work, and every mistake can lead to a number of sad consequences. The leakage of gas threatens serious danger, and that's why it is worth enlisting the support of experienced specialists, if you do not know how to connect the gas stove yourself.

Typically, all work on connecting the gas stove should be performed by a representative of the local gas service. If you decide to turn to specialists and decide which services to turn to, you better stop at the traditional version with the state gas service. In this case, you will receive not only the necessary range of services, but also iron quality guarantees, as well as a complete package of documents for such cases. As always, in the most obvious choice there can not be solid pluses - the same can be said about the gas service. The only drawback is the timing of the installation - you may be forced to wait more than a week in the queue.

The cost of services can be different. It all depends on the circumstances - the model of the gas stove, whether it has an electric ignition or not, etc. In order to connect electric ignition, you need to deal with wiring, and this is an additional range of services that is paid for separately. Of course, you can connect the electric ignition yourself, if you have already encountered similar works, and thus save money.

But if you are confident in your skills and decided to do all the work yourself, you should learn how to properly connect the gas stove without violating the safety and basic requirements of the gas service.


To begin with, a novice master should learn general information about a gas pipeline in apartment buildings. In each apartment there is a central gas pipe (or as it is often called, a riser) passing through the entire house from the lower apartment to the upper one. In each apartment from the riser an additional pipe, called the lowering, departs. A gas-stove with a drop connects a metal pipe (in old houses) or a special gas hose (in modern buildings).


  • 1Preparing for installation
  • 2Dismantling of old tiles
  • 3Replacing the crane
  • 4Installation of a new gas cooker
  • 5Electric ignition

Preparing for installation

Before proceeding with installation, make sure that you have the right set of tools and materials. You must have this set:

  • Set of carob and wrench;
  • Screwdriver set;
  • A new ball valve complete with a new gas hose;
  • Sealing materials (fum-tape or yoke);
  • A piece of cloth;
  • Brush and soap solution.

Dismantling of old tiles

If you change the old plate to a new one, you'll have to start with dismantling. Before proceeding with the dismantling, check that the tap is closed on your branch pipe. If the valve is closed, unscrew the locknut that connects the lower part to the plate. The task is not easy, especially if you have to deal with old pipes, "buried" under the layers of dried paint. If you could not unscrew the pipe, you can simply cut it off, and then unscrew the remaining part.


After this, it is necessary to move the gas stove away so that it does not interfere with the subsequent installation. Then it is necessary to remove the drill that is inserted into the pipe lowering. To do this, one hand firmly fix the tap, and the second hand to twist the shot. The final touch is to install the plug on the pipe.

Replacing the crane

The next step is to replace the old crane with a new ball valve. Unscrew the old valve, but do not completely remove it - it is still needed in the first stages of the installation. This stage of installation will require you to maximize the coordination of actions and attention, since you will have to admit a small leak of gas. Open the window, and only then get to work. Take a pre-prepared piece of cloth and soak it. Then tear off the old tap and plug the hole with a wet cloth to block the gas. Completely close the leak will not succeed - be prepared for this.


Then you need to prepare the thread. Make sure there is no rust, paint, glue or debris left on it. After preparing the thread, wrap the sealing tape around it, and only then remove the plug from the fabric and screw the tap. After you remove the stub, gas will enter the apartment, but do not panic - if you quickly turn the tap, the leak will be insignificant. Pay attention to safety techniques - in the kitchen there should be no sources of open flames or sparks.

Then check the tightness of the joint. Apply a soap solution to the joint and monitor its condition. If there are bubbles, manipulations with the installation of the crane will have to be repeated, and so on to a positive result.


In such operations, laziness and negligence are unacceptable, since it is about your safety and the safety of the whole house, especially when the work is done on your own.


Installation of a new gas cooker

The final stage is the installation of a new gas stove. Before connecting a new gas stove, pay attention to the gas hose. Do not be stingy, since cheap low-quality hose will not last long and will force you to change it again after a while. Look at what output is on your plate, and check that the output matches the hose.


Now directly about the installation. On the external thread of the union, wind the sealing tape, after checking the thread. Then screw the union into the ball valve lowering. After that, you can screw the gas hose into the thread of the gas stove.

You will need to perform the same test manipulations as in the previous step. Apply soap foam, and if air bubbles are not detected, the installation can be considered successful.


Electric ignition

Electro-ignition is nowadays an essential attribute of every modern gas cooker. But how can I independently connect the electric ignition without disturbing the safety when working with electricity? Special problems should not arise, you only need a modern socket with grounding. The role of grounding is performed by the built-in zero wire - each sample of new home appliances is equipped with such a wire. You just have to connect the stove, and it's done.

Electric ignition is of two types:

  • Mechanical electric ignition;
  • Automatic electric ignition.

When you connect, the device type is not important, so do not focus on it. The main thing is that the electric ignition system is serviceable and performs its functions smoothly.

Even if you performed the installation of the gas stove yourself, the gas service employee must monitor the first gas supply to the stove - otherwise your apartment will simply be disconnected for violating the instruction.

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