How to design a living room in the Chinese style

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When it comes to Chinese-style interiors, the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui are primarily remembered. However, you should not associate absolutely everything that is connected with Asia with this interesting, but for many completely incomprehensible teaching.


From ancient times, the Chinese created the principles by which they designed both their palaces and ordinary dwellings, and primarily focused on how harmoniously the interior design will be combined with the location of the house, room, apartment and how best to complete the design, based on ancient traditions. Probably, Chinese principles are somehow close to many people, so very often people wanting make your home as original as possible, opt for an interior in Chinese style.


The living room in a Chinese house has always been the semantic center of the house. Here they met guests and spent most of their free time. Chinese interiors, contrary to expectations, are not at all bulky and not saturated with complex ornaments. On the contrary, the Chinese-style living room implies spaciousness and the absence of a large number of small items.

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The Chinese interior implies the presence in the room of a fairly limited number of pieces of furniture. It can be a sofa, two armchairs, frame furniture and a coffee table.


The color of the walls and floor should overlap and be all shades of red and brown. The Chinese interior involves the design of wallpaper and flooring in ocher, maroon, brick, pomegranate. It is good if real parquet is laid on the floor in dark shades of brown or reddish. If there is no parquet, then to create an atmosphere, you can use linoleum with a parquet pattern of similar shades. The red color itself is used by the Chinese in dosage, with its help relatively small sections of the walls are formed.


Traditional Chinese furniture is low, strict rectangular shapes. In the decor of furniture, the Chinese use reddish and dark shades, which are perfectly diluted with the presence of colored decorative pillows with a floral pattern on the sofa and armchairs. Can be depicted on pillows and birds. Usually these are peacocks, magpies and cranes. These are the most revered by the Chinese birds.

As for flowers, the Chinese prefer to place drawings of flowering branches of sakura, plum, peach, as well as peonies and bamboo on sofa cushions.


If we touch on the theme of the symbolism of Chinese plants, it is worth saying that each of them certainly carries some kind of meaning. For the living room, which faces north, the most suitable colors are plum or sakura branches. Bright, colorful peonies are suitable for the southern living room. For the western or eastern living room, laconic details with the theme of sacred bamboo in China will be most acceptable.


As for bamboo, it is precisely his images that are most often used to decorate walls. In Asia, the multi-color wallpaper that is rooted in Russia is not accepted. Usually, monochromatic wallpapers of soothing shades of ocher and burgundy are pasted or hung with pictures of bamboo or other plants traditional for China. An interesting solution would be a picture with Chinese landscapes, hung on the wall above the sofa. Typically, these paintings are performed in a vertical format using pastel colors. Chinese interior also implies the presence of natural materials in the interior. It can be, for example, bamboo panels on the walls.


Floor vases are traditionally one of the hallmarks of the Chinese interior. They are paired, because in Chinese traditions it is not accepted that any significant piece of furniture be present in the design in one copy. Traditionally, vases are made of porcelain and decorated with floral ornaments. Pleasure is not cheap, despite the fact that online stores are now full of this kind of products. Of course, in place of such vases, any other with a similar design will do.

It is worth noting that the Chinese do not often hold flowers in such vases, and the vases themselves are often placed in pairs near the window. Furniture can also be decorated with vases that are paired, for example, on a shelf next to a mirror.


In the Chinese tradition, various natural stone products have been adopted as beautiful and very typical interior decorations. In fact, it is not so important what exactly these products represent, much more important is what they are made of. For example, most of all among the Chinese, various vases and figurines made of jade, onyx, rose quartz, cat and tiger eyes and, of course, the mystical mineral amethyst are held in high esteem.

The most common mineral products are not only the famous figurines - toads, elephants, birds and fish, but also money trees, in which each leaf is made of a small piece mineral. Large rounded crystals of rock crystal or angels from this mineral perfectly complement the picture.


Lighting in the Chinese interior is of great importance. One of the principles of Chinese traditions was open access to the window so that nothing would prevent sunlight from entering the room. Therefore, the Chinese do not hang heavy curtains on the windows. They do not use large crystal chandeliers. Lighting in the Chinese style is made of thin rice paper or silk in the form of lanterns of rounded or rectangular shapes. Flashlights can be located on the walls. In this case, they are traditionally solved - rectangular shapes with matte shades.


The Chinese tradition does not imply a clear zoning in the rooms. However, if you need to hide something or somehow fence off, a folding screen is used. It is one of the most traditional decoration items, especially since Chinese screens are very beautiful. They are made of natural materials and decorated with beautiful ornaments.

The Chinese interior is always original and at the same time ascetic. There should not be anything superfluous and too catchy. That is why such an interior is perfect for those who want to create true beauty in their home and fill it with harmony.

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