A new style of eclecticism in the interior

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Eclecticism is an artificial combination of objects of different styles into a single whole, which at first glance seem incompatible. The concept of "eclecticism" comes from the Greek word "choose."


Style involves the combination of furniture and decor items from different directions, of different origin and even from different eras. The main task of the designer is to achieve harmony, create a single comfortable and cozy space.


The modern eclectic style is based on various stylistic types: no more than three directions. The main rule for achieving a harmonious combination is that all interior items should be united by a single color scheme, architectural structure or texture.


Designers call the mixing of historical eras in a professional language “a dialogue of several cultures.” How skillfully selected objects depends on how successful such a "dialogue" is.


Style characteristic

Characteristic features of eclecticism:

  • The interior uses verticals, rounded corners, “retreating shapes” of structures;
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  • The design is dominated by geometric shapes: circles, rhombuses, triangles. Frames and baguettes are picked up with gilding;
  • The “clothes” of the walls are silk-screen printing, and the windows are heavy curtains, softly draped;
  • Comfortable small sofas are decorated with Indian-style bedspreads and plenty of pillows;
  • Lamps and chandeliers can be made of various materials, but it is imperative to have gold-plated elements;
  • Parquet floor.

All objects of the past skillfully combined with objects of modern style. In this case, you can achieve a feeling of a single space, harmony and comfort.


Style features

The new eclecticism is characterized by compactness and functionality. The leading role is played by a single color scheme and the similarity of textures. To create a fashionable modern interior, the dynamism of the forms of furniture and decor is important: wooden carving, curved lines, quilted upholstery, chiseled furniture legs and other details that add sophistication subjects.


A combination of wallpaper and ceramic tiles of different color shades is allowed. Parquet can also be replaced with a laminate.

When choosing curtains in modern design, preference is given to extraordinary patterns on fabrics, the use of various finishing elements: rhinestones, ruffles, feathers, folds and draperies.


With a skillful layout, the built-in wardrobes in eclecticism look harmonious. Multilevel ceilings are allowed, visually increasing the space. Stucco molding will create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.


Eclecticism can create a unique cosiness and charm, and emphasize the refined taste of the owner of the house.

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