Not guessed with the color of the room? The situation can be corrected

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Today, many prefer not to buy factory-painted wallpapers, but to paint them themselves already on the wall. Or paint a plastered wall. Applying the desired color, you can create an individual design of the room. But sometimes it happens that after painting the walls or ceiling, the owner understands that he does not really like the chosen color. What to do in this case? Designers claim that repainting is not necessary: ​​you can try to fix the effect in other ways.


Color rules

To avoid disappointment from work, it is necessary to learn some rules for interior decoration before it starts:

  • In a room with windows to the south, you can use dark colors, but if the windows look in the opposite direction, it is better to choose light colors for the walls;
  • The dark ceiling seems visually lower. To "raise" the walls make out not very wide vertical stripes;
  • Dark walls create the effect of a small room, and light walls expand the space;
  • Orange color cheers up, invigorates and “warms”;
  • At first, a lot of red will excite, slightly increase working capacity, and then leads to overwork and even aggression;
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  • Walls and a yellow ceiling give an invigorating effect, with moderate exposure increase activity;
  • Gently calms green - it is neutral and does not tire;
  • In a room with a predominance of blue and blue shades, it is good to think about the eternal. These colors relax the nervous system and reduce stress;
  • Violet is even more passive: it reduces activity and can even cause a feeling of depression;
  • Brown creates warmth and comfort in the environment, brings the mood into balance;
  • In the black rooms you always want to sleep. Blackness causes boredom and lowers energy mood;
  • White color - simplicity and modesty. Its effect is also highly dependent on the shade (cold or warm) and the general lighting of the room. Against a white background, any colors look good;
  • If a single color predominates in a room, then its saturation should be minimal. Too bright colors strain eyesight, cause fatigue and agitation.

How to fix

Starting to paint the walls, you must take into account the basic rules of color compatibility, select shades that are more suitable for yourself. Just copying a pattern seen on the web can have the exact opposite effect. Care must be taken with contrasting and vibrant colors, and psychologists advise the floors to make warm tones.


The selected wall color may not be suitable for the room due to the wrong painting area or poor lighting that was not taken into account at the beginning. There are many shades of colors, not everyone understands their meaning. In addition, they look different on different materials.

You can try to fix a bad color finish, for example, like this:

  • Change accessories in the room: carpet, wraps, bedspreads, pillows on the sofa;
  • Sometimes correctly selected paintings greatly improve the situation;
  • It is necessary to create the right lighting using floor lamps and sconces, especially if there are a lot of mixed colors;
  • Very bright color is muffled by a matte varnish.

In most cases, such actions should help, but with light walls it’s more difficult - it’s better to paint them again.

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