Unusual knife-scissors from China for pizza cutting


Pizza is a dish that is usually served at parties. After all, it is prepared quickly, and if time is not enough, you can always order it at home. Pizza is loved by both adults and children, it tastes good and satisfies hunger well. However, quite often there is a problem with slicing pizza. Pieces are crooked, you can not always cut the dough to the end and so on.

But this problem can be solved quite simply. After all, not so long ago a special knife-scissors for cutting pizza with a triangular stand appeared on the market. Thanks to this device you can quickly and smoothly cut the pizza into pieces and spread it on plates.

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In addition, you no longer have to tear off pieces of pizza from each other when the simple knife is not able to cut the dough to the end. After all, a knife-scissors can cope perfectly with cutting this dish.

And also a triangular stand will help to accurately transfer pizza to a plate, without losing a piece of delicious filling.

Advantages of a knife-scissors for pizza cutting:

  1. Simplicity. Scissors are excellent at cutting pizza, and the stand allows you to measure a flat piece and quickly transfer the cut slice to a plate.
  2. Speed. Thanks to the sharp blade, the whole pizza can be cut in just a couple of minutes.
  3. Accuracy. A triangular stand will help cut the pizza into slices of the same size.
  4. Compactness. A knife-scissors for pizza cutting does not take too much space on the shelf.
  5. Purity. Scissors are easy to clean.
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A knife-scissors for slicing pizza is a device that should be at every party. But how much does it cost? In online stores in Ukraine and Russia, this product is sold for 351 rubles. Quite inexpensive, given the originality of the device.

But on the site of Aliexpress the same knife-scissors for pizza cutting costs only 249 rubles. In this case, it is better to really buy this product right here.

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Characteristics of scissors for pizza cutting:

  • material - stainless steel;
  • length of scissors - 31 cm;
  • length of the blade - 20 cm;
  • length of stand - 15 cm;
  • the color is black with green.

As you can see, it is necessary to order scissors for pizza cutting only directly from a Chinese manufacturer. In domestic online stores do not buy this product. After all, the characteristics of the device are completely different, but the price is much higher.

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