Elite apartment design: design rules, combinations

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  • 1 Traditional destinations
  • 2 Premium Modern Styles
  • 3 How is elite housing design created?

People who choose luxury housing tend to fully reflect their personality in the interior. There is no strict framework on how to decorate and furnish a luxurious penthouse or apartment. However, it is worth observing some rules so that luxury does not turn into bad taste. The choice of design depends on the layout. It is appropriate to distribute styles among groups, each of which has its own “highlight”.


Traditional destinations

Initially, a group of traditional styles emerged from architectural (historical) names, the following features are characteristic of them:

  • Compliance with canons;
  • Elegance and luxury;
  • High ceilings, large spaces;
  • The abundance of small parts.

These areas include classic directions or Baroque. The main emphasis here is on furniture, accessories, textiles, which should look royally rich. The interior features are stucco molding, arches, the presence of forged castings, vintage stairs.

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Premium Modern Styles

Despite the rather austere interior, modern design trends look strictly business-like and at the same time leave enough space for self-expression. Distinctive features:

  • Contrast of glossy and opaque surfaces;
  • Lack of small accessories;
  • Coatings with a uniform texture;
  • Geometrically regular shapes;
  • The use of metal, glass, modern synthetic materials.

This also includes ethnic interior design, which is carried out in accordance with the tastes of the owner. If the culture of Central Asia is close to you, take a look at the luxurious interiors of the palaces of China or Japan. Prefer restraint and modest atmosphere? Scandinavian style is sure to please you.


How is elite housing design created?

The design of luxury apartments is characterized by an abundance of materials of the highest quality, the decoration of which will preserve the pleasant appearance for decades.


The presence of objects of art, antiques, designer furniture and creative artistic solutions also play an important role. As a rule, an elite apartment has at least two levels, therefore it is permissible to combine several directions at once, depending on the purpose of the room or at will. For example, the living room and bedroom can be done in a classic style, and the kitchen and cabinet can be decorated in modern high-tech.

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