Modern interior in the apartment: 3 interesting ideas

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  • 1 Bright accent
  • 2 Harmony and peace
  • 3 Emotions in the concept

3 bold decisions that can guide the creation of modern spaces.


Bright accent

In small apartments, you can use bright color accents as an interesting technique. They can be, for example, furniture of simple shape, but bright color. Bright drawings on decorative textiles are also suitable. On the floor you can use a coating with a 3D effect.


This approach is best used in nurseries. In addition, you can create such an interior together with your child, during games, painting furniture and drawing drawings on the walls.


Harmony and peace

The space, soft and relaxing, can be created using warm colors, diluted and calm. To give a feeling of special comfort for walls and ceilings, light colors and tones are used, the floor is darkened. Then the effect of overflowing is created. Color in the decor can be added with individual accents, and the furniture can be chosen in a simple form.


Lighting is important in every room, in such an interior, to the main ceiling, you can add individual accents, for example sconces or other lamps with directional glow. The combination of several types of lighting makes it possible to choose the mood in the room. For example, for the evening you can use only additional lighting to create a chamber setting.

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Emotions in the concept

Novelty - every day! Each zone has a different color! Emotional design means bold decisions in the spaces of the house.


In this case, each zone is dominated by its own color scheme. For example, in the corridor, the connected area, you can use lighter colors, in the bedroom choose shades of blue for the brightness of dreams, in the kitchen - a warm green color. However, it is necessary to remember the choice of colors with the same saturation (to avoid the traffic light effect), not contradicting and combining with each other. For each room they choose their own, complementing it with shades and accents.


All the variety of colors must be combined with a massive color floor, for example, color variations of a natural tree, giving the space stability and removing randomness.

The ceiling should be painted white, then it will delay the reflections of the color, while slightly painting in them.


An interesting solution for the walls will be the graphic elements used in individual places. Particular attention should be paid to interactive lighting, which forms the rest of the space. For most basic fixtures, it is better to use dimers.


It is worth noting that in creating space it is especially important to trust yourself and create something that will please both yourself and your loved ones. We hope that the information collected is useful and will find practical application!

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