Gray kitchen in the interior: photos, recommendations of designers

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DIY kitchen repair
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The kitchen is a place where girls can test their abilities, delight loved ones with delicious, healthy and exotic dishes. Also in this room it is customary to gather at a round table and conduct discussions on various topics, important decisions are made here and serious issues are discussed. It is in the kitchen for a cup of tea (coffee) that we relax after a hard day's work, we gather all our friends and relatives for a pleasant pastime.

For all these reasons, the design and decoration of the kitchen is very important. Each housewife seeks to adjust the interior for themselves and their desires. To make the room as modern, functional and comfortable as possible. A large role is played by the choice of colors and shades. Opinions of people differ when the question comes to the design of the kitchen in gray.

The design of gray kitchen for many is associated with gloom, dullness and monotony. This is by no means the case. After all, correctly applying the gray color, diluting with the necessary accents, it is possible to beat the room, add elegance and impeccability to the space. It should be noted that the kitchens in gray tones are stylish and impressive with their favorite style (Provence, retro, country, hi-tech, baroque).

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Gray kitchen provence
Gray kitchen
Gray kitchen classic style

Favorable combinations of gray in the interior with other tones

Of course, decorating the entire room in one color palette is not recommended. The combination of several colors and the creation of a harmonious atmosphere due to this will become more logical. Gray kitchen contributes to creating bright accents in the interior.

The most profitable companions for gray tones are the following colors:

  1. Yellow (also read
    Gray yellow kitchen
  2. White (design in this color was considered
    Gray kitchen with white
  3. Green (cm.
    Gray green kitchen
    Green and gray kitchen
  4. Pale pink or beige (read
    Pink and Gray Kitchen
  5. Blue and blue Ideal for a Provence style kitchen. The main thing is to correctly distribute the accents. The most logical way is to make blue dominant in the design of the room. Top drawers, tiles, kitchen sets and certain interior items can be made in gray colors.
    Gray blue kitchen
  6. The black (cm.
    Gray red kitchen
Gray and black kitchen

Also an obvious example of harmonious combination are luxury kitchens. It is not recommended to independently equip the interior and combine these shades. Excessive self-confidence and thoughtless placement can create a depressing and gloomy atmosphere.

Basic tips for decorating the kitchen

When transforming a room, one should not forget that the main thing for a kitchen is its functionality and proper distribution of space. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to when repairing is choosing high-quality furniture.

In addition, the design of the kitchen in gray tones has several distinctive features, namely:

  • the ceiling should be made several tones lighter than the walls (their design options were considered in this article);
  • you should select furniture, accessories, utensils and a kitchen set in accordance with the chosen style;
  • furniture and walls are preferably made in different colors - this will add contrast to the interior of the kitchen;
  • having decorated the upper tier in lighter colors, compared with the lower, you can visually increase the ceilings;
  • gray furniture is ideally diluted with wooden floors, furniture (tables and chairs) and doors.

With the initial right approach and the help of professional designers, everyone can be convinced of the advantage and dignity of gray. The gray kitchen in the interior in the photo is the obvious and irrefutable proof of this.

Gray and white kitchen
Gray and light green in the interior of the kitchen
Gray and orange in the interior of the kitchen
Gray and orange colors in the kitchen
Gray and yellow colors in the kitchen
Gray and orange colors in the kitchen

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