How to choose the electric stove for the kitchen?

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Since the conquest of fire, people have decided the issue of heat treatment of products. First, the food was fried at the stake. Then the hearth was folded. After a while, a modification arose - a wood stove. The search began for a more efficient fuel. Coal replaced wood, then gas. Cooking places developed. People needed extra amenities. Electricity solved environmental problems. Chimneys for the removal of combustion products have disappeared. But new difficulties arose. Recently, new buildings are rented with power wiring for an electric stove. Is it realistic to choose an item for a kitchen that meets all modern requirements?

Electric or gas stove

Electric stove or gas - choice: advantages and disadvantages

Typically, apartment buildings are rented with a connection to the gas main or with wiring for an electric stove. Converting an apartment, changing the tariff is not easy. Private sector owners have a choice: which unit to install? Performance analysis required.

How to choose an electric stove for the kitchen

Advantages of the gas stove:

  • fast cooking;
  • convenient adjustment of heat supply;
  • affordable price.

Disadvantages can be considered:

  • the need for an additional ventilation duct;
  • specialized connection;
  • difficultly adjustable oven;
  • low efficiency (less than 50%);
  • increased danger (the combination of methane with oxygen leads to an explosion).
Modern electric stove for the kitchen

The electric stove pleases:

  • security (subject to connection rules);
  • convenient oven with a set of additional functions;
  • adjustment of heating with high accuracy;
  • high efficiency (70% and above);
  • the ability to dispense with normal ventilation.

Unit disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • slow cooking speed.

Important! Outside the city often there are power surges. The dependent appliance will deprive the owners of the opportunity to cook something.

Modern manufacturers produce combined stoves: gas hob and electric oven, gas and electric burners.

Evaluation criteria for modern kitchen stoves - expert advice

Before purchasing equipment, you need to carefully study the classification and get acquainted with expert advice. This will make the right choice.

What does it look like?

Three types of instrument housing are known. By connecting the hob and oven, the equipment is divided into:

  1. Portable. Main purpose: temporary or country plate.
  2. Embedded Components. Selected separately. Mounted in the kitchen.
  3. Classic combined appliance. It has a large size.
Built-in hob in the kitchen

It is required to take into account the dimensions of the room, the frequency of cooking, their complexity.

What is the unit covered with?

Before purchasing, you need to study the options for covering the plate. This will allow you to use the item rationally. Manufacturers produce products made from:

  1. Multi-colored enamel. Allows you to enter an accessory in any kitchen. Disadvantage: in case of careless handling, chips, scratches appear.
  2. Of stainless steel. Resistant to mechanical and chemical effects. Negative qualities: loss of gloss, any pollution is noticeable.
  3. Glass ceramic. Beautiful shiny finish. The vertical spread of heat leaves the surrounding surface cold. It is in harmony with furniture. Minus: not resistant to shock.
  4. Tempered glass. Pleasant appearance. Disadvantage: special utensils are required (ceramics, cast iron, glass). Aluminum damages the surface.
  5. Combined materials. Oven made of stainless steel; hob made of glass-ceramic or tempered glass.

Important! The rules for cleaning the surface should be studied. Proper maintenance will increase the service life.

What is warm?

Particular attention must be paid to the assessment of heating elements. A good choice will reduce energy consumption, turn cooking into a pleasure.

By type, the elements are divided into:

  • cast iron;
  • spiral;
  • hi-light;
  • halogen;
  • induction;
  • combined.
Hi-light electric stove

Hi-light is made of alloy with high thermal conductivity. He quickly heats the dishes. It consumes a lot of energy.

Halogen hob

Halogen is more economical. Durable, reliable. The quality of execution is high.

Induction hob

Induction today is the most rational. A limited area is heated, the rest of the surface remains cold. Magnetic bottom cookware required.

Important! A stove with combined elements allows you to combine heating speed and efficiency.

Spiral and cast iron burners

Metal heaters in the form of a spiral are laid on a smooth surface. First, the heater is heated, then the dishes. Preparation time is approaching 10 minutes.

Disadvantage: elements burn out; replacement required.

Modern electric stove on ten

Cast iron burners are made in the form of flat circles. The heating element is located below. Heat is transferred in stages: first the heater heats the “pancake”, then the dishes. A plus is long-term heat storage. Negative points:

  • Efficiency is much lower than 50%;
  • cast iron - brittle material, chips appear.

Attention! Manufacturers managed to reduce the heating time. This is indicated by the red sign in the center of the element.

Vitroceramic burners

Externally, the surface looks like dark shiny glass. The heating element is located below. Properties are determined by manufacturing technology. Glass and ceramics are melted in a special way. The final product is called ceran.

Vitroceramic burners

Advantages panels:

  1. Heat transfer occurs only vertically.
  2. The hotplate instantly heats up, cools quickly.
  3. It is steady against differences of temperature.
  4. Eco-friendly, aesthetic.

Disadvantage: pretty high price.

Important! When buying, you should carefully study the marking: the outwardly tempered glass looks like a ceran.

How to install?

This is a powerful equipment. Connection has features. In the absence of experience, you should entrust the installation of an electrician with the appropriate approval.

Electric stove installation

Before installation, you should familiarize yourself with regulatory documents: GOST 31565-2012 (describes fire safety requirements), GOST R 50571.5.52-2011 (wiring).

Fundamental rules:

  • apply an RCD for additional protection (with a plug connection);
  • use a cable of sufficient length (for fixed connection);
  • for safe operation, use the potential equalization method;
  • the unit must be located at a distance from the kitchen sink, refrigerator;
  • When laying the wiring, use the room temperature correction factors.

Important! It is recommended to provide an individual electrical protection for the device.

Features of the use of electric stoves

Long service life involves the proper use of equipment. It is enough to adhere to simple rules.

Before first use, be sure to clean the surface of preservative grease. A gentle solution of baking soda or table salt is suitable. Particularly in need of processing are cast-iron and spiral rings.

Cleaning a new electric stove

Pay attention to the dishes. Induction surfaces require appropriate marking. Glass ceramic is afraid of aluminum. An uneven bottom creates different pressures: the coating deteriorates.

Cookware for electric stoves

Do not place wet utensils. Spilled liquid must be removed immediately.

Timely clean the surface of grease, particles of food, dust. Use only recommended products. Washing the unit is allowed in a non-working (de-energized) state!

The diameter of the bottom should correspond to the size of the burner. This will ensure reasonable energy consumption, prevent damage to the heating element.

How to choose an electric stove for the kitchen: consider everything!

Much depends on a well-chosen stove: compliance with the design of the room, cooking time, quality of the dish, good mood.

Some owners get an expensive model with a huge number of additional options, most of which are not used. It’s unreasonable to overpay! It is necessary to evaluate the technique for the main indicators.

how to choose an electric stove for the kitchen

Design and surface

Modern electric stoves fit into any interior. Their design is diverse: traditional white or color, laconic glass ceramics, dark tempered glass, innovative metallic.

Electric stove

 The unit is built-in, standing separately. There is a possibility to spread the cooking zone and the oven. The original surface design will decorate any kitchen.


It is required to study the characteristics of the heating elements:

  1. Rapid (spiral) - the most uneconomical heaters. Manufacturers replaced steel with an alloy of chromium and nickel. Efficiency increased slightly. Heating for 10-12 seconds.
  2. Hi-light (tape) are executed in the form of a corrugated tape. Bring the work area to readiness in 7 seconds.
  3. Halogen. Content is skipped inside the handsets. Warming up the surface in 2 seconds. The most economical and expensive burners.
  4. Induction. They work on the principle of magnetic induction. Safe, economical. Automatic shutdown of heating. Differ in the high price.
4-ring cooker

Attention! Models with several types of heating elements will satisfy the requirements and reduce purchase costs.

Oven: what should I pay for?

Ovens are:

  • stand-alone and combined with a hob;
  • multifunctional and static.
Do I need an oven?

The standard set of options has a static unit: heat sources from below and above, backlight, skewer, timer. Advanced features are represented by a multifunctional cabinet: convection, automatic cleaning mode.

Attention! Upon purchase, you should pay attention to the convenience of the control panel. This is an individual criterion.

Power and Power Consumption

The device with cast-iron heaters (2 pcs.) Has minimum power. - 2000 W, 4 pcs. - 5000 watts). Consumes energy 4-8 kW / h. The largest power unit with an induction principle of operation - from 10400 watts.

Mistress at the hob

Energy consumption reduces:

  • fast heating;
  • instant cooling;
  • shutdown when the contact with the bottom of the dishes ceases.

Important! These indicators are available in the passport of the device. You should pay attention when buying.

It is wise to choose an accessory with the energy category A, A +, A ++.

The size

Devices are available in a standard height of 85 cm. The indicator changes slightly due to the adjustable legs.

60 cm wide for full-size models, 50 cm narrow. Depth 41 cm (two burners), 60 cm (4 heat sources).

Sizes of electric stoves

Functional Features

Modern kitchen appliances have additional options. It is important to assess the need for each:

  1. The presence of a heavy-duty quick-heating burner. It is convenient to cook light-roasted meat, fish.
  2. Protection against unauthorized inclusion. Ideal for families with children.
  3. Thermal door lock. The glass remains cold during heating.
  4. A reasonable number of cooking modes (minimum 5, maximum 15).
  5. Automatic shutdown of the panel in case of fluid leak. Keeps furniture clean, protects from burns.
  6. Auto shutdown timer. Allows not to be present during cooking.
  7. Burners with different configuration and heating area. Convenient when working with diverse containers.
  8. Highlighting the hot zone. Protect from burns.
  9. The function of drying fruits, baking bread (for the oven). Allows you to save on the purchase of special items.
Functionality of electric stoves

Important! Additional features are costly. Only the necessary ones should be selected.


Individual devices have a width of 58-60 cm, a depth of 52 cm. Dominoes in size differ: 29 cm and 51 cm. Manufacturers produce models:

  • glass-ceramic;
  • glass ceramic with induction;
  • tempered glass;
  • with cast iron burners (independent installation).

Important! Before purchasing the panel, you need to determine the installation location. Kitchen furniture sellers offer aperture cutting services.

Wiring and Socket Requirements

For safe operation, the following conditions must be met:

  • use a three-core cable made of copper with a cross section of 4 square meters. mm;
  • Prevent contact of outlets with the rear panel, doors, furniture walls;
  • RCD on 32 A;
  • machine at the entrance to 32 A;
  • 32 A socket with grounding;
  • the outlet should be located at a distance of 60 cm from the device panel;
  • do not allow the cable to come into contact with wet points (washing).

Important! Compliance with the connection rules will ensure the long operation of the device.

Model Overview

Electric range with cast iron burners Flama FE 1403


  • 4 cast iron burners;
  • 1 - heavy duty;
  • mechanical control;
  • white body;
  • narrow model;
  • manufacturer - Russia.
Flama FE 1403

Reliable inexpensive model with basic functions. It fits perfectly into the country interior. Disadvantage: high power consumption.

Glass ceramic stove Gorenje EC 55101 AX

Technical details:

  • body color - silver;
  • narrow model;
  • 3 modes of operation of the oven;
  • grill;
  • electronic timer;
  • mechanical control;
  • producer - Slovenia.
Gorenje EC 55101 AX

Decent mid-range cooker. A glass-ceramic hob will delight owners with quick cooking. Disadvantage: poor functionality of the oven.

Glass ceramic hob Kaiser HC 52010 S Moire


  • 4 rings;
  • all - quick warm-up;
  • 9 modes of operation of the oven;
  • grill;
  • electromechanical control;
  • mechanical timer;
  • convection;
  • narrow model;
  • manufacturer - Germany.
Kaiser HC 52010 S Moire

The assistant will allow you to cook complex dishes in a short time. Disadvantage: high price.


An electric stove is an energy-intensive device. Before purchasing, you should study the technical specifications, consider the saving mode. Proper connection is the key to safety and long accessory work. With a lack of experience, the help of a master is required. The necessary functions should be considered. It’s worth paying for what you have to use. The subject should be in harmony with the kitchen furniture. It is required to evaluate the type, dimensions, installation method. The appliance must be operated correctly. Use permitted glassware. Careful care will make cooking enjoyable.

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