How to choose a bread machine: expert advice, a review of models

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Bread is the main source of nutrition. In most cases, none of our breakfast, lunch or dinner goes without even a single slice of bread or a roll. Thanks to the inclusion of this product in the diet, our food is hearty, tasty and wholesome. As a rule, most families buy factory bread, but this fragrant baking can be baked at home. Moreover, today you can make delicious, fresh, fragrant bread with your own hands very, very simple. If before at home it was baked in the oven, which was preceded by a long and laborious kneading, now it can be done very easily and quickly with the help of an electric bread machine. In this article, we will consider how to choose it correctly on the advice of experts and which model is right for you.

Rustic bread

What is a bread machine for - is it necessary for a home?

Before deciding for yourself whether to buy or not to buy a bread machine, it is worth analyzing whether it is necessary.

In cities and even remote villages there is no shortage of bread. Firstly, for example, there are many excellent bakeries at large supermarkets. They offer a diverse assortment of freshly baked bakery products.

The offer includes an abundance of varieties of bread from wheat, rye, buckwheat and other types of flour. You can also purchase dietary, yeast-free, rich products, buns, saiki. Is it worth it in this case to buy a separate unit and bake the bread yourself? Of course, yes.

Bread maker and freshly baked bread

Everything that is prepared at home will be better and much more useful, because you can never know what the manufacturer adds to the dough, no matter how conscientious it may be. Waking up in the morning with the aroma of fresh, lush, soft bread, your breakfast will be simply magnificent.

Principle of operation

Prototypes of modern bread machines were invented back in 1987 by the company, which is now known to everyone under the name Panasonic Corporation. Of course, the first models had little to do with real samples, but the design features and the principle of operation of the machines have survived to our time unchanged.

Thus, all bread machines are arranged as standard: an external frame equipped with heating elements, an internal skeleton with a container for immersing products, a kneading paddle, a top serving as a coating, and a system management.

It is interesting that initially the units were equipped with one blade for altering products, however, some companies decided to add two - so that the dough mixes better. Other manufacturers (including Panasonic Corporation) considered it necessary to make the shape of the test container narrower and oblong. This made it possible to achieve excellent kneading without an additional spatula.

How does a bread maker work?

What can baker

Modern bread machines are fully automated. Their work is strictly subordinate to your chosen program. The temperature is regulated by a special temperature sensor that controls the level of heating.

All that is required from the owners is, following the instructions, add the necessary ingredients and wait for the completion of work. As a rule, models are equipped with a timer that allows you to choose the optimal time and adjust the work of the bread maker to your plans.

Besides the fact that this machine can bake various kinds of bakery products, some devices are equipped with many other functions additionally. For example, the preparation of fragrant, gentle homemade jam or jam. About this in the next section.

Major work programs

As a rule, when buying a bread machine, we expect to use it for its immediate purpose - baking bread. However, modern manufacturers equip the device with other functions, for example, jam cooking.

Cooking the last or not - the choice is yours, however, note that sugar during the preparation of jam can scratch the quality Teflon coating of the inner container, which in the future will lead to burning loaves.

But even if you choose a bread machine without such functions, this does not mean that you will find the uniformity of products. On the contrary, each model relies on a book of diverse recipes. In addition, there is, for example, a program for preparing unpeeled bread or gluten-free.

Also, some models are equipped with a manual control system, that is, you can independently choose the time of kneading, lifting and baking.

A very useful kneading function. In some devices, it is also represented by the ability to cook dough for pizza, croissants, noodles. Choosing between the same devices, the presence of the above parameters can be a great bonus.

What can baker

An important point - if you like loaves of rye flour, be sure to check if the bread machine you like has such an option. The bottom line is that for such baking requires strong heating. Otherwise, the dough will not rise, it will be hard and tasteless.

Similar models can have very high power. What should not be afraid, since in practice the energy consumption for additional heating increases slightly.

Additional options of the bread machine

If you decide to buy an aggregate with a standard set of functions or with various "twists", it is better, of course, to choose the second option. The presence of functions will allow you to realize more features.

You can replace different ingredients, add new ones. For example, flavored bread with nuts, dried fruits, seeds, raisins. There are also units with an automatic dispenser. You do not have to be on duty near the device to add products in their order.

The memory reserve function is very useful, which will allow you to save the program settings during power surges. If you have this problem, then give preference to just such models.

Some have a viewing window, but this is rather a drawback for budget options. The presence of a window in the lid can violate the temperature regime and lead to deterioration of the crust of the loaf.

Models also differ in the control system features. They can display information, give sound, light signals and so on. In a word, different manufacturers have their own chips. It is important that the furnace meets key needs, and only then you can focus on all kinds of "bells and whistles".

How to choose a good bread machine for home use?

If you decide to buy a bread machine, then one of the most exciting questions is how to choose the right model, which manufacturer to give preference to, what to build on?

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the design parameters of the future machine. Of course, this is the weight of baking. For example, there are bread machines that can bake a loaf weighing one and a half kilograms. This is a great option for large families. In other cases, baking a loaf weighing 1 kg is suitable.

Secondly, the above parameter will assume the size of the unit. It should be noted immediately that the stoves are quite large. As a rule, the most compact models are almost the same as a microwave. In addition, the device can vibrate during kneading, so it must be placed on a stable surface.

How does a bread maker work?


In previous sections, such a parameter has already been briefly mentioned. Bread machines can be low-power (about 550 watts) and powerful - 1650 watts. This characteristic affects what size loaf you get and how much time you will need to spend on its preparation.


Bowls can have a volume of 500 grams to 1 kilogram or more.

Choosing the maximum baking weight

Typically, machines bake loaves from 0.5 to 1 kg. Some models, of course, boast baked goods of one and a half kilograms. Large families can appreciate them.

If you like buns, then it will be useful for you to know that there are machines equipped with special dividers, which allows you to bake both traditional buns and saiki.

Also in the configuration can be containers of various sizes - round, square, for baguettes.

Capacity of the bread maker

Selection by program set

Today, the presence of 5 different programs is considered normal. The basic ones are:

  1. The degree of browning crust;
  2. Consistency of dough kneading;
  3. Quick baking;
  4. Baking muffins;
  5. Jam;
  6. Rye bread;
  7. Butter baking with raisins, honey;
  8. Gluten free
  9. Coarse flour baking.

What to buy: an overview of popular brands and their models

We bake bread in the breadmaker

Moulinex company produces a variety of household appliances, including high-quality bread machines. The popular model from this manufacturer Nutribread + includes 20 baking programs, which include the preparation of gluten-free bread, as well as muffins and desserts. The finished product can have a weight of up to 1 kilogram.

Also, the device is equipped with programs for the preparation of various dairy dishes, bread from different types of flour (whole grain, rye). There are also functions for kneading dough. This device allows you to enjoy all the abundance of wholesome and delicious food.


Bread maker Philips HD-9016

The models of bread machines of this brand are distinguished by the presence of both standard and very unusual functions. For example, Philips HD-9016 can make yogurt. In general, the device runs 12 programs.

The oven is equipped with a timer, temperature controller, as well as the function of choosing the degree of baking of the crust. The model is very compact and weighs only 4.4 kilograms, while it can bake a loaf weighing up to 1 kilogram.


Bread maker kenwood bm 450

The popular Kenwood BM 450 is striking thanks to its excellent appearance. It has an exceptionally stylish design - a metal case, a touch control panel, elegant forms. But its functional qualities are even more interesting.

Firstly, BM 450 has a system of air circulation inside the furnace, which allows you to create conditions as close as possible to village stoves. Secondly, the device has 15 automatic programs and 5 manual ones. The finished product may have a weight of from 0.5 to 1 kg.

The model also has a dispenser for nuts, seeds and dried fruits. After the roll is baked, the oven will keep it hot for another hour, but if you need to cook fresh bread for breakfast, you can use the adjustable start timer up to 15 hours.

The oven is also equipped with additional memory. If power surges are observed, then you can not worry, as the device will remember the program. Such a pleasure is worth about 11 thousand. rubles, but the price is justified.


Panasonic SD-ZB2502 BTS

The Panasonic SD-ZB2502 BTS is a vibrant representative of popular ovens that feature unrivaled technical specifications. The unit has two dispensers. One is for raisins and nuts, the other is for yeast.

If in the morning you want to treat yourself to fresh pastries, then you just need to pour the ingredients into the form and turn on the timer. At the right time, yeast will fall into the dough, and the bread will be baked exactly in the morning.

Also, the oven can cook various jams and jams, syrups. It is equipped with 12 programs for baking bread, 10 programs for making dough! This is truly a miracle machine. The price of the device is also pleasing - 6,000 thousand. rubles.


Bread maker lg hb-156 je

Continues our list of model LG HB-156 JE. This is a fairly compact device, designed for a family of 3-4 people. The size of the finished product varies from 450 g to 680 g. The stove is equipped with a viewing window, weighs 7.3 kilograms, which is quite a lot.

The model refers to low-power stoves (550 W), which can be considered a virtue, because the energy consumption is minimal. It is equipped with a timer, an indicator of the remaining working time, additional memory - 10 minutes, the ability to bake different types of bread, prepare jams, knead the dough. At a price of 3200 rubles - this is an excellent unit for the home.


Tefal OW 4001 with a capacity of 680 watts and a maximum baking weight of 1200 g continues the list of popular bread machines. The furnace is equipped with a full range of functions specific to the modern model. There is a timer, a large number of programs, the ability to manually configure.

The device allows you to cook both ordinary flavored bread from white flour, and delicious desserts from muffin, muffins. You can also cook all kinds of dietary loaves of rye flour, gluten-free and others.

Tefal OW 4001

Supra, Mistery, Scarlett

Well and completes the list of three popular models for making soft, fragrant bakery products at home. SUPRA BMS-150 with a power of 530 W has 5 programs, it allows you to bake a loaf weighing 500 g.

Mystery MBM-1202 has 13 programs in its arsenal, including an accelerated baking mode. You are given a choice of recipes from all kinds of flour, delayed start and maintaining the desired temperature. The stove is equipped with an electronic control panel.

The very compact and neat Scarlett SC-400 is ideal for lovers of small loaves. Despite the small size, the model is very functional - it kneads the dough, bakes bread from different varieties of flour, muffins, buns. With all its advantages, the price of 2600 rubles is also an indisputable plus!

Video: which baker is better for home - expert advice

Remember only that the bread machine is a machine, and it itself cannot think. If you make a mistake in the quantity or weight of the ingredients, then instead of a delicious loaf or a crispy roll, you will get an unsightly mess that will not rise and will not be baked. Therefore, kitchen scales and measuring cups are your salvation and guarantee of a good mood. Just in case, we recall that the ingredients must be added strictly in the order specified in the instructions.

Technological progress does not stand still: in about an hour you can bake a hot roll, and after all the first units, created in Japan, cope with such work six times longer, were able to much less and required a lot of manual effort. Convenience and simplicity - these are the main advantages of the bread maker. In addition, many bread makers can afford not only a loaf or loaf, but also a baguette, rolls, cookies and cakes. And the bread machine is able to knead the dough, bake from the finished, cook jam, cook yogurt and even butter!

So much variety, and everything is for you. Let your bread always be magnificent, soft and tasty. Enjoy your meal!

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