Waffle maker for Viennese waffles: selection rules, ranking of the best

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Among electric kitchen appliances you can find such a device as a waffle iron. In Soviet times, every housewife had a waffle iron for making nuts with condensed milk on a gas stove and an electric waffle iron for making tubes. If earlier waffle irons were heavy and uncomfortable, now there are electric waffle irons that are light and easy to use. Thanks to this device, you can make homemade waffles without much difficulty. The waffle iron for Viennese waffles can be of various sizes and materials, and each customer can choose the one that suits him.

Waffle maker with waffles

Device selection

Before choosing the best waffle iron, it is worth deciding which waffles you need. There are waffle makers for Belgian waffles, they are also called Viennese. Such devices have deep cells, so you can cook lush waffles with a crispy crust. Usually they are made in the shape of a square or heart.

There are also waffle makers for American waffles. They have thin cells in order to make thin round wafers that can be twisted into a tube or cone.

The size of the waffle iron should be chosen depending on the size of the kitchen, as well as the number of family members. In public catering, a professional waffle maker for Viennese waffles is used, which allows you to cook in large volumes. If you do not have too much space, and this sweetness will not be a daily dish, then you should choose a compact waffle iron. It can be stored in a kitchen cabinet, it is light in weight and easy to operate.

If you like variety, you can purchase a device with interchangeable panels. It allows you to cook any waffles, as well as nuts with condensed milk or sandwiches. Replacing the panel will only take a couple of minutes, and a variety of dishes will delight all family members.

The cooking time depends on the power of the household appliance, for home use, 700-800 watts is enough. With this power, sweets will be cooked within five minutes.

Body material

Manufacturers offer waffle irons made of heat-resistant plastic or stainless steel. Plastic devices have a variety of designs and low cost. But metal is more resistant to high temperatures and physical damage. Some believe that metal appliances are heavy, but modern waffle irons, even made of steel, do not weigh more than 2.5 kilograms.

Heating adjustment

For the convenience of cooking, it is worth choosing appliances with adjustable heating. This allows you to change the temperature to change the structure of the waffle. This function allows you to cook both crispy and soft sweets. Modern appliances are equipped with a thermostat that maintains the temperature, and a thermostat that measures it.

Belgian waffles

Pricing and Functionality

For the most common plastic appliances, the price in Moscow starts at 500 rubles. Prices for stainless steel appliances start at a thousand rubles. Also, the cost depends on the functionality and power.

When choosing a device, it is worth paying attention to such necessary functions:

  • Built-in timer. This will allow you to not detect the cooking time yourself. When the waffles are ready, the device itself will turn off.
  • Heating indicator. It will allow you to determine when the device has warmed up to the desired temperature and is ready for use.
  • Rubberized legs. They allow you to firmly install the device on the table.
  • Replaceable panels. Allow using one device to cook different dishes.

Often a book with recipes of dishes that can be prepared in it comes with the appliance. Some models come with rubber blades that allow you to get pastries without damaging the coating. Also included may be a cone for twisting thin wafers.

Some models feature a flip function. After pouring the dough, you need to close the lid and sharply turn the device around the axis. Thus, the dough is evenly distributed. It is impossible to answer unequivocally which waffle iron is better, because everyone has their own requirements for this device.

Replaceable Waffle Maker Panels

Manufacturers Rating

Waffle irons are produced by many manufacturers, both domestic and foreign. According to customer reviews, the most popular manufacturers are:

  • Clatronic is a German company that produces high-quality kitchen appliances.
  • Maxwell is an American company manufacturing small household appliances.
  • Magio is a Ukrainian brand whose products are manufactured in China.

The best waffle makers for thin waffles

In order to find out the rating of waffle irons for thin wafers, you can see an overview of popular models:

  • Magio MG-390. This is the most popular model of 2016-2017. The case is made of heat-resistant plastic, has a non-stick coating, the power is 750 watts. The temperature is manually adjusted using two buttons. Included is a tube and cone.
  • Gourmet EV-0.8 / 220. The case is made of metal and is highly durable. The shape of the device is rectangular, which makes it easy to make tubes. Power is 800 watts, there is a built-in thermostat.
  • Maxwell MW-1571. A feature of this model is the presence of 5 temperature modes. There is a ready indicator, as well as a non-stick coating. The power of the device is 800 watts, which allows you to cook waffles in 3 minutes. The case is made of high quality plastic, the kit contains a cone for making horns.

The best waffle makers for square Belgian (thick) waffles

In stores, there are many models of waffle irons for Belgian waffles, and it is difficult to understand which is better to buy. In order to facilitate the selection, a rating of the best waffle irons for thick wafers was created according to customer reviews:

  • Princess The main feature of this model is the function of turning the device 180 degrees, which allows you to evenly distribute the dough. The device stands stably on surfaces thanks to rubber feet. Power is 760 watts, preparing one serving of 6 minutes.
  • Clatronic WA 3606. There is a temperature controller and non-stick coating. For convenience of storage the department for a cord is provided. Power is 800 watts, a portion is prepared for about 6 minutes.
  • Vitek Wx-1101. This model has a bright design and small size. You can only make 3 waffles in it at a time. Power is 1100 watts, which guarantees cooking in a couple of minutes.

A waffle iron is a convenient appliance that allows you to make homemade waffles in minutes. A wide variety of models allows you to choose a unit with any necessary functions. Particularly convenient are models with removable panels that allow you to cook a variety of waffles, as well as double sandwiches.

Video: recipe for delicious Viennese waffles 

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