Kitchen design 12.3 sq. m with stained glass and original chandelier

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Kitchen area of ​​just over 12 sq.m., combined with a balcony, with a modern design, plastic facades under the tree look very stylish and elegant. The corner headset takes up less space, this layout allows you to use the space as efficiently as possible. The floor and the working area are traditionally finished with tiles; the multi-level stretch ceiling is made of drywall.

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Modern design kitchen
Kitchen plan

Newly made owners of a two-room apartment first of all try to take on repairs. The cherished dream of the hostess is to create a cozy and functional kitchen where it is convenient to cook food and conduct family dinners and Sunday dinners. A room of 12 squares was designed according to a project created on the basis of the ideas of homeowners. This is not a professional design, but despite the first experience, the interior in white and brown-beige tones looks very decent.

White and brown-beige interior

The kitchen area is small, so the decision to combine it with the loggia turned out to be in place. For this, the balcony door and window were dismantled. Only the part of the wall on the left side that is used as a table remains.

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Together with the removal of the wall, a screed floor was made under the tile, the walls were leveled, and the electrical wiring was replaced. The wires were successfully held under the ceiling, they are hidden by a hinged structure made of drywall. There is also hidden a plastic box in which the pipe from the ventilation passes.

The cleaned kitchen door allowed to increase the usable area. This does not interfere with other residents of the apartment, since the kitchen is installed high-quality range hood, and the smell of the prepared food does not spread to other rooms.

Curtains in the kitchen

Preparatory work included the implementation of water pipes, the organization of drains for the sink and dishwasher. The plan was to purchase a gas oven, so they did not start a separate automatic machine for the oven.

The kitchen in dark color

After completing the preparatory work, it was the turn to choose materials for finishing the surfaces of the ceiling, walls, floors, and reflect on the overall design of the kitchen. The choice is focused on colors close to natural, natural.

Stove in the kitchen

Main background beige, the wallpaper has a barely noticeable pattern that does not attract attention.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

The floor is tiled with gray tiles that look like aged wood. The surface is rough to the touch. This is convenient because the tile is not slippery.

Floor tiles

Against the general background, the table top made of postforming of a grayish tint looks very harmonious. The window sill remaining after dismantling is similarly finished. It housed a vase of flowers. The apron is made of Spanish tiles.

Spanish tile apron

The facades of the headset are made of brown plastic, this material is easy to care for and practical. The built-in refrigerator is located by the window.

Stained glass in the kitchen

A facade has been completed between the refrigerator and the wall. It allows you to hide the pipes and gas meter. Initially, this moment was not thought out by architects, but the kitchen project allowed us to foresee how to get rid of such a lack of layout.

Hidden pipes

The working apron is made in beige color, the material is selected with horizontal stripes. It goes well with the brown-emerald fronts of the headset. Color is simply striking in its depth.

Brown color

The doors of the kitchen set have hinges with closers, drawers are equipped with similar designs. The upper doors have a lifting mechanism, the system makes it easy to lift them up, and fold them under the ceiling.

Kitchen door

The kitchen is equipped with a large dishwasher, gas oven with an interesting design. The hob follows the style of the oven. The microwave oven has settled in a special niche. The necessary household appliances are placed on the working surface, which should always be at hand - a coffee machine, a slow cooker, a food processor.


The sink is made of artificial stone, installed a modern mixer with a high spout. Under the sink, a water filter with a 4-stage cleaning system is installed on the pipe.

Artificial stone sink

The dining area is harmoniously arranged. It includes an oval brown table and four chairs.

Dinner Zone

The wall next to the dining area is decorated with frames with photos and a clock. The doorway to the living room is filled with handmade stained glass. This bright accent attracts attention, adding original details and colors to the interior.

The wall next to the dining room

A chandelier of unusual design called “Molecule” looks very peculiar.

Unusual design chandelier

Repairing a kitchen room was expensive. A significant part of the capital was spent on the purchase of household appliances and furniture. All interior details are carefully thought out, up to an unusual decor. All household appliances are at hand, which is very convenient when cooking.

The result is worthy of attention. Cozy and comfortable atmosphere of the dining area, beautifully served table contribute to a pleasant pastime at family dinners or for warm gatherings with friends!

Brown Kitchen
Dinner table

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