Modern classic kitchen design 10 sq.m

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Kitchen area of ​​10 sq.m. with a corner layout is the perfect solution for a combined apartment. Since in this territory it was decided not to create a dining area, a place for eating is organized on the windowsill. A bar is arranged here, for which it is convenient to arrange breakfasts and snacks. Writes an online magazine about Minsk

Kitchen plan

The interior of the kitchen is made in a classic style, the color of the furniture is white. The floor and work area are tiled. The design project was developed by the hostess of the apartment, because she had experience in the furniture salon.

Kitchen interier

Modern classic style can be traced very brightly. The central element of the kitchen is the hood. Relative to it is the kitchen. In the cooking area there are cabinets with drawers. Utensils and kitchenware are conveniently placed. There is plenty of room for cooking on both sides of the hob. Under the window there is a countertop, which is used for eating.

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Modern classic style

The kitchen is equipped with built-in appliances, it is located in wardrobes. The hob, oven and microwave are made of white glass, which looks very attractive. It does not stand out against the background of light facades. To the right of the microwave and oven there is a pull-out basket. It is convenient to store food in it, the width of the basket is 30 cm. The hood is arranged in a wall cabinet - portal. In depth and height, it differs from other cabinets. The facade of this cabinet is as simple as possible, without unnecessary decor.

Built-in appliances

Kitchen cabinets have decorative facades, frame with milling, white. The number of fittings is large, but it is perfectly matched. Sophisticated shape pens do not attract attention. Wall cabinets are arranged in two levels, the top row has frosted glass inserts. A baguette is attached around the perimeter of the headset, which plays a decorative function. The height of the kitchen made it possible to place cabinets almost close to the ceiling. The gap between the upper row and the ceiling is several millimeters, and is almost invisible.

Wall cabinets
Living and dining area

The hostess believes that it is important not only what a person eats, but also the conditions for eating. Therefore, the dining area was given maximum attention. The area for receiving guests and family gatherings for lunch or dinner is outside the kitchen. It is based on round table, which, if desired, can be decomposed. It is located at the window, which provides excellent natural light. The table is always served, this avoids such a thing as everyday life. After all, every meal is a ritual that needs to be carried out beautifully.

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