Kitchen design in Khrushchev: photos of ideas, planning rules

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What mistress does not dream of a large and spacious kitchen? Only the one that already has it! But what if the area of ​​the kitchen is only 6 square meters? So I want this baby to be equipped with all the necessary household appliances, so that everything is at hand, so that she was comfortable, and that there was a place where you can get together at the table with the whole family, accept relatives, friends. To create an original interior and choose a design in Khrushchev during repair is not an easy task, but nothing is impossible.

Kitchen in Khrushchev

Where to start planning a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Kitchens come in two types: square and rectangular. You should start with the very, at first glance, simple, namely, get rid of everything superfluous. After all, the main idea is to visually increase the space.

Kitchen set

There are some rules for planning small kitchens:

  1. In Khrushchev, it is recommended that furniture and household appliances be placed with the letter “G” or the letter “P”.
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  3. Between equipment it is better to leave gaps of 5 centimeters.
  4. Furniture selection in favor of a capacious, but compact.
  5. Instead of the stove, you can use the hob; there are 2, 3 burner options on sale.
  6. Provided that an extractor hood is installed above the stove, the doors can be removed and the opening widened.
  7. If the kitchen in Khrushchev has access to the balcony, then you can expand the area due to it, having previously insulated it. The balcony will serve as a dining room (read here with a photo).
  8. As an option - transferring the sink to the window opening. So it will be easier to place kitchen furniture using corner elements.
  9. There must be at least two outlets above the surface where food preparation works are taking place.
  10. For such a dining area, the most acceptable option would be roller blinds. They are practical and take up a minimum of space.
Small kitchen design

How to visually expand the space and choose furniture in the design?

In kitchens in Khrushchev with 6 squares, it is recommended that furniture and household appliances be placed with the letter “G” or in the form of a linear layout. When choosing furniture, it is preferable not to swing, but sliding or folding doors. Folding tables and chairs will help free up space and make the interior functional. The table is better to choose a round or oval shape. Convenient - furniture that can easily transform, for example, a pull-out section. It can be used not only for storage, but also as a work surface.

Corner kitchen

Oddly enough, but the presence of large decorative elements in Khrushchev visually increases the space of the kitchen (photo below). The use of mirrors in the design of the apron will optically increase the space. An excessive number of hinged shelves and cabinets reduces space. Use as little horizontal parts as possible. Desirable filling vertically. Tall narrow cases-cases will look easier, more appropriate than low, but wide.

Design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Corner furniture is recommended. Engage in all corners, use not only the lockers below, but also the mounted models. It is possible and necessary to use the windowsill. Attach a folding tabletop to it or use the space under it to store equipment. The surface of the window sill can be replaced with a wider one and used as a working one.

Kitchen interior 6 square meters

In almost all Khrushchevs above the entrance there is a mezzanine. It can be disassembled, there hang shelves, cabinets. The use of many mirrored, shiny surfaces in the decor optically adds space. Glass furniture and glass doors give lightness and airiness. The fewer open shelves in the design, the visually more space, which is important for such a small space Khrushchev. Visually expand the space of the floor, where the materials are laid diagonally (for example, a laminate).

Interior of the kitchen in Khrushchev

Sliding or folding entry doors will save space, not let in smells. In a small family, instead of a dining table, you can use the bar counter, it will also serve as an additional work surface, a storage place (photo above).

Provence and layout decisions of a small kitchen

A game of interior colors and lighting for visualization

In the design of small kitchens, color and lighting play an important role. Basic rule: do not use more than two colors, avoid dark shades of walls (read how to choose their design, photo + video) and gender. Dark colors will squeeze pretty, and light colors will expand the space. Light colors will give the necessary airiness, lightness. You can place accents with bright, colorful decor elements. The combination of matte and glossy materials will also add extra volume.

Kitchen design 6 sq.m. in green tones (olive)

For walls it’s ideal to choose white color (see also White kitchen) or milky tones. Good - Beige (considered here (with photo)), ivory, cream, etc. If you still prefer dark colors, then the furniture is sure to choose light. Optimal if the wall of the kitchen (how to choose - here) and the adjacent room in the same colors. In Khrushchev wallpaper in the kitchen should not be overloaded with a picture. Ideal option would be washable wallpaper. You can play with the color of furniture. It can be bright, colorful, and maybe a tone or two different from the color of the walls, floor.

Design of a small kitchen in apartments Khrushchev

A major role is played by lighting. The best option is a fairly large crystal chandelier (tips for choosing here) in the dining area and spotlights above the work surface. Pay attention to the window: if it is narrow, then perhaps it is worth expanding the window opening? The better the room is lit, the more spacious it should look.

Kitchen repair 6 sq.m.

Curtains should be light or the color of furniture, not on the floor. Light fabrics look good - tulle, organza (read also Curtains on grommets and Hinged curtains). In the kitchen, blinds are appropriate. Heavy curtains will look bad. Fabrics tend to get dirty quickly, absorb odors. Lightweight materials can be washed often, they dry quickly.

No need to get involved in the abundance of decorative elements, 3-5 bright details for 6 squares are enough.

Kitchen in Khrushchev

Repair and its errors

A good choice of design, if you started a repair in a small kitchen, will be the execution of space in a single style. Kitchen appliances, sinks, other surfaces for work should be located nearby, at a distance of about one and a half meters from each other. The room should not be cluttered with furniture and well lit.

Design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev

It’s bad when the room is burdened with the wrong selection of colors in the interior, there is a mixture of styles, there is no unity. The abundance of cabinets, shelves will significantly narrow the space.

Design and decoration for the repair of the kitchen 6 sq.m.

Typical errors include:

  • poorly thought out installation of sockets for household appliances;
  • excessively large working surface;
  • exhaust hood with massive air vent;
  • lack of free space.
Interior design of a small kitchen with a refrigerator

Style selection


Concisely, nothing more, as simple as possible. The color palette is neutral. Compact, multifunctional furniture. A lot of free space or high narrow pencil cases to increase the volume. A minimum of decor, a simple household technique. A contrast, but in restrained colors, color option is possible.

Style Minimalism in Khrushchev

High-tech kitchen in Khrushchev

The abundance of household “advanced” appliances, furniture with glossy surfaces, a contrasting, bright color palette. Here you can take your soul away by creating an original design. Shiny surfaces, glass, expensive equipment are simply a must. A maximum of metal, a minimum of natural wood, an abundance of new-fangled details.

Kitchen design 6 sq. m. in the style of Hi-Tech


Practical style. The maximum number of household appliances, metal. This is the most budget version of the design, made from modern materials available, it serves for a long time. Contrasting shades and interesting little things are irreplaceable.

Design of a small kitchen in modern style

Classic style

Furniture made of natural wood or "under it" (told here). Light color palette. The use of stucco elements. It is impossible to fully observe the classics in a small kitchen. You can take some elements as a basis. This style is suitable for connoisseurs of vintage and Victorian era. The abundance of wood carvings and porcelain is a great way to make your kitchen original.

Classic style kitchen in Khrushchev


Elegant light furniture, the presence in the design of floral motifs, light colors, the presence of flowers in pots, curtains in a rustic style, dishes of different colors.

Provence style kitchen

Idea with a sill table

Sill-countertop - a great solution for a small kitchen of 6 square meters. It disguises the heating battery and provides storage space. This plan countertops eliminate the need to purchase and place a dining table and, therefore, significantly save space.

Window sill in a white kitchen

The kitchen set in a single unit with the surface can be connected with the help of countertops, window sills. Whether it would be better to make a bar counter, a countertop with rounded shapes or rectangulars - depends on the interior of the kitchen.

Window sill

Placement of a geyser

As a rule, the geyser in such houses is skillfully built into kitchen furniture. It can be placed in a wall cabinet above the countertop or just above the work area. The column should not be placed near refrigerators, hoods, gas stoves. The cabinet for the column must be purchased from special refractory materials. You don’t have to make a cabinet at all, but place it between two hinged cabinets, having completed, after complete installation, a false door that closes with a magnet.

Kitchen interior with gas stove and column

Kitchen decor: install a bar

In Khrushchev, for a small family, a kitchen design of 6 square meters. m. with a bar - just a godsend. Behind the counter it is convenient to have lunch for two or four, it can be used as a cutting zone for cooking, it can serve as an additional storage place. Bar counters are single-level (simple countertops), multi-level (where shelves are located) or a place where you can build a refrigerator or other household appliance. Bar counters are equipped with a chrome counter for glasses, mugs and other little things.

Kitchen in Khrushchev with a bar counter

Place for a washing machine

Kitchens that are equipped with clothes washers become more functional and allow housewives to cook and wash at the same time. In Khrushchev, the washing machine is built into a specially designated niche near the sink. Some do not install the door, while other housewives, on the contrary, prefer that the door mask the equipment. The modern market allows you to choose the color of the machine to match the kitchen set or purchase a ready-made set with a built-in washing machine, already made in a single ensemble.

Kitchen design 6 sq.m. with washing machine

Fridge and 6 square meters in the kitchen

It is impossible to imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator. During cooking, the hostess uses it more than once, and in Khrushchev, its placement, due to the small volume of the room, is of some difficulty. The refrigerator built into the kitchen furniture looks the most advantageous.

Placement of the refrigerator in Khrushchev

Options for placing the refrigerator: place it in a special niche corresponding to its dimensions; a single chamber refrigerator can be integrated in the base of the countertop.

Kitchen design 6 sq. M with refrigerator

If you do not put a refrigerator in the kitchen?

In small rooms of Khrushchev in 6 square meters. m is expensive every centimeter, therefore, if possible, a refrigerator is located nearby, for example, in the corridor, hallway, living room or balcony room. There will always be application for the vacated space.

Kitchen design in Khrushchev without a refrigerator

A small kitchen can be turned into a center of gravity for a family, to equip it comfortably and conveniently, as well as facilitate cooking. How many ideas and fantasies can be invested in its design!

The interior of a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Photo ideas in the interior: a kitchen in Khrushchev on a small square. m

Option repair kitchen in Khrushchev

A good example of how to hide gas pipes behind a kitchen set

Kitchen in Khrushchev with a geyser

And we have gas in our apartment, and you?

Design and layout of a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Cozy kitchens in Khrushchev

Interior of a small kitchen

A windowsill-table in the kitchen saves a space of 6 sq.m.

Kitchen in Khrushchev

Compact placement

The solution to the design of the kitchen of small sizes (Khrushchev)

Optimal design layout

Kitchen design in Khrushchev

By choosing wallpaper, beige color, visual walls and interior tones expand the space of the kitchen

The geyser in the kitchen is 6 sq.m.

... ideas with a gas water heater in Khrushchev

Design of a small (6 sq.m.) kitchen

Design with a refrigerator in the kitchen in Khrushchev

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