Design of a 6-meter kitchen with glossy facades

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The kitchen space, on which it is necessary to place utensils and appliances, must be used wisely - placing objects butt Only in this case the room will not seem cramped and uncomfortable.

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White kitchen

It is necessary to start planning from the lower tier of the cooking zone. The gas stove will become the ordinar of the width of the zone. Its color dictates the range in which glossy facades will be made. It is preferable that the plate is black or brown. In this case, the interior will use 2 types of glossy facades - dark and light. This contrast adds airiness and visual space to the room. The sheen of the fittings will add gloss to the furniture.

White kitchen 2

The sink, cutting zone, stove and pull-out shelf (at the window) must be placed under a monolithic countertop. Marble or granite slab is a very expensive solution. At times cheaper will cost a slab of cast marble or artificial stone. By strength, resistance to mechanical damage - scratches, chips of imitation of natural stones are not inferior to their prototypes, and working with such materials is easier and easier.

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The upper light tier of the cabinets as well as the lower fully occupies the entire width of the wall. The facades of both tiers must be the same in width so that the furniture looks like a set, rather than a set of scattered drawers. All communications, an extractor hood, a gas water heater, a shelf for drying plates will be hidden behind glossy doors.

Design of a 6-meter kitchen with glossy facades and a mirror above the table

When designing a kitchen and drawing a sketch for the master, it is necessary to clarify that the cabinets above the sink and stove should not have a bottom. And for the removal of combustion products and steam into stationary ventilation in the upper part, a hole should be made 2-3 mm larger than the outer diameter of the pipe.


A monolithic L-shaped element - a countertop, combined with a window sill, offers several advantages:

  1. Combines cooking zones and windows together;
  2. A single horizontal color of the middle (in height) part of the kitchen;
  3. An improved alternative to a polymer window sill exposed to UV rays;
  4. Extra space for pots with hot food removed from the stove.

On a stone window sill, caring for flowers is easier. There will be no water stains or color damage when in contact with fertilizers. If desired, on a wide stone panel, you can install a box for growing herbs. Stone window sills organically look under plastic double-glazed windows with white frames.


Despite the fact that the catering department is considered by many housewives to be the dirtiest place requiring constant care, white colors should dominate the interior of a small, saturated furniture and appliances premises.


White glossy stretch ceilinginstalled on the basis of a suspended structure, will be in perfect harmony with a white ceramic or glass apron. Luminescent lighting hidden by the cabinets of the hanging cabinets is the best solution for removing the washing and cooking areas from dusk.


The lighting in the kitchen is multi-level. The central pendant in the form of a ball gives a soft light that creates an atmosphere of comfort. Additions in the form of spotlights allow you to illuminate the entire space of the kitchen evenly. Their installation is possible only with a suspended ceiling base.


Retractable metal drawers for storing pots, pans and other utensils are also made in white. Closers are a necessary element that allows to increase the service life of constantly opening drawers, by reducing the possibility of a sharp contact of the facade with the side racks of the cabinet. In the door of the sink and cabinets with hinged doors, closers will also help to avoid a sudden closure, accompanied by cotton. These elements make the kitchen quiet.


You need to buy a sink before ordering countertops. A round, rectangular sink with one or two compartments should fill the space left for it as accurately as possible. The height of the tap depends on the depth of the sink.

Refusing the idea - to use the space under the sink under the bin, you can use this part of the zone for shortened drawers, because a siphon, sewer and pipes will be hidden behind them water supply.

Countertop and stove

Fire safety requirements include the impossibility of installing the stove directly at the window. Between the stove and the curtains can not be less than 25-30 cm. This space under the countertop is occupied by a retractable shelf; it is convenient to store spices, sugar, salt, spare towels, pot holders and much more in it.

The floor in the kitchen must meet several requirements:

  • The absence of a hygroscopic top layer;
  • Ease of care;
  • A coating that extinguishes slipping when the floor is moistened and drops of fat get on it.

Porcelain tile maximally meets all these requirements.

Window in the kitchen

When choosing dining table There are several options. The color of the stone countertops dictates the color scheme of horizontal surfaces. Options for the countertop of the kitchen table:

  • Covering from heat-resistant durable plastic, resistant to cuts, matched to the tone of the stone element;
  • White, matching the tone of the apron;
  • Thick tempered glass with a 3-D pattern.

The manufacture of countertops when ordering facades to match the outer part of cabinets or drawers will somewhat change the compositional arrangement, but this is also an acceptable option.


Above the tone of the wall, opposite the headset in the cooking zone, it is worth thinking carefully. Cold pastel shades of blue, green will make a contrast. It is preferable to saturate cream, yellow and other tones of warm colors with white, then white elements will stand out, and not merge with the wall.

Attention! White color has too many different shades. When buying items that are not a set, it is very easy to turn a kitchen in a single style into a set of random items. This contradicts the concept of stylish repair.

Boxes under the stove

The reflection of the kitchen area will not correct the situation if the color combination of the dining room falls out of the general concept.

Mirror tile occupying 2/5 or ¾ walls above the dining table will visually double the space. In the daytime, when the artificial lighting is turned off, the rays of daylight, from reflected in the mirror surface of the window, will multiply.

Design of a 6-meter kitchen with glossy facades and a mirror above the table

According to the most conservative estimates, the transformation of a 6-meter kitchen will cost from 2.5 to 3 thousand. $.

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