China surprises - a circular saw in 2 kW


A craftsman who likes to create comfort with his own hands often has to saw wood, plastic and soft metal. Without a circular saw, repair / construction at the dacha is simply inconceivable. You can find a good variant of the multifunctional model on the website AliExpress. In one tool, manufacturers combined power, accuracy and safety.

Working with the tools of the household class, there are restrictions. The maximum load mode should be 15 minutes. After that, the technique needs rest.


There is a direct relationship between capacity and productivity. On the shaft (landing size - 30 mm) of the engine is put on a spinning disk. In the Chinese model of a circular saw, a motor with a power of 2 kW accelerates the nozzle with a diameter of 210 mm to , 00 rpm. This allows you to handle very hard materials with the most accurate cut line. Speed ​​also plays an important role in the processing of plastic structures. At high speeds, the disc heats up and can scorch the edge of the material. If the unit spins fast enough, the defects will be minimized. It is worth considering the following technical possibilities:

  • cutting angle varies from 0 to 45 °;
  • propyl at 90˚ is 7, mm;
  • the disc is deepened by 52 mm at 45 °.
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The cleanliness of the cut depends on the physical characteristics of the disk. The number and geometry of the teeth, as well as the frequency of their location, affect the quality of the wood / metal treatment. Included with the circular saw is:

  • Hex key for tool change;
  • parallel thrust is necessary for precise cutting;
  • spare set of carbon brushes.
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This set of components simplifies the work of the master, making it pleasant and interesting. Nevertheless, the operator puts his health at risk when he processes materials. The following features will help to protect yourself.

Safety system

Chips and small particles can fly off the rotating disk. Manufacturers equipped the device with a protective casing, which has one casting with the gear housing. For convenience of storage, the teeth are closed by a rotating plate. A large start button comes with a built-in lock. It protects the instrument from inadvertent switching on in stationary mode. The ergonomic handle with rubberized inserts absorbs vibrating waves. The bright color of the circular saw allows you to constantly observe the instrument so as not to get injured.

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The price of a Chinese circular saw from the company "Colner" is , 31 rubles.The same model is available in ordinary stores, but its cost is more expensive - , 30 rubles.

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