Brown khaki khaki kitchen interior

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DIY kitchen repair
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Periodically, each family is faced with a housing problem. So here, when our son grew up, questions arose about how and where we will now live. Financial opportunities are very limited, and we could not afford to buy new housing. Therefore, I had to think about how to build a one-room apartment with minimal cost.

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Housing was found in the nearest new building, square meters in a new house from the developer could be purchased under favorable conditions, the interest on the loan is much lower than in similar banks. We decided to buy a one-room apartment. The area is quite large, 54 square meters, and redevelopment allowed to get an euro-door.

Kitchen plan

The project bureau was engaged in the development of the project, the solution completely satisfied us. The new plan can be seen in the photo.

Kitchen plan

By the end of 2017, all permits were received, and we began repairs. They hired a team of builders who did just fine in just two and a half months. As a result, we celebrated the new year in a new place. A modern spacious apartment with a separate bedroom, a dressing room and a washerwoman pleases us so far.

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Kitchen plan

Specialists helped us determine the color scheme, select materials for decoration. We made special demands on the kitchen, as we combined this room with the living room. It was important to combine functionality and comfort. Therefore, the choice was stopped on a kitchen set with straight facades.

White color prevailed in the interior, the headset needed to choose a different tone so that it looked harmonious and at the same time did not merge with the rest of the environment. We really wanted cappuccino-colored facades, but we couldn’t offer just such a color. Therefore, we settled on a shade of khaki with a brown patina. The color is interesting, unbroken, pleasant.

Facades of the kitchen

The advantage of the choice was that we successfully selected a dining group in a single color scheme. The factory works with such materials and tones. An experienced interior designer Chef of the kitchen helped us with the choice of the design of the room and kitchen devices.

View of the kitchen

As a result, it turned out what was intended. It was not easy to implement, but it is important that all our wishes with our son are fully taken into account. Until he gets married, he will live in this apartment, after which we will change, and I will move here.


The total cost of home improvement amounted to about 1.3 million rubles, this amount includes preparation work and the implementation of the redevelopment project, payment for workers' services, expenses for construction and finishing materials, household technique.

The kitchen, like the whole apartment, turned out to be beautiful, spacious, bright, practical. It is nice to get together everyone, invite friends. The rejection of the traditional white color allowed to give the room an individuality and charm. Accommodation is as rational as possible. We are pleased with the result.

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