Interior of a small kitchen: photos, best ideas, tips

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Not every hostess can boast a large kitchen. In old Soviet apartments, cooking facilities are small, but they can also be visually expanded with a few design techniques. The play of light, the use of roomy furniture, the proper wall decor will help solve this issue. Next, we learn how to create the interior of a small kitchen, the photos on the site show the most successful options.

Interior of a small kitchen

How to rationally use space in a small kitchen

A small room, even with the right approach to planning, in most cases is compressed. To visually expand the useful space in the kitchen, the following methods are used:

  • device arches in the opening;
  • the use of sliding doors instead of the classic version;
  • decorating the walls of the room with light paints.

A non-standard solution is the creation of a studio apartment. This type of room planning has gained popularity among young people. The device of the arched opening makes it possible to visually expand the space, the lack of area is not so noticeable. Part of the living room area can be used to decorate the dining area. Due to this technique, additional space is obtained for the installation of furniture and a kitchen unit. Proper arrangement of furniture in this room will save usable space and reduce the time for cooking.

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Space in a small kitchen

When placing household appliances should be guided by the golden rule, which indicates the placement of the refrigerator, kitchen sink and gas stove. The cooking sequence technology is indicated here. First, the products are taken out of the refrigerator, then they are cut on a board and cooked on a stove. Furniture in the kitchen is placed based on the shape and overall dimensions of the room, the location of doors, windows, utilities.

If the room is square, then the kitchen set is in the form of the symbol P. When highlighting the dining area in the apartment, an L-shaped arrangement of furniture is practiced. If the shape of the kitchen is very different from the standard option, then the placement of all the interior items is selected by the owner. In some cases, it is necessary to make furniture to order.

Table in the kitchen

How to choose a style

When designing the interior design of a small kitchen, many property owners try to choose the right style. Given the small size in this room should not be bulky furniture, various small parts, a large number of household appliances and accessories. Each owner has the right to independently decide which style to choose. The most popular solutions are:

  1. Minimalism is ideal for small spaces. This style differs from others in practicality and functionality, its characteristic pair is the minimum amount of furniture and other details. The usable area will be used with maximum efficiency.
  2. High-tech style involves the use of clear lines in the kitchen. There are glass elements and metal parts, the walls are decorated in cold colors. These are the features of the high-tech interior of a small kitchen in an apartment. The photo allows you to familiarize yourself with such a design in more detail.
  3. Modern means the use of unconventional building materials. It is dominated by mirrors, glossy surfaces and metal inserts. The color of the walls and furniture can be very different, the contrast of shades is allowed.
  4. Japanese style differs from the rest in simple forms of furniture elements and other surfaces. In this case, natural materials are used, floral arrangements may be present on the walls of the kitchen or on furniture. Light tones in the Japanese style blend well with light shades.

When creating the interior of a small kitchen, it is unacceptable to use the classic style, where textile products and voluminous furniture are used. For this purpose, a barroco with a lot of highlighted details and a country, where there are a lot of lockers and other pieces of furniture, will not do.

Stylish interior

What colors and patterns to use

Properly selected color and pattern allows you to visually expand the usable space in a small kitchen. Designers do not recommend the use of dark colors in small rooms. When using this color of the walls, the room will seem smaller than its actual size, the atmosphere will look aggravating.

When decorating walls, it is recommended to opt for the following colors:

  • pink;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • beige;
  • white;
  • cream;
  • Gray;
  • olive;
  • peach.

When painting walls, do not overdo it with brightness, the use of contrasting colors is not always appropriate. For example, red areas on a white wall will only narrow usable space. A smooth, monophonic surface will help add space. You should pay attention to the fact that glossy paint perfectly reflects light, which will contribute to the visual distance of building envelopes. The drawing on the walls or furniture elements in a small kitchen is medium-sized. The use of large patterns or ornaments in this situation is unacceptable.

Bright kitchen

What kind of textile is needed

It is recommended to hang white or transparent tulles over the windows in the kitchen. Large curtains are extremely undesirable here, such decorative elements will not only prevent the penetration of sunlight, but also absorb the smells of food. Textiles will often have to be washed through quick contamination, in addition, the material in question is considered to be fire hazard.

In addition to transparent tulles or narrow curtains, you can use blinds or special products made of bamboo planks here. A good option would be Roman curtains that resemble an accordion in shape. If the landlord decided to hang fabric curtains, then he should give preference to products made from natural raw materials. Such textiles are coated with water-repellent and refractory impregnation. Natural curtains are easier to care for, wash and clean from pollution.

Textiles in the kitchen

Bar counter and table

A fully functional, functional dining area is considered a luxury for a small kitchen. In a small room it is not always possible to put a dining table, so you have to resort to other options. A wide window sill will help to solve the problem, especially if it is at the table level and can complement this piece of furniture.

Another method of solving the problem is to install a retractable table or countertop, which is fixed on the windowsill. To save usable space, sliding furniture is installed near a free wall. This table is laid out only if necessary, while eating.

Bar counter of different size or shape will help to complement the interior of the kitchen. This part may become part of the headset or a continuation of the windowsill. Bar counters are compact small-sized products that take up very little space in the room. Using this element, you can divide a room into several functional zones.

Window sill

Flooring and ceiling

Consider various interior ideas for small kitchens. The photos on the site show what the ceiling and flooring in this room can be. The ceiling in the kitchen should be white or in light colors. The best way to decorate this surface is considered to be painting or wallpapering. A more promising option is to finish the ceiling with plastic panels. In this case, the durability of the coating increases, the surface is easy to clean using standard detergents.

In the kitchen you can make a more modern suspended ceiling, it looks beautiful against the general background and takes only 2-3 centimeters in height. For small rooms, it is recommended to use a glossy film, which will increase the height.

As a floor covering, it is desirable to use durable moisture-resistant materials that are well cleaned from dirt and washed. The best choice will be tile, porcelain stoneware or linoleum. Patterns are not recommended, a monophonic flooring will be an ideal option.

Kitchen floor

Wall decoration

The walls in the kitchen should be plain, which will visually increase the space. In most cases, walling is painted or wallpaper is applied. The ornament on the wallpaper should be small, unobtrusive. Use of decorative plaster is allowed.

On the walls in the kitchen room will original look wallpaper. Here you should choose the image of street landscapes, vegetables and fruits, still lifes or street cafes. The working area, an apron, is made of ceramic tile, tempered glass or artificial stone.

Wall decor


The kitchen should be well lit by daylight, but if this is not enough, it is necessary to think over artificial lighting. Large chandeliers in this room are not appropriate, lighting devices should not stand out against the general background. It is recommended to choose simple products of restrained tones. In the working area, separate luminaires or LED lamps are installed. In the summer, you can open the windows so that the maximum amount of light enters the room.

Kitchen lighting

Little tricks

Decorating a small kitchen is based on a visual increase in area. To do this, it is recommended to use light colors on the walls and glossy surfaces. The kitchen set is chosen high and narrow so that it can accommodate the maximum number of cutlery and other items. Over the tabletop hang rails equipped with metal hooks. They are used to store buckets and skimmers. A good solution would be to use drawer drawers.

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