Design of a white corner kitchen ZOV 9 sq.m in a classic style

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A small kitchen requires careful study of all the nuances in creating the interior. The classic design is best suited corner layout It allows you to effectively use every centimeter of the area, and light colors help visually expand the space. Porcelain stoneware floors and aprons provide easy maintenance.

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Curtains in the kitchen
Kitchen plan

Happy owners of their own square meters, purchasing housing in the secondary market, often face the fact that the first thing they have to do is repair and put the apartment in order. Often you have to redo everything from rough finishing to acquiring furniture and small things. Particular attention is required to the kitchen.

The task of decorating this room is not easy, because you have to work in a confined space. In a one-room apartment, I want the kitchen to be able to not only cook, but also comfortably sit down for lunch or dinner, spend time with friends.

The main requirements for the kitchen are practicality, functionality and convenience. After all, you will have to use the room every day, I want to spend time in a cozy home environment. At the same time, the young family is trying in every possible way to save money, so repairs are usually carried out on their own.

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Kitchen Cabinets

To create a warm atmosphere, it was decided to use natural materials and colors to the maximum. The main colors were white and shades of wood. Initially, all the old furniture was taken out of the kitchen, and a stove was dismantled. Before installing the ordered furniture, we marked the passage of water pipes, the location of the electrical wiring, sockets and switches.


At the first stage of the repair work, an old wooden frame was dismantled that let the cold through. The window opening was filled with a modern double-glazed window with a transparent door. There is much more light in the kitchen. A light curtain of translucent fabric was sewn onto the window. The walls and ceiling were leveled and putty, sockets and pipes were moved to a convenient place.

Kitchen floor

Apron and floors laid out tiled. To decorate the floor, Italian porcelain stoneware was used. Its surface is not slippery, at the same time it is pleasant to walk barefoot on the tile. It keeps warm. The surface of the material follows the texture of the wood.

They laid out the tiles at an angle, which allowed to visually expand the kitchen. This design option looks interesting. The apron is overlaid with white Italian tiles. The design resembles brickwork.

Brick tile

The ceiling is leveled and plastered. A grid is glued to the surface to prevent cracking. After plastering, white water-based paint is applied to the ceiling. A skirting board is glued at the corners.


The walls hidden behind the kitchen are also treated with ceiling paint. But with all the desire it is impossible to see them.

Kitchen set

Surfaces that remain visible papered with vinyl wallpaper. This is a washable material, its use facilitates cleaning the kitchen. The color is neutral, the texture of the wallpaper blends perfectly with the rest of the finish. Pastel tones with red splashes create a pleasant atmosphere.

The door was temporarily decided not to be changed, they just refreshed the paint. Near the entrance there is a convenient niche in which the silver fridge very successfully stood up. It was originally planned to take a white unit, but there was no option with the required technical characteristics.


The kitchen set CALL was ordered in advance. The owners were satisfied with the functionality of the furniture, and its quality. White wood facades fit perfectly into the overall interior, supporting the idea of ​​creating a home environment. Furniture was purchased at a good discount, cabinets and drawers are equipped with closers, which facilitates their use.

The owners were pleased with the installation of the kitchen. Specialists did everything quickly and efficiently, installed the equipment, screwed the handles. Accessories purchased branded from the company Blum.


The set is high, the upper tier almost reaches the ceiling. The lower drawers are wide and deep, this allows you to place a lot of different utensils inside. The hostess loves to cook, so it is important for her that all kitchen devices are at hand. It is convenient to use the upper tiers, they are easily accessible with the help of a special stepladder, which was purchased separately in Ikea.

White headset

Filling the kitchen to the maximum was purchased in Poland, this allowed to save significantly. Installed oven, built-in hob, telescopic hood, all Polish production. We also purchased a microwave oven, a slow cooker, a food processor and a blender, all of which are conveniently located on the shelves of cabinets.

The hostess prefers to cook in a slow cooker and oven, rarely uses the hob. Therefore, a telescopic hood was quite enough. The working surface turned out to be quite large; the necessary little things were conveniently arranged on the tables.

Backlight on the stove

On the lower edge of the upper cabinets, it is planned to make additional lighting with led strip. In the meantime, enough overhead lighting, and the light that gives the hood. A lot of outlets are installed above the work surface, so there are no problems with connecting kitchen appliances.

Kitchen sink

The double granite sink is equipped with a tap with different modes of water supply. A flexible hose is available to facilitate the collection of water in tall dishes. All devices purchased in Poland.

Natural materials were used in the design of the kitchen everywhere. This is especially true for items that are directly involved in the cooking process and in which foods are stored. All utensils are made of bamboo and ceramics - bowls, oiler, boards, spatulas, bread box.


A convenient and compact part of the kitchen interior is a pencil case. The upper doors with glass inserts, it is convenient to store beautiful dishes and glasses for wine here. A narrow tall cabinet fits perfectly into the niche to the left of the window, allowing you to use this place effectively. Anyway, nothing would fit in this gap due to the passing pipe. The corner was busy, and there was an additional place for storing dishes. On top of a set of shelves for wine bottles.

Kitchen cabinet

Next to the pencil case are chairs for guests, with soft pillows. Until lunch group not fully framed, but in the future it is planned to purchase a white round table made of wood to match the color of the cabinet. It is planned to supplement the dining area with a carpet. An old TV is hanging on the wall, which also needs to be replaced over time, an outlet block for connecting a vacuum cleaner and a laptop is installed.


The complete arrangement of the apartment has not yet been completed, there are many imperfections and shortcomings. But already now the atmosphere of the room is very pleasant, comfortable. Most importantly, the owners of the apartment embodied their vision of a comfortable and practical kitchen, got a cozy nest where they feel warm, like at home. And not only the owners. The kitchen was also liked by the youngest member of the family - the cat Stepan, whom the owners of the apartment sheltered in a new house.


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